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  1. Here is template (two start point .blender files) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-XfqtExpOmpamFuWWJTY1A5ajQ/view
  2. What already achieved is possibility to upload any number of custom builded perplexuses with boxes. Here is missing start numbers an finish. Game works everywhere because of Babylon. People can change his friends who can play better time for each Perplexus.
  3. Just new model (now no coding only updated new model)
  4. OK, https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/PerplexusShadowOpen/PerplexusProd.html Anonymous online 3 Level = Tested SLOW DOWN PHYSICS STEP (SETTINGS) IF BALL IS TO FAST ROLLING OK this level have red spots where ball always fall through. How is this possible? Why happens this? Can anybody help me here? Is this mesh collision problem or exporter from blender to .babylon file? My friend try same model with unity. He load .blender file and he have not problems on this red spots with ball (ball fall through problem). I would like to create around 50 models but if babylon is not reliable maybe I should move to unity. I really like babylon because (I love WebGL), but something is not reliable. (or mesh collision or blender-babylon exporter). I try to add box colliders (as patches) around this spots and set those boxes as child of perplexus. Boxes are rotating ok with perplexus, but colliders does not work! I attached blender perplexus Model. If you know blender you can see final model. Layer 11 (Layer 1 has primitive components) If anybody have knowladge how to create algorithm to build perplexus form components (layer 1 attached .blender file) , please contact me. greetings Ian PerplexusComponents.blend
  5. YOU CAN SELECT ANY LEVEL YOU WISH. TRY LEVEL 6 OR LEVEL 8. (it's not easy to finish it around 20 minutes). Level 6 have one or two problems where ball fall through mesh, but anybody can continue at any checkpoint you go through. If you got good memory where checkpoint are you can finish level earlier. Game is free. Stil don't know what is going on with cannon.js or mesh collider sowehere in model. Blender file is OK, don't know if exporter is problem or cannon.js mesh collision. But problem is alway on same spots in model. So I think mesh collision should be ok. Maybe is problem in blender-exporter-for-babylon. can you make me a favor and Share it to your facebook freinds. Greetins. Ian
  6. maybe the easiest way for try navigation WSAD is to buy bluetooth android/iphone controller and connect it with phone.
  7. VR is in phone web browser. and phone in in front of viarbox. I see only input posibility like mars (because viarbox have no input hardware..: for/like WSAD). I have some example but still have to implement some virtual joystick for WSAD and center-point-circle(center of camera), When we move this ceter-point-circle to joystick (for like WSAD). I have to implement some virtual joystick in center of camera for WSAD and implement camera move forward,backward,left,right when we move center-pont circle on joystick... Is there any example showcase or playground how to implemnt this joystick for VR camera... (this example have no input (virtual joystick) for WSAD yet...) https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/Virtual3DGallery/index.html
  8. I have viarbox which don't have input for navigating around scene. I see (mars) example which have circle point in center and virtual joystick for (like WSAD), when we point circle to joystick forward than we move forward like W key. Is there any example playground how to solve something like Mars example of babylon example..
  9. Is there any example how control VR camera like WSAD? @RaananW
  10. Good start point
  11. @Deltakosh @Wingnut
  12. how to handle input cursor and buttons for movig around (like http://www.makemarshome.com/recruitment/assessments VR MODE)? any playground or tutorial example and documentation? gretings Ian
  13. OK I add var camera = new BABYLON.VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera("DevOr_camera", new BABYLON.Vector3(46, 15, -11), scene); camera.setTarget(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 10)); camera.applyGravity = true; camera.attachControl(canvas, true); and it work well. Can anybody tell me how to navigate forward,backward left right.. I see on some examples point(cursor) like mouse cursor in allways in center. And that with this point/cursor we can press buttons.... som interected buttons... Is there any playground or example how to start ?