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  1. Hi @Deltakosh @RaananW I prepared two playground (simple and complex(with WSAD rotation) Deltakosh as you suggest. I put first on loading all Cube... meshes/boxes in colliders array. Than I sey for each colliders as parent of perplexus mesh. Than I add on each box-mesh-collider (from colliders array) OnIntersectionEnterTrigger and OnIntersectionExitTrigger. Here I add physicsImpostor.BoxImpostor on each box IF playball and specific box OnIntersectionEnterTrigger happend. And I remove physicsImpostor.BoxImpostor from specific box in colliders object if OnIntersectionExitTrigger happend. (F12 console shows ok ..) BUT playball mesh/sphere fall through. Am I missing anything? Or Am I doing anything incorrect? Any help? I add also console.log you can see that playBall mesh/sphere fall over simple example http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1U2VMI#0 ... if ( newMesheI.id.substring(0, 4) == "Cube") { colliders.push( newMesheI ); } .... .... for (var a=0; a<colliders.length; a++) { colliders[a].parent = perplexus; colliders[a].rotationQuaternion = new BABYLON.Quaternion(); colliders[a].isVisible = true; } // end for set up all colliders for (var a=0; a<colliders.length; a++) { colliders[a].actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene); colliders[a].actionManager.registerAction( new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction( { trigger: BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger, parameter: { mesh:playBall, usePreciseIntersection: true} }, function(evt) { console.log("onIntersectioneEnterTrigger BEGIN"); console.log("Object ID - intersection = "+evt.source.id); console.log("Object ID - begin physicsImpostor = "+evt.source.physicsImpostor); evt.source.checkCollisions = true; if ( evt.source.physicsImpostor == undefined ) { evt.source.physicsImpostor = new BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor( evt.source, BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.BoxImpostor, { mass : 0, friction : 1, restitution : 0 }, scene); console.log("Object ID - end physicsImpostor = "+evt.source.physicsImpostor); console.log("onIntersectioneEnterTrigger END"); } }) ); colliders[a].actionManager.registerAction( new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction( { trigger: BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionExitTrigger, parameter: { mesh:playBall, usePreciseIntersection: true} }, function(evt) { console.log("onIntersectionExitTriger BEGIN"); console.log("Object ID - intersection = "+evt.source.id); console.log("Object ID - begin physicsImpostor = "+evt.source.physicsImpostor); evt.source.checkCollisions = false; if ( evt.source.physicsImpostor != undefined ) { evt.source.physicsImpostor = undefined; } }) ); } // end set up enter end exit triggers/listeners on all Cube boxes (adding impostor and removeing impostors) complex example (this playground has more code camera is focusing on ball and you can rotate model with WSAD but ball fall over....) http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#VZM8J#0 Greetings, Ian
  2. Perfect for me (maybe for anybody .babylon file on public github http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#CKEHJ#4
  3. I know that I should setup http server. But I know it worked before with Dropbox. I think Dropbox add ?dl=0. Because I know this playground had worked. I will not set up my http server I have no time
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2l67aququd7she/Patch.babylon?dl=0 or https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/BabylonBall/Patch.babylon Hire is playground which doesn't work ok any more http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#CKEHJ#1 or http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#CKEHJ#3 How can I load my .babylon file from dropbox or my server? This code has worked. What is goging on now? I see with F12 new problem XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/BabylonBall/Patch.babylon. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://www.babylonjs-playground.com' is therefore not allowed access. But this things has worked before. How can I make this example to work again? Any alternatives? (I also try like this http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#YEKUO#1 set data (copy/paste from .babylon file) but here is problem with string of data ! I try \" and \' also but no luck.) I would like to make some playground to ask something and I can't meke playground to load .bayblon file. Greetings Ian
  5. For example if we have complex mash. If we add multi material on this mesh. And if one material is for example "Material_01". How can we make that just this part( mesh faces with material -> Material_01) of mesh is like mirror or reflection part of mesh? Is there any example playground? Is possible to do this in blender and export and when we import model (.babylon) this is already apply on model? Greetings Ian
  6. More models can came anytime. I am working alone (linux admin server coding and modeling.. . So I am fucking crazy...
  7. Online . I add new model and record my playing. Everybody can try any online or offline levels. For fun. Enjoy. If game is not loaded for you. Please let me know. URL https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/PerplexusShadowOpen/PerplexusProd.html
  8. aha - thank you for your suggestion
  9. Maybe I am asking stupid question? I don't know exactly how mesh collision works sphere again mesh? There is probably sphere's radius. And mesh's faces/vertices??? Which mesh's faces/vertices are needed for calculation physics collision between sphere(SphereImpostor) and mesh(MeshImpostor) ???
  10. Simulation. For example I have some mesh and if I use mesh impostor with sphere I have problem if mesh have a lot vertices. Problem is that ball fall over somewhere. Second example I put 470 box impostors around mesh and use sphere with 470 box impostors. This simulation works reliable/better (ball does not fall over box impostors) But here is physics performance problem (works slower but reliable). This simulation works so that mesh and box colliders are always rotating! Example ball radius 1 and radius 5 I would like to know if it will be possible to add mesh impostor on mesh and add some radius around current ball position. So that only mesh's vertices/faces which are inside radius should be calculate physics collision between ball and vertices/faces of mesh around radius I hope you understand. Greetings Ian
  11. Is it possible to make mash collision physics calculation only around some radius around mesh? For example If we have ball with radius 1 unit and some big mesh with 1 milion vertices. I would like that mesh collision will calculate only collision around radius 5 unit around current ball position. Object with mesh-collision will be rotate at run-time (So if we don't have static-collider object_with_mesh_impostor/collider) Is possible to add this functions? Can be this funcions accelerate collision calculation? @RaananW @Deltakosh Greetings Ian