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  1. If you mean the clicking to skip certain parts, it worked about half the time. For example, I couldn't skip the plate rotating the finished egg or some of the prompts.
  2. I agree with @CharlesCraft50, just set player,body.velocity to 0 and set a timeout and set the velocity back to normal in the callback
  3. One common problem is that if you don't fix a sprite to the camera object in Phaser, the sprite will be positioned to the coordinates of the world, not the screen. For example, if the pointer is at position 480,360, that is where the sun will be positioned in the world. You need to position the sun relative to the game screen, not the game world. Try adding this line after where you create the sun sprite: sun_sprite.fixedToCamera = true; The same thing should apply to the shadow sprite as well. See this example for more information.
  4. Really nice music! I used a couple of your tracks in my new studying game ( for the titlescreen and gameplay music, and credited you on my about page.
  5. Fun game, the first time I played I "failed miserably" with an extremely under-cooked egg. I thought it was cool how you could pour oil and seasonings onto the egg if you clicked around. I would make some of the messages go by a bit quicker, as it got annoying to wait for the messages to go away and they made the game feel slow. I agree with @evc about the "done" button seeming like a message. Maybe change the button text to "Finish" or "Take Off Skillet".
  6. I think that the main problem is being dropped in the world with nothing really to do. I played the game for a couple of minutes, and nothing attacked/threatened the player or gave any reason to explore or look around. The goal is confusing and I think it's because there's nothing very obvious to prevent or cause.
  7. I really like the idea of incorporating the users own mail into the game! Some things I noticed were: - You're able to aim the bullets in a single direction and constantly fire a line of bullets that all of the airplanes can run into, which makes the game super easy. To increase the difficulty, have airplanes coming in from all directions and maybe find a way to put the player in the center of the screen (For example, the game is top-view and the airplanes are trying to bomb your base/turret in the middle of the screen.) - As for the graphics, a nice background instead of a blue screen might make things look a little more interesting. The player sprite should also have a barrel-like object attached to it so the player can tell where they are aiming. - Also, an added challenge could be that the airplanes try to shoot missiles/bombs at your base and you have to blow those up with your gun before they get too close. Great idea and game!
  8. Glad to help! The game works fine now, I also have some suggestions to improve the physics of the game. The first is to add drag to the ship, so that is doesn't just fly forever in one direction if you let go of the keys. In the updateVX and updateVY functions of your asteroids-player.js, try adding: vx = vx * 0.98 and the same for updateVY. This should slow down the ship if there is no thrust. Also, it seems like the bullet speeds are somewhat based off of how fast the ship is going. This makes the gameplay a little confusing for me (for example, if I'm going really fast one way and I turn around and shoot the other way the bullets are very slow). I think you should make all the bullets the same speed regardless of the ship's speed.
  9. Just a tiny suggestion - In the bottom left you have "earth: 9.8m/s". The gravity feels much more like the moon, so I would either increase the effect of gravity to make the physics more earth-like or change the text to "moon". great game!
  10. I'm not sure if this is what you mean by "browser responsiveness", but the game canvas was too big for my screen, and I had to scroll/zoom out to see the entire game. You can use window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight to set the game's size correctly. Good job for your first game!
  11. There wasn't anyone else online so it was a little difficult to test the game out. Try adding bots when no one else is online and displaying the number of people on the server. Also, this game would be awesome with weapons to attack opponents. Overall, nice concept and polished graphics, I think this game could become pretty popular with more features.
  12. Good game, it reminded me of the retro space shooter games. I felt like the game didn't escalate quickly enough, and I was sitting around until about 50 points waiting for things to get difficult. Also I would love to see an option where you tap buttons to move the ship instead of sliding your hand around the screen, which gets really tiring, especially on bigger phones and tablets. For example, tapping the left side of the screen moves your ship left and same with the right side. Having different scenery and backgrounds as the game goes on would be nice as well.
  13. Good game, nice graphics and retro feel. I have a few suggestions: 1. The controls for aiming the ball are hard to get used to, because the up and down arrow keys control the y position and the side arrows control the x position. It would feel more natural if you made the side arrows control the angle and the up/down arrows control the power. 2. Make the speed of the basketballs a little faster to speed up the pace of gameplay. The gravity should be greater, unless you're going for a moon type setting. 3. Add sounds when the basketball makes it into the hoop and when you shoot the ball.
  14. I can't really get a feel for the game because there is no one else online. One thing you might want to try is adding a bot system so people can play the game with no one else online.
  15. There are tons of people online! Great job with your game, it really grew! Would you say that it is because of one certain thing you did or because of many different events?