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  1. That's it. But i tried to make a simple case and failed. don't know if there is other issue effect. But all error caused by primitive levelVisble=false. and dispose a hidden primitive may cause it too.
  2. @Nockawa It looks you did a hard fight with bugs. great ! I'll update and try it when things not too much. And my current version of c2d has a problem for long: set primitave levelVisible = false. and do some change to it, when canvas use Cache Strategy, it will throw gii is null or other error on next display frame. I dont make case. but lots of cases of our project show this problem. So lots of our UI panel need to delete canvas and recreate again. Just let you known about this.
  3. i use pure js. not ts. so it'll be some difficult to do these. and @Nockawa will code better than me and it won't take him much time to do these. i have gave him all my code, if he need read. i told that he was joking.
  4. 所以你就是问这个八叉树怎么用啊。百度google吧。。使用应该比较简单。就是存和找么。你有多大内容需要存。QQ群:458252438 is there any Octree usage case ?
  5. oh... maybe he just want to ask how to use Octree to manage meshes.
  6. 八叉树跟切割有啥关系呢? just want cut a mesh to two pieces. I want to ask too. like fruit ninja.
  7. how to match these vertices information? below one is 3dmax, first yellow line is polygon count 665,340. second line is vertices count 380,106.
  8. I can say nothing... But i know that's your joke~ you'll do them yourself right? hahaha....
  9. nice... and you didn't say shadow and stroke of text2d... that's common too~~ and multiple color in text... and word-break... then all hacking will be covered by your official code~~
  10. scale9: new BABYLON.Vector4(122, 18, 169, 39), i think (0-1) is better. normal situation (0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5) is ok. estimate is enough. otherwise i should check picture size, very trouble.
  11. one thing to say avoid you don't know: one frame pic in atlas texture also can be used for scale9sprite. another way speak: scale9sprite's texture will also be packaged in texture atlas.
  12. about load textureAtlas. use assetManager too. or extend it.
  13. i think the param names can be discussed. other things just make them working~ "defaultFontColor" is the most bad...
  14. yeah. I'm here. And bmfont. That's 2d common things. I told you.