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  1. Does this version support typescript?

    Does anyone know if the workflow when using NodeJS is going to continue to be npm install phaser --save and then download the TS defs from the repo? Or might we see the TS defs included as part of the phaser package?
  2. Detect and measure circular pointer motion?

    Did you ever come up with a solution for this? I was thinking about something similar this morning, but thought about implementing it by just having hit boxes that would be checked for sequential mouse over.
  3. Should we merge Pixi v4 with Phaser?

    I agree with the others in that Lazer dev makes more sense since you're doing Pixi in that.
  4. I'm not the OP, but I found this as well.'Preloader', true, false);The way I move between states is given above (for example, the above is in my Boot state). I got hung up briefly the first time I ran into this, but then I figured the load manager was probably for the entirety of the game, so it makes sense it would persist between state changes.
  5. How does one use Plugins in TypeScript?

    Found this linked to from another thread and found it very useful. FYI, based upon the official photon storm plugin TypeScript definition, the constructor accepts a Phaser.Game and Phaser.PluginManager. constructor(game:Phaser.Game, parent: Phaser.PluginManager);
  6. Hello. I'm looking at the example under Debug Display on the official site, at Within the render() there's the following call: game.debug.spriteCorners(sprite, true, true);Unfortunately, I don't see that this actually exists. Is it safe to assume that this example just contains an out of date call, or am I missing something? Thanks! James