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  1. OMG ! Now, that's something ! Does it include sounds embedded in animation ? Thx a lot for sharing canyonkarl
  2. Ok, then. Thanks a lot guys. Yeah, I didn't know springroll and it deserves full interest. Thx. If it wasn't for the scene editor I would'nt consider flash, me neither. But flash is exactly what I need to build my animations on a visual timeline and is still very well known by artists who are already very familiar with lot of adobe interfaces and traditionaly unable to dig into code. The thing is I don't code only for myself, I want the final result to be easily usable for other artists. Indeed. I just discovered I could have multiple html5 layers on top on a canvas but I won't use it except for some GUI features. Pixi interested me for the renderer. Using it as a post effect engine on top would not be very optimal True words too. Getting my hands dirty does not scare me at all. I spent lot of time into the guts of the flash beast and eventually could discover and use precious undocumented functions and properties. But that's the best I can do because the deep rendering engine remains esoteric to me Anyway, thanks a lot again. My digital comics players is in good way to do the job and I'm sure I will have other opportunities to play with Pixi.
  3. 163 views and 0 answer ? Was my question unclear, or full of nonsense in some way ? (Or is flash itself blacklisted here ? ) Let me know if my question has to be more specific or just formulated in a better english, I'll try my best. Thx
  4. Hi everybody, hope you will forgive and understand my bad english (from france here) I'm a very occasional coder. Most of the time I don't know what I'm doing but never stop until it works I am currently working on a project for a digital comics I am drawing. As the main purpose is to be able to set graphic scenes, panels, pages and so on, in a visual environnement, I choose to construct my digital comic in flash pro CC which is a very simple tool for building 2D scenes with animations and sound. Then, I use the flwebgl javascript tool made by Adobe for exporting flash scenes into webgl canvases (they also use createjs sound library) and then use the flwebgl API to add some interactivity in my html5 page. But both flwebgl and its API are very basic. Especially the renderer. I miss a lot of features included in Pixi. So my question is : is there a way to use Pixi as the final renderer on another webgl library like the one used in flash pro cc ? To be honest, I have no idea how their library works. My knowledge in coding is too limited, definitely. You can have a look on flwebgl here : https://github.com/claus/flwebgl.ts/blob/master/lib/flwebgl-0.2.js (absolute chinese to me ) For those interested by using flash animation with webgl I recommand to give a try at OpenFl. It seems more complete than the adobe library but very more complex too. Too much for me, I must say ... And the assembling process is too complex for a simple project like mine. But maybe there is another way to exploit swf flash animations with Pixi ?