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  1. benabbottnz

    Hey There

    You're on the right track.
  2. benabbottnz

    [Phaser] Match Two Game

    Nice! Thanks for sharing the source!
  3. I love flow games! Ahh the nostalgia! I enjoy reading code and contributing on GitHub, so seeing this game as Open Source would be great!
  4. I do this with new instances of Phaser so you only have to provide the options you want to change. var game = new Phaser.Game({ width: 800, height: 600, parent: 'game-container', });
  5. benabbottnz

    [Phaser] Kick the Rat

    Pretty awesome game, but I'm a little put off by the controls. I'm used to other similar games reacting instantly to my input instead of waiting for a slide or animation to finish.
  6. benabbottnz

    [PIXI4] Soccer21

    Idea for improvements: I imagine this game is being played from a first person perspective, and that the ball is bouncing on a knee sprite at the bottom of the screen which is controlled by the movements of my mouse.
  7. benabbottnz

    Monster Hands

  8. benabbottnz


    Nothing happens when I type my name in and click (or press enter) on Join Game.
  9. benabbottnz

    Gravity Melee

    This game runs at 1FPS for me on Chrome.
  10. Any chance you might be able to get this up on GitHub soon? I'm itching to give it a go!
  11. benabbottnz

    Dropbox disabling HTML rendering

    BitBucket has the same "pages" feature as GitHub but your repositories are private (and free).
  12. benabbottnz

    Dropbox disabling HTML rendering

    You no longer need a separate gh-pages branch. You can (under project settings) set any branch to be the "gh-pages" branch, including master.
  13. benabbottnz

    Anexia Schlepperacer

    I can't play the game unless I subscribe to the newsletter, which is something that I am not going to do.