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  1. manupro

    Flash conversion

    Hi Natewallis, i worked Flash/As3 in 3 years, html5 (phaser framework) in 1 year. You can talk with me by skype name : manupro89.
  2. manupro

    Try the new Phaser Editor

    Hi bro, i dont use Ctrl + Tab to switch file tab on Phaser Editor, can bro help me !!!
  3. manupro

    how to use require.js dynamicly

    i has realized that the lasted version require.js doesnt work with Phaser editor. today i had tried to download 1.8 version and it work normally
  4. I wanna use require in js file to load another js file. how to config require.js or baseUrl.
  5. manupro

    how to use requirejs lib

    It work, thans a lot bro
  6. manupro

    how to use requirejs lib

    Hi bro, now i wanna use requirejs to config some global vars in project with Mighty Editor Phaser. i added requirejs.js into Lib folder. But when i Run Phaser Project (Alt + f5) i received a note "requirejs is not defined" in Chrome browser. Can u help me ?