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    Static starfield with some blinking stars

    Hi there, I recently done something like this in a project of mine (with a starfield of letters ), here is the gist I just initiate it in my state by giving to this function my group of stars and the context : CanvasTweens.starsBlink(this, this.stars)And to made my stars persist accross states, I have define a group attach to the stage, not the world. See the ChildrenFilter class in the gist ^^ It does the trick pretty well. For dispertion I use some random too but my 'stars' take place during an explosion of letters state... Let me know if you are interested, I will enjoy to explain it
  2. Hi there, I'm currently working on a small game using Phaser to manage all the canvas stuff. The game iterate x times between states : instructions selection answer explosion selection answer explosion etc...On each explosion I'm making an explosion with all the letters from the the other possible answer and the selected answer start to blink. Actually I manually restart the tween on each new selection state, there is a better way to achieve this ?