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  1. 360 videos

    Very cool ! How can we rotate or move the sphere or access the videoTexture properties ? I tried to change dome._mesh.rotation.y or dome._videoTexture.uOffset in order to rotate the dome but the change does not occur =/
  2. Glow Layer

    Glowsome !!!!!
  3. GlassMaterial

    Very nice ! Hope you'll make it a part of the official BJS library Why the anxious music though ? Congrats !
  4. Talkies, finally! (Improved)

    Thx for your answer ! I've seen your documentation after posting here so I see you did share your method ! Thank you very much for that ! So you mean you animated the lipsync by 'hand' ??? That's a lot of work tweaking and fine-tuning ! My first intention was to create a kind of "next gen music video" with BABYLON.js, where a 3D character would sing the song. One solution would be to use a videoTexture of a face/mouth singing but that's really not ideal because file size would be huge and the result aesthetically doubtful. Then the morph target feature was released and I thought : that + audio analyser would be the way to go for automatic lipsync ! But that's just the theory and it would take a scientist/engineer to achieve what I want :-/ I'm just a noob using Babylon end-user methods. Your scene offers a glimpse of endless possibilities ! Love it ! (In the meantime, "next gen music video" already exists now : see a video rendition of an Oculus clip : )
  5. Talkies, finally! (Improved)

    OMG this is totally AWESOME ! I've been looking for this feature around It sells for 100$ on the unity store !!/content/3021 I'm so gonna look into it ! Hope it's not too complicated ... I'd be glad if you had the time/intention to write a guide for noobs Also very curious on how you tweaked the audio frequencies to interpret facial movement ! This is great !
  6. Hello, My method might not be the proper one, but here's how I do : 1) engine.enableOfflineSupport=true in my scene, 2) have a .manifest file for every .babylon file used in the scene 3) use Chrome with 'local file access' enabled That works ! As for autocompletion, I don't know but there is this guide that might give some hints: Hope I helped ! I'm still curious about how other people do this though
  7. onPickDownTrigger problem with iOS

    Hello, So I started from the Playground and downloaded it as a ZIP to get the code. I rewrote my own code to have the exact same structure and CSS, but it didn't work... I noticed the Playground doesn't use PEP polyfill but rather "hand.minified-1.2.js", so I tried with hand.js and things work now ! This is great news for me, but since hand.js is supposed to be discontinued in favor of PEP, other people might run into this issue sooner or later ... Thank you a lot !
  8. onPickDownTrigger problem with iOS

    I tried with 0.4.2 and the same bug occurs, I even try without PEP at all, still the same behavior ... What I have noticed is that : -if I register just onPickDownTrigger it becomes onPickUpTrigger -if I register just onPickUpTrigger things work as they should -if I register onPickDownTrigger and onPickUpTrigger, pickdown action is triggered on pick up and pickup action doesn't occur ... Do you experience the same bug on your mobile device with my page ? I don't understand, it all seemed to work before :-/
  9. Hi everyone, I need help on a problem I can't seem to solve. Here is a simple scene : There is a simple square with action manager, onPickDownTrigger, the square becomes red, and onPickUpTrigger it becomes green. This works on my computer as well as on iOS webview. But when I try this on my own code, it doesn't work anymore on iOS (it works well on my pc Chrome, even with "device mode" on). The onPickDownTrigger is ignored, only onPickUpTrigger seems to work ... Here's a page I've put up : Can anybody help me with this ? I don't understand why it works well with the Playground but not with my own webpages !!! Drives me nuts lol Thank you very much for any help !!!
  10. html+webgl

    What kind of wizardry is this ? lol
  11. Babylon.js v3.0 is almost done

    Neat ! @davrous I found this website : It has lots of free spaces to choose from. Now to make it more concise you can get IRs from famous studio-class reverb devices here : Lexicon480L : LexiconPCM90 : They have the classic Room/Hall/Plates etc... categories ! I'm in the process of studying Unity, I'm just getting started, but it has a very interesting feature : Would it be possible to have that sort of workflow for the convolver ? Thx !
  12. Babylon.js v3.0 is almost done

    The day of my birthday Are the audio doppler and convolver been canceled ???
  13. Yeah we need a shepherd, leading us to the wonderful world of shaders ! It took me time to even understand what a shader is, this word is, in my humble opinion, not self-explanatory at all ! One year ago, I didn't know anything about 3D and very little javascript ... but now I use blender, instances, shadows, loops, LOD, animations, I know what anisotropic filtering is, etc ... I have yet to master a lotta other stuff, but I DO hope that one day someone will write a comprehensive guide on how to write shaders ! Yeah, DOCS and classes library are very important, I relate to them all the time !
  14. Need help creating ocean shader

    yeah the water is amazing on this one ! the sorta fog too !