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  1. Zendrael

    [Phaser] The Last Battery

    Just update the post with links for the iOS and Android versions! Enjoy!
  2. Zendrael

    [Phaser] The Last Battery

    Hahaha, good to know! I'll share if I find it out too!
  3. Zendrael

    [Phaser] The Last Battery

    Yep, I had another games with Ads and available for free on the app stores but none of them raised more than 5 bucks with Ads in more than a year... The games had more gameplays on the web versions than on the app stores. Do you have any tips on better ways to monetize small casual games?
  4. Zendrael

    [Phaser] The Last Battery

    Hi @Umz! Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately I have no control over the Ads shown in the host site, but it was the only publisher that accepted the game... I'm thinking in building an iOS and Android app without ads at the cost of $0.99 - what do you think?
  5. Zendrael

    [Phaser] The Last Battery

    Hi! I Just released my new game called "The Last Battery"! You can play it for free at https://goo.gl/JGeumV and try to survive until your battery is running out! Also, my other games are at https://www.minzaogames.com Thanks! EDIT: Now you can play right in your iOS or Android device! Check it out! iOS: https://tinyurl.com/TLB-ios ANDROID: https://tinyurl.com/TLB-droid
  6. Zendrael

    Best to package for mobile

    Hi! Apache cordova is good, but if you will target old android devices, don't forget to add the CrossWalk plugin (which is not maintained anymore, by the way). PhoneGap (which in fact is Apache Cordova too) is good also!
  7. Zendrael

    [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    Thank you very much! Soon I'll show more games here.
  8. Zendrael

    [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    Hey! I'm using always random positioning of the player and the enemies, and other scene stuff. =)
  9. Zendrael

    [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    Thank you! I made the full music using iOS GarageBand! I had a version which the player could pass the turn, but the game went too easy! So the testers prefered a more hard play
  10. Zendrael

    small games

    Good games!
  11. Zendrael

    [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    Hi! I'm releasing my new game, called Lost in Jungle! How many days can you survive in a misty jungle full of monsters? Play this turn-based game and find out in your desktop or mobile! Play it for free at: http://www.minzaogames.com
  12. Zendrael

    iOS soft fullscreen. How?

    Hey Igor! check their HTML. There are some meta tags that do it for you.
  13. Zendrael

    [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hey Vii! Sorry by the late response... The plugin I'm using has a demo with Phaser at: https://github.com/floatinghotpot/admob-demo-game-phaser/tree/master/demo I hope it helps you!
  14. Zendrael

    [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hey Vii! I think you should try to use Intel XDK to build your project and, from there, import the cordova-admob-pro plugin as described in the site. Also, you just need to do the calls as mentioned in https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-admob-pro#usage This is the easiest way IMHO. The wiki of the project is very helpful. And there's no need for jQuery if you're using Phaser. If you are using Ionic, the XDK will be a great tool for you too and will simplify you app generation. Try it and come back to tell us your results.
  15. Zendrael

    [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hey Vii! I think you should try using XDK + cordova-admobpro plugin as described here: https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-admob-pro/wiki/02.-How-to-Use-with-Intel-XDK - I'm using it and the site shows other ways to use it too. If none of them work for you, I can try to help in some way. Unfortunately the game is not making money... I only get some money if the banner is clicked, not when it just showed... And there are still too few installs at the moment.