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  1. iOS soft fullscreen. How?

    Hey Igor! check their HTML. There are some meta tags that do it for you.
  2. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    Let's check if we know any of the games/apps and the real developers to help them.
  3. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hey Vii! Sorry by the late response... The plugin I'm using has a demo with Phaser at: https://github.com/floatinghotpot/admob-demo-game-phaser/tree/master/demo I hope it helps you!
  4. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hey Vii! I think you should try to use Intel XDK to build your project and, from there, import the cordova-admob-pro plugin as described in the site. Also, you just need to do the calls as mentioned in https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-admob-pro#usage This is the easiest way IMHO. The wiki of the project is very helpful. And there's no need for jQuery if you're using Phaser. If you are using Ionic, the XDK will be a great tool for you too and will simplify you app generation. Try it and come back to tell us your results.
  5. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hey Vii! I think you should try using XDK + cordova-admobpro plugin as described here: https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-admob-pro/wiki/02.-How-to-Use-with-Intel-XDK - I'm using it and the site shows other ways to use it too. If none of them work for you, I can try to help in some way. Unfortunately the game is not making money... I only get some money if the banner is clicked, not when it just showed... And there are still too few installs at the moment.
  6. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hey Vii! How are you? What are you using to create the AdMob interstitial? Pure Cordova cli or Intel XDK (or other)?
  7. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Just show your game to us when it's ready!
  8. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Thanks! The texts should be changed, I'm still trying to use good pixel bitmap text but always end with text with antialias (i want without)... Regarding the CrossWalk, it is better for games, and you must use Canvas, not WebGL, to get it in a decent fps. Any ideas of a cordova plugin for highscores?
  9. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hum... I see now... Well, you can use the Phaser ScaleModes to scale your game without having to change sizes of sprites and other elements during code, that would simplify a lot of work. I like to use pixelart sprites so I just scale up the game to the all available space, the art continues to be ok. If you are using high res art, you must find a default size to be good enough on higher resolutions without losing the quality and apply the same technique.
  10. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Thanks, I used the same version of my resolution code when I was developing without any framework, but it was too time consuming, then I moved to Phaser and used some of the old tricks Your code looks interesting but where are you using the scaleRatio var?
  11. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hum... I don't know if they ship to Portugal, maybe they do. My editor said that will be a e-book version, I just don't know when... You can also add to your game, for testing purposes, the Console Log Viewer from Mark Knol as I describe here: https://medium.com/@zendrael/ipad-only-gamedev-week-5-coding-and-debugging-ca651ca9a19e#.4x7hs0839 it will create a console on the screen to see the errors (but add the js file to your project, not load it from web).
  12. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    You can use the Intel App Preview (available in all app stores) to test your game on your device, using the Test tab of the Intel XDK - The emulator is just an iframe running the game and does not compare to the device feel. Try it to see how it does. Are you portuguese? Nice! Here is my book link: https://goo.gl/lLbFX4
  13. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Sure, I'm thinking about the best way to implement a crossplatform global highscore, will be done in a future release! The XDK is great! I wrote a book (paper, portuguese) about creating mobile HTML5 games with it! As it uses Apache Cordova to generate your games, the big advantage is that it builds your app in the cloud and you have a graphical interface to configure it. What problems did you had?
  14. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Thanks! I'm using Apache Cordova with CrossWalk!
  15. [Phaser] Arena Fu

    Hello everyone! My new game called "Arena Fu" is RELEASED! Check it on #android https://goo.gl/hKluMI , #ios https://goo.gl/WF66Hm and #Win10 https://goo.gl/fSbnkf !