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  1. HTML5 Game Portals

    Thanks Reborned. Let me know me know if you think it's lacking any other information that could be useful
  2. HTML5 Game Portals

    I did a test on some of the portals listed here. Specifically, I looked at Newgrounds, Kongregate, itch, Spread My Game, and Famobi. I uploaded the same game to each one and without doing any of my own advertising I monitored plays to see what one got me the most traffic over a two-week period. I found Newgrounds did the best. I documented it all here. http://darkwalllke.com/blog/articles/html5-game-portals/ Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  3. Space 2

    Thanks! Constructive feedback is also appreciated. Also, I tried to play Bullet Force, but I got a "Game not found!" message when I clicked play. Not sure if it's your game or not, but if it is you should look into that. Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  4. Space 2

    Thanks gtibo. I've changed the move mechanics of the game, let me know if you think it's better now. Alternatively, there is a different mechanic I used in Zombie, let me know what one you think is better. Thanks, DarkwallLKE
  5. Space 2

    I just finished a game for KenneyJam called Space 2. You can play it for free. Now that the jam is over, I'm looking to polish and refine it. Looking forward to some constructive feedback on gameplay. Game Play Description Earn experience points for destroying enemy ships and asteroids. Use that experience to upgrade your ship. You can upgrade your max health, regenerations speed, reload speed, ship speed, shot damage, and weapon speed. Fly around the universe and try to stay alive, see how many rounds of enemy ships you can defend. Controls Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character around and the spacebar or left mouse button to shoot. Click on the abilities to increase them once you have ability points.
  6. Wedding Run (open source)

    Haha, fun! and congrats! When is the big day? All the best. Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  7. A Sliding Thing

    Great game! Simple and easy to figure out how to play, but challenging enough to hold interest. How many total levels are there? Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  8. My "Hello World" game :)

    Way to go! Verry well polished for a first game release. You should be proud! Looking forward to your next one.
  9. Wild West FPS [WIP]

    Thanks for the feedback. I've slowed down the rotation speed of the player to make it a bit easier to aim. Let me know if it's any better. Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  10. Wild West FPS [WIP]

    Hi All, I've done mostly top-down and sidescroller games in the past, so I thought I'd experiment with something different. I made a wild west themed FPS using a raycasting engine called gladiator and assets from sparklinlabs. Click here to play the game. The game is still very much a work in progress. I would love some ideas on how to make the game better. Let me know if it's too easy or difficult. If the levels are too long or short, etc. Also, if you'd be interested in designing a level, let me know. It's fairly straight forward using this wall pack in Tiled. Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  11. Hey, nice job! Fun little game, easy to play. Where did you get the artwork? It's well done. Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  12. Space Blast

    Loved this game. Had a ton of fun playing it. Ended up playing for an hour without knowing... asdf for the win! What did you use for the multiplayer capability? I was expecting the steering to be more like this https://phaser.io/examples/v2/arcade-physics/asteroids-movement but once I got familiar with it, it was ok. Keep up the great work! Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  13. Making Games Without Graphics Design Skill

    I also like http://opengameart.org/. I use it a lot. http://kenney.nl/assets is very good as well. (I discovered Kenney on Open Game Art) Both are free and open source, just check the licenses to make sure you comply. If you willing to pay a bit, there are also some great assets on https://www.gamedevmarket.net/ I haven't personally used them, but I've been eyeing some for a while and will probably end up buying at some point. They are very affordable. Last but not least, if you want to take a stab at it yourself, make sure you get https://www.gimp.org/. It's basically a free equivalent to photoshop. Good luck! Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  14. [Phaser] Zombie

    Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback. The level is cleared when you hit the zombie quota indicated at the top. Wave 1 starts at 0/10. I've doubled the rotation speed. Let me know if it's still too slow. I changed it so the player now has 3 hearts. Each zombie touch will lose half a heart. (so you effectively have 6 lives). A car touch will still result in an instant death though. Fixed the typo :S Also added ammo/reload functionality, let me know what you think. Cheers, DarkwallLKE