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    Box2D plugin how to remove joints?

    I've just tried and tested this:var j = game.physics.box2d.distanceJoint(spriteA, spriteB); //create the joint from box2d; //destroy the above jointIt should work fine
  2. Mattia

    [js13k] RGB : Reverse Ground Battle

    Hi Vez, thanks for your review, and your thoughts! Actually, I like the frantic fast press the space bar gameplay, it was my intention to create a smashing keyboard game But, as you said, with this feature some of the traditional space shooter gameplay has been totally overwhelmed! Glad to hear that you gave a look to the source code, too!
  3. Mattia

    Looking to licence HTML5 Games!

    Hi Holaverse, I've just sent you an email
  4. Mattia

    js13kGames 2015

    Thank you so much for the competition end3r! It has been a great surprise to discover and participate to js13kgames this year! It has been a real challenge to create a game within 13k, I've learned a lot and I really enjoyed it! Also, the resource section of your site is really helpful I hope I'll have the time to take part into the next year competition, too! Keep up with the good work!