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  1. forkgame

    Sprite class - drawing multiple sprites

    it is the same as this I guess for(var i=0;i<sprites.length;i++){ var el = sprites; .... .... }
  2. forkgame

    Sprite class - drawing multiple sprites

    oh, sorry I've got the question wrong.. san40511's answer is pretty good..
  3. forkgame

    Low performance on Android

    maybe you can try lowering the resolution for the game.. I'm not really sure, though..
  4. forkgame

    Sprite class - drawing multiple sprites

    use this map editor to create a tilemap then use tilemap feature from phaser..
  5. forkgame

    Help, i dont know how to do

    can you show us your code? I can't understand your explanation.
  6. forkgame

    What are the prices these days?

    I want to know myself. why cant it stay at ~500?
  7. @umen there is a subforum "sponsors and portal" in this forum, you will get much information there. I dont know if it's still relevant now, though. the posts there looks old.
  8. yes, I hope it will be implemented in near-future. this feature is really important if you want to get sponsorhip from html5 game.
  9. forkgame

    Tilemap get object position

    the tile itself is an object, isn't it? maybe it will get your question clear. after get the object, what do you want to do with that? something you can't do with 'tile Object'?
  10. I also use cocos2d-html5. thanks for this tutorial. can you explain how to force the orientation in the mobile browser? so when user play with wrong orientation, it will give a warning.
  11. forkgame

    Problem with Phaser and Tilemaps

    from my experience, Tile Map software use compression for tiled map in the default. change it to no compression solve the problem for me. it's on Map -> Properties
  12. forkgame

    Tilemap get object position

    I didnt quite get your question. can't you just use tileMap.getTile(x,y) ???
  13. forkgame

    Looking to license HTML5 Games!

    is this some kind of non-exclusive sponsorship??