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  1. Honestly, I didn't know it was that either. All I knew is that color rendition is extremely complex subject. So I've just asked other devs Glad I've found your question and learned something new.
  2. It seems there's some issue with color profile of your images. Try converting it to sRGB.
  3. Actually surprised this topic didn't exist yet. With all the great technologies around and well-qualified devs behind them there are many examples to look at. I'll just quickly go through things I'm the most aware of. Feel free to add any others which you know about. I consider myself a programmer mostly, so will go with tech-based approach, grouping things by framework/engine principle. (That's where 'Tools' in the topic name came from.) Flambe I'm starting with it since HTML5 is the main Flambe target and there's even this topic here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3816-80-html5-games-on-the-flambe-haxe-showcase/ Though I never properly tried Flambe myself (not a big fan of ECS), that's surely a tool that can be used to achieve great results. Check this article for example: https://medium.com/@mknol/building-42-games-within-a-year-insane-game-development-5340d506068f Obviously there is a mighty OpenFL HTML5 showcase: http://www.openfl.org/showcase/html5/. Well, honestly, I think it wants to be updated. But what really caught my eye recently is this 3D racing demo: http://community.openfl.org/t/html5-3d-racing-game/8663 If you're into more low-level stuff, you've probably heard of Kha framework. Some 2D games to look at, made by Wy Leong with his custom 2D game engine (https://github.com/laxa88/wyngine): https://wyleong.itch.io/pollen https://wyleong.itch.io/hurdles https://wyleong.itch.io/adventuroads https://wyleong.itch.io/flappy-soot Some more 3D? Sure: http://luboslenco.com/ld/33_dungeons_deep/ luxe Is another engine that I never looked closely at (shame on me!) I guess the most notable examples are WebGL ports of QWOP http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html?webgl=true and Threes http://play.threesgame.com And now I'm gonna take a break just to add more info later when I have time. There are still many wonderful tools (and games made with them) to be mentioned: HaxeFlixel HaxePunk Heaps Genome2D Externs for JS libraries So please don't hesitate to post you projects here while I'm gathering more info and preparing another big topic . P.S. Not sure why this subforum is quite silent. Probably just not the place where haxe devs hang out. Let's see if it's possible to liven things up a bit.
  4. Looks like you're doing something based on this tutorial: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Games/Tutorials/2D_Breakout_game_pure_JavaScript/Paddle_and_keyboard_controls? I guess you forgot to change "paddleWidth" to "ship.width" And your code probably breaks because of typos in your handlers names. They are currently named keyDownHander and keyUpHander. Note the missing l. Also there are probably some issues related to "collision checks". I could be more helpful if you described what kind of behaviour you're trying to achieve. And yeah, would be nice to look at full project.
  5. Disclaimer: I don't have much personal experience with either animation or phaser, just sharing some thoughts Looks like you're trying to achieve what is done best with skeletal animation. There are actualy few free tools for that. The most known is DragonBones I think. Another interesting one that I recently saw is Nima web-app. Although I've only (superficially) tried the first one, so can't tell anything about manipulating bones. On the other hand, For me it sounds like the way anchor points are supposed to work. Looking at your demo I see that there's an issue with head and arms moving not up and down when rotated, but left and right. Also would be nice to add to screen some debug info (bounding boxes, anchor points) to see more clearly what happens there. Might look closer at the code if I have more time, just guessing now: you're now rotating objects themselves, right? Can you instead rotate object graphics? More general: you probably want to somehow make movement more independent from rotation since now they are affecting each other in the wrong way. Hope this helps
  6. Nice one! Such a pleasure when the ball gets between the border and the top row and destroys all that row at once! Little question: how does powerup duration work? Probably would be better to reset the timer or something when player picks up another one of the same type. Feels too random when you have just picked up a powerup and then almost immediately the paddle shrinks again.