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    Just made an gulp-plugin for TexturePacker users https://github.com/webcaetano/gulp-texturepacker Enjoy.
  2. Time to have some fun. Post Screenshots of what you are working. Talk a little about the project if you want. It's a basic TD. And a sprites preview panel to adjust animations fps, hit box, pivot point etc.
  3. webcaetano

    Empty Phaser ES6 template?

  4. webcaetano

    Has anyone started a discord channel for Phaser?

    Oh search is a lot useful.
  5. webcaetano

    Has anyone started a discord channel for Phaser?

    I use slack to work. But i really think discord is a way better. But needs more Integrations (trello, github, etc) Discord was build for games. Slack for developing. But the interface of discord is just better.
  6. WombatTurkey, what program are you using to render this? Electron?
  7. Recording always kill the FPS u.u That's why sometimes i want to film the screen with an phone.
  8. webcaetano

    Phaser 2.5 Roadmap (and request for ideas)

    1 - Pixi 4, have alot new very useful filters. +1.
  9. webcaetano

    [Utility] Phaser Craft .

    Hello everyone. I've create this plugin for Phaser, to make phaser more chainable. The first stable version was created in January (2016) ,But i didn't have time to spread since. I have used this class in over 30+ of my private projects. And i experienced a great boost and well organized code on developing. https://github.com/webcaetano/craft Examples : Phaser vanilla. var sprite = game.add.sprite(0,0,'phaser-dude'); sprite.x = 100; sprite.y = 100; sprite.anchor.setTo(0.5,0.5); sprite.tint = 0xFF0000; same code in Craft : var sprite = craft.$sprite('phaser-dude') .$set({ x:100, y:100 }) .$mid() .$tint('#FF0000'); // phaser vanilla still works sprite.x = 200; The plugin are exported in UMD that means it work in global variable, ES6, webpack, browserify. Craft are developed in ES6 and build using Gulp. Be welcome to contribute and be part of this.
  10. webcaetano

    Playing animation from certain frame, then loopong

    Nice question, nice answer.
  11. webcaetano

    [2.1.1] Problems with tint and animation again

    I have experiencing "frames skypes" when use tint in animated sprites. I know Laser will not use PIXI. Just leaving a feedback.
  12. webcaetano

    Thoughts on Construct2?

    qiciengine are awesome. They have awesome features like animation preview etc. Very detailed docs. The creators will open the source code soon. I suggest they to improve the installation method, to enable to install it via command line. Since it have an package.json
  13. webcaetano

    Thoughts on Construct2?

    [offtopic] I didn't know you are in this forum too. Nice Blog BTW. [/offtopic]
  14. webcaetano

    sprite.tint white color problem

    Simplified version of your code in ES6 : var createColorImage = function(game, source, color="#ffffff") { var color = Phaser.Color.hexToColor(color); return game.make.image(0, 0, game.add.bitmapData(source.width, source.height).fill(color.r, color.g, color. .blendDestinationAtop() .draw(source, 0, 0, source.width, source.height));}Works like charm. Then i swaped textures. And this method works better than mask.
  15. webcaetano

    sprite.tint white color problem

    I understand. it does not work too. It will change 0.01% of the sprite color. What we are looking is Full Pure Titanium White. And we already got it, by some good answers about it: 1 - Make the sprite an mask of an white square 2 - blendDestinationAtop
  16. webcaetano

    sprite.tint white color problem

    ? ? I'm afraid you don't understand the subject of this topic, or don't know the behavior of the `.tint`. `ground.tint = 0xfeffff`; will does nothing.
  17. webcaetano

    Tips for skew shaped and images?

    skew (x,y) should be an property on Phaser/Laser So we can tween it too. Like scale This is very important for modular animations.
  18. webcaetano

    Phaser + DragonBones

    We should make an bower_component for that one : http://www.alexh.org/phaser_bones/phaser_dragonbones.js
  19. webcaetano

    sprite.tint white color problem

    @qdrj thanks good sir. I'll test this method too. Much obliged.
  20. webcaetano

    sprite.tint white color problem

    Oh @jmp answered this recently here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/18126-painting-a-reveal-mask/ You can make a sprite full white by making it a mask.
  21. webcaetano

    sprite.tint white color problem

    Searched for "Phaser Full White sprite" on google it drive me to this topic. Is there anyway to make sprite full white , in this current version? I know that in PIXI 3 is possible.
  22. Looks very nice. Good initiative. I like Tree of Savior and Harvest Moon. Say i little more about the game. It will be a multiplayer game or offline single player? It's cross-plataform, browser-desktop or just mobile??