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  1. thank for your help. How smothie slot game. When i open 4 tab of game and spin. It lag and not smooth. how do maximum performance and fps smooth?? i usually create prototype and after one sence i destroy all container. have any good idea to manage memory, my game init about 120mb after many spin slots, memory up to 1gb or greater than that. thanks. Sorry for my bad english
  2. thanks. i did it. it work perfect
  3. can you give me an example. or how to set position of mask as sprite mask when game canvas resize. thanks
  4. I created a slot game. But in some browser does'n't support webgl. It auto render canvas. But when i used mask. It doesn't work correct??? it wrong position. I use console of browser to change position of mask, but not effect???? mask position set not effect on canvasrenderer mode.? how to anchor graphics mask? when resize the game. the mask is not resize? My code: = new PIXI.Application(800, 450, { antialias: true, transparent: true, resolution: 1 }); $("#game-container").append(; this.mainGroup = new Container(); this.effectGroup = new Container();, this.effectGroup); //create group this.containerColumn1 = new Container(); this.containerColumn2 = new Container(); this.containerColumn3 = new Container(); this.containerColumn4 = new Container(); this.containerColumn5 = new Container(); this.mainGroup.addChild(this.containerColumn1); this.mainGroup.addChild(this.containerColumn2); this.mainGroup.addChild(this.containerColumn3); this.mainGroup.addChild(this.containerColumn4); this.mainGroup.addChild(this.containerColumn5); this.mask = new Graphics(); this.mask.drawRect(0, 0, 606, 330); this.mask.position.set(97, 43); this.mainGroup.mask = this.mask; how to anchor mask when resize game??
  5. No. I use the lastest chrome on pc window 10. firefox is normal
  6. I use sprite mask
  7. i create mask in my game but in some pc, it not run? Here my code that.mask = new Sprite(TextureCache["mask"]); that.mask.position.set(that.size[0] / 2 - 8, that.size[1] / 2 - 12); that.mask.anchor.set(0.5); that.mainContainer.addChild(that.mask); that.mainContainer.mask = that.mask;
  8. i use HackTimer js to game run when tab is not active. But animatedSprite not run when not active tab?
  9. many thanks. padding is perfect.
  10. I create a game. But when i create text, it lost Diacredical Marks (language is vietnamese). Normal I use style in pixi example, it does not loose Diacredical Marks. But when i remove some stype of text. It loose Diacredical Marks? here is the code full and code where i comment style of text. window.SamTruyen = window.SamTruyen || {}; //loader window.SamTruyen.Loader = function () { this.init(); }; window.SamTruyen.Loader.prototype = { init: function () { var assetImages = ["samtruyen/x2.json"]; loader.add(assetImages); loader.on("progress", this.progress); loader.load(this.complete); }, complete: function () { AppSt.Game = new window.SamTruyen.Game(); }, progress: function () { } }; //bonus window.SamTruyen.Bonus = function () { this.create(); }; window.SamTruyen.Bonus.prototype = { }; //x2 window.SamTruyen.X2 = function () { }; window.SamTruyen.X2.prototype = { turnLeft: 3, init: function() { var that = AppSt.Game; var ths = AppSt.X2; ths.x2Container = new Container(); that.stage.addChild(ths.x2Container); ths.createAssets(); }, createAssets: function () { var that = AppSt.Game; var ths = AppSt.X2; var bg = new Sprite(TextureCache["ast_x2-bg.png"]); ths.x2Container.addChild(bg); bg.position.set(0, 0); var style = new PIXI.TextStyle({ fontFamily: 'Times New Roman', fontSize: 16, fontWeight: 'bold', fill: "yellow" }); ths.lblTurn = new PIXI.Text("LƯỢT CÒN LẠI", style); ths.lblTurn.position.set(that.renderer.view.width / 2, 71); ths.lblTurn.anchor.set(0.5, 0); ths.x2Container.addChild(ths.lblTurn); } }; //trial //game window.SamTruyen.Game = function () { this.create(); }; window.SamTruyen.Game.prototype = { game: null, stage: null, renderer: null, smoothie: null, mainContainer: null, containerColumn1: null, containerColumn2: null, containerColumn3: null, containerColumn4: null, containerColumn5: null, mask: null, column1: {}, column2: {}, column3: {}, column4: {}, column5: {}, effectContainer: null, iconsContainer: null, create: function() { PIXI.utils.skipHello(); this.renderer = new autoDetectRenderer(600, 330, { antialias: false, transparent: true, resolution: 1 }); $("#game").append(this.renderer.view); this.stage = new Container(); this.smoothie = new Smoothie({ engine: PIXI, renderer: this.renderer, root: this.stage, update: undefined, fps: 120 }); this.smoothie.start(); this.mainContainer = new Container(); this.containerColumn1 = new Container(); this.containerColumn2 = new Container(); this.containerColumn3 = new Container(); this.containerColumn4 = new Container(); this.containerColumn5 = new Container(); this.effectContainer = new Container(); this.iconsContainer = new Container(); this.mainContainer.addChild(this.containerColumn1, this.containerColumn2, this.containerColumn3, this.containerColumn4, this.containerColumn5, this.iconsContainer); this.stage.addChild(this.mainContainer, this.effectContainer); } }; //app var hubmanagerSt = null; (function () { window.AppSt = {}; AppSt.AccountID = 0; AppSt.initGame = function () { AppSt.Loader = new window.SamTruyen.Loader(); } AppSt.deleteGame = function () { } })(); $(document).ready(function () { AppSt.initGame(); setTimeout(function(){ AppSt.X2 = new SamTruyen.X2(); AppSt.X2.init(); }, 2000); }); var style = new PIXI.TextStyle({ fontFamily: 'Times New Roman', fontSize: 16, fontWeight: 'bold', fill: "yellow", // gradient /* stroke: '#4a1850', strokeThickness: 5, dropShadow: true, dropShadowColor: '#000000', dropShadowBlur: 4, dropShadowAngle: Math.PI / 6, dropShadowDistance: 6, wordWrap: true, wordWrapWidth: 440 */ }); I have two images. One loose Diacredical Marks and one doesn't loose
  11. i zoom html use css zoom. The button in pixi game wrong position. But i use transform scale it ok. How to fix that when use zoom??
  12. how to use pixijs loader with holwer.js
  13. How to create motion path in pixi or has plugin motion path in pixi? Thanks
  14. here is the class of phaser.
  15. how to create a scale manager when resize parent div or window like ScaleManager in In phaser, it has many method to scale: EXACT_FIT: A scale mode that stretches content to fill all available space. NO_SCALE: A scale mode that prevents any scaling . RESIZE: A scale mode that causes the Game size to change. SHOW_ALL: A scale mode that shows the entire game while maintaining proportions. USE_SCALE: A scale mode that allows a custom scale factor Thanks