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  1. [WIP][Phaser] MotorSpeedway

    Nice game, I think it would be better if there was some sort of "drift" factor integrated into the physics of the cars. For example, if you're going too fast and try to turn, you risk skidding out of control.
  2. A new start. "Not Dropp"

    Looks cool! Will try out later today
  3. Mr. Miner

    Nice concept, liked the mechanics and graphics of the game. A few suggestions: - It would be nice to have a key when you start the game, saying what substances are worth how much money - The upgrading seemed a bit slow and repetitive, maybe add more options as to what you can upgrade and possibly items that give you a sort of boost in the game. (500m headstarts, bigger claw, etc) Also, there was a bug where the audio cut out when I started mining for the second time. Not sure if this is a bug in the game or just chrome, my computer, etc.
  4. Connect 4, 1 & 2 Player

    Wow, can't believe you made this in two days. Very nice graphics, audio, and gameplay. At first I got stuck at the beginning title ("Nicholas Mordecai - Connect 4 Game Sample") and it took about 15 seconds for it to go to the main title screen. If that screen is a loading screen, you might want to add a message saying "loading - please wait". Also I had trouble with the sign with the robot and two people because I didn't know that it was a button you were supposed to click. Maybe add a "Select Mode" title and label what each of the pictures mean.
  5. Bottle Flip Flip - Purple Juice Flip

    I agree with @ldd about the player not doing anything, I was expecting a sort of swiping motion to throw the bottle, not just a tap and having it go crazy.
  6. Space Asteroid game

    Yes, Try making a single star as a sprite (Like this one) and loading into your game. Then, when you create the world, have a for loop repeating a certain amount of times (the number of stars you want in the game) and in the loop add a star sprite with a random x position and y position. You can even add all those sprites into a group and update them collectively (ie: make them twinkle by modifying the opacity). Hope this helps
  7. Hi everyone, Kupiter is a studying tool that models the old Asteroids video game. Players shoot asteroids with letters on them to answer questions, and questions can be created and shared with others. The purpose of this project is to offer a unique way to study/learn by playing a game that is engaging and effective. Our website: Demo questions: The game features: Power-ups, weapons, bots, and explosions. Real-time leaderboards. Question importing from Quizlet Mobile device compatibility Kupiter was created using Phaser for the game itself, and nodeJS for the server back-end. All of the question sets are stored in a MongoDB database. Try it out and let me know what you think! Thanks, Kevin
  8. Redact - Censorship Game

    This is a really cool concept! I tried a few problems and got a final score of 33 . I feel like there's no reward when you get a problem right, maybe add a "Good job, you got one correct!" and show the player's score when they answer a question correctly. You also might want to add functionality where users can submit their own questions to others.
  9. Space Asteroid game

    Nice game, I think that having some sort of acceleration/physics to the ship would be nice, so when you click, you accelerate the ship instead of having it go at a constant speed. Also, the stars seem like they're just a tile-map across the world. Maybe try randomly distributing stars from a single star sprite.
  10. Fry Me Omelettes: An Egg Frying Sim!

    If you mean the clicking to skip certain parts, it worked about half the time. For example, I couldn't skip the plate rotating the finished egg or some of the prompts.
  11. I agree with @CharlesCraft50, just set player,body.velocity to 0 and set a timeout and set the velocity back to normal in the callback
  12. Phaser Pointer problem in large world

    One common problem is that if you don't fix a sprite to the camera object in Phaser, the sprite will be positioned to the coordinates of the world, not the screen. For example, if the pointer is at position 480,360, that is where the sun will be positioned in the world. You need to position the sun relative to the game screen, not the game world. Try adding this line after where you create the sun sprite: sun_sprite.fixedToCamera = true; The same thing should apply to the shadow sprite as well. See this example for more information.
  13. Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1000 Tracks

    Really nice music! I used a couple of your tracks in my new studying game ( for the titlescreen and gameplay music, and credited you on my about page.
  14. Fry Me Omelettes: An Egg Frying Sim!

    Fun game, the first time I played I "failed miserably" with an extremely under-cooked egg. I thought it was cool how you could pour oil and seasonings onto the egg if you clicked around. I would make some of the messages go by a bit quicker, as it got annoying to wait for the messages to go away and they made the game feel slow. I agree with @evc about the "done" button seeming like a message. Maybe change the button text to "Finish" or "Take Off Skillet".
  15. I think that the main problem is being dropped in the world with nothing really to do. I played the game for a couple of minutes, and nothing attacked/threatened the player or gave any reason to explore or look around. The goal is confusing and I think it's because there's nothing very obvious to prevent or cause.