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  1. meteoritool

    Bug since latest preview release (animation related ???)

    Here's PG based on the weighted animations demo : Wait for the model to load, it should be idle. All 3 weighted animations are begun and stored in an Javascript array animsCont[ ] Clicking anywhere on the scene should trigger an anmation change by setting animsCont[1].weight It used to work fine but lately it has returned the error this PG is showing...
  2. meteoritool

    Glow Layer Problem

    It might be that , as for now, the GlowLayer feature is still in preview version of BJS. Have you tried getting your BJS file from : master/dist/preview release ???
  3. Hi, Latest preview release has a 'fatal' bug for my scene, it's unclear on why, but it is triggered when my character should move. Here's the console log : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'm' of undefined at e.multiplyToRef (babylon.js:2) at Function.e.ComposeToRef (babylon.js:2) at i._processLateAnimationBindingsForMatrices (babylon.js:13) at i._processLateAnimationBindings (babylon.js:13) at i._animate (babylon.js:13) at i.render (babylon.js:14) at index2.js:116 at n._renderLoop (babylon.js:6) My guess is that it's probably a bug since it used to work before last update... Thanks for your help !
  4. Hi, This pipeline is great ! Thank you for sharing !!! I've noticed a strange behavior when using default pipeline with HDR set to "true" and a mirrorTexture : Here's a playground with a mirror and HDR set to "false" : => reflection is fine Same playground with HDR set to "true": =>lighting in the reflection is different (darker) Is this the normal behavior ?
  5. meteoritool

    attachToBone doeen't work anymore

    Hello ! It seems the function attachToBone is broken since latest babylon.js preview release : Stable version works fine though, Is it bug ?
  6. Thx a LOT ! I guess there are many cases I should have used copyFrom(), then I am lucky I never had bugs before ^^ How wonder how much having unnecessary Vector3 impact performances ? My guess is that's really negligible but maybe I'm wrong ? Anyway I'm glad I can have a a more clean script thanks to you ! I LOVE so much BABYLON.js and the community !
  7. Thank you very much, it kind of clarifies it but I somehow never encountered this before, somehow it seems essential ! In my mind I was copying values from one object.attribute to another object.attribute, but that's not how it works it seems Thanks a lot it improves my knowledge !!!
  8. Thanks a lot you are dope ! I don't quite understand, I only ever used .clone() for meshes, I usually use .getAbsolutePosition() to obtain a value needed... I sense something bigger than me there something with the way js arrays work ? or the whole concept of object in general ??? Should I use .getAbsolutePosition().Clone() all the time from now on ??? Anyways thanks a lot ! You saved my day ! I also changed the animation loop mode to 'constant' (instead of 'cycle') to avoid a glitch:
  9. Hi, I came across a problem where I couldn't have an animation behave as intended : Click on the plane (aka ground) to move the ball to clicked location. On animation end, the color of the ball randomly changes. The movement from point A to point B has a sort of easingFunction to it, and the onAnimationEnd is called much later after ball arrived. But I expected the animation easing to be linear by default ???, and the onAnimationEnd function be called right on time at "arrival" ??? If someone can shed some light on this for me, would be very cool ^^
  10. meteoritool

    360 videos

    Very cool ! How can we rotate or move the sphere or access the videoTexture properties ? I tried to change dome._mesh.rotation.y or dome._videoTexture.uOffset in order to rotate the dome but the change does not occur =/
  11. meteoritool

    Glow Layer

    Glowsome !!!!!
  12. meteoritool


    Very nice ! Hope you'll make it a part of the official BJS library Why the anxious music though ? Congrats !
  13. meteoritool

    Talkies, finally! (Improved)

    Thx for your answer ! I've seen your documentation after posting here so I see you did share your method ! Thank you very much for that ! So you mean you animated the lipsync by 'hand' ??? That's a lot of work tweaking and fine-tuning ! My first intention was to create a kind of "next gen music video" with BABYLON.js, where a 3D character would sing the song. One solution would be to use a videoTexture of a face/mouth singing but that's really not ideal because file size would be huge and the result aesthetically doubtful. Then the morph target feature was released and I thought : that + audio analyser would be the way to go for automatic lipsync ! But that's just the theory and it would take a scientist/engineer to achieve what I want :-/ I'm just a noob using Babylon end-user methods. Your scene offers a glimpse of endless possibilities ! Love it ! (In the meantime, "next gen music video" already exists now : see a video rendition of an Oculus clip : )
  14. meteoritool

    Talkies, finally! (Improved)

    OMG this is totally AWESOME ! I've been looking for this feature around It sells for 100$ on the unity store !!/content/3021 I'm so gonna look into it ! Hope it's not too complicated ... I'd be glad if you had the time/intention to write a guide for noobs Also very curious on how you tweaked the audio frequencies to interpret facial movement ! This is great !
  15. Hello, My method might not be the proper one, but here's how I do : 1) engine.enableOfflineSupport=true in my scene, 2) have a .manifest file for every .babylon file used in the scene 3) use Chrome with 'local file access' enabled That works ! As for autocompletion, I don't know but there is this guide that might give some hints: Hope I helped ! I'm still curious about how other people do this though