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  1. how can we switch between arc an arcVR? How are settings for arc? greetings Ian
  2. Latest level uploaded. For fun.
  3. Is there any example/playground how to make arc camera as VR arc camera? Greetings Ian
  4. No I do not have skeleton here ! I just want to know what happen with impostor-collider of Cube/Box. (We don't have options to see how hidden impostor-collider of visible mesh Cube/Box.) Sometimes box impostor-collider is not same as cube/box. I know that we should not change origion of Cube/Box, If we move origin of Cube/Box then box-impostor-colider is not the same as visible Box/Cube ! It will be realy good to add options in inspector/debugger which will allow us to show all impostors of mehes if meshes and impostors are aligned ok or not. If we rotate/scale/move mesh around it will be good to see if impostor is at same position as its mesh and if it is scaled and rotated as visible mesh. So if we create Cube/Box (visible mesh) and than if we move around and rotate it around and scale it in blender. Should we at the end set this box Apply Object Transformation? (when we should not use this?) greetings Ian
  5. OK, I add some .blender file Like example. So Path=Model is mesh (rendered). And all Cube.* are boxes like box collidners/impostors (they are invisible hidden meshes). If we load this model with impostors(Cube* like box impostors). All Cubes* meshes has origin in center of its mesh. This must be so for physical imposotrs! Should we set all Cubes* meshes as Quaternion in blender or can we live them as Auler XYZ? Should we (Blender Apply Object Transformation) over all Cubes* ? Or should not? Why? Now it is possible to meke all Cubes* as box colliders and as children of Path( rendered mesh ). If you Imagine that we load this Model and Cubes* as child. And if rotate Model freely and all cubes( intended as calendars) and child of Model. How should Cube* meshes be set up (expecially scale and rotation ?? should we use Blender Apply Object Transofratnion (scale and rotation) ?? ) or should we not use (Blender Apply Object TRansforamtion) on all of Cubes* meshes ? Greetins Ian AskModel_Colliders_Rotation_Scale.zip
  6. aha (set visible) collider box (if they was inistialize as hidden) This is fine exajmple (but if we have options in debug/inpector to show each collider as visible/hidden it will be a great thing. I look all inside inpector and I don't see any physics options to show colliders. I would like to know their positions rotation and scale. What happpen to colliders which are "Apply Object transformations - blender" so that rotation/scale became zero? Should we "apply obejct transforamtions" over box colliders or not? What exactly apply object transforamtions to? Can anybody explain it? Where/why to use it and where/why not to use it (I meen apply object transformations)? greetings Ian
  7. Does Debug/Inspector has opstion to show colliders in scene? Is there any plan to add this options to see how meshe's colliders are aligned? Or is there any javascript function which can enable or allow this capability? Greetings Ian
  8. I have some model and when I would like to export it I get error Traceback (most recent call last): File " .config/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/babylon-js/__init__.py", line 84, in execute exporter.execute(context, self.filepath) File " .config/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/babylon-js/json_exporter.py", line 99, in execute mesh = Mesh(object, scene, nextStartFace, forcedParent, nameID, self) File " .config/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/babylon-js/mesh.py", line 148, in __init__ recipe = BakingRecipe(object) File " .config/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/babylon-js/material.py", line 190, in __init__ self.isBillboard = len(mesh.material_slots) == 1 and mesh.material_slots[0].material.game_settings.face_orientation == 'BILLBOARD' AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'game_settings' location: <unknown location>:-1 Can anybody help me? What could be wrong? Ian
  9. I'll try your advice when I have a time? o I see you ping @RaananW about delta speed Greetings
  10. @schteppe hi I have one question Imagine if I build a big perplexus (with a lot of vertices, or maybe someday infinit size (this are now just dreams....) How can/could I make physics more faster and reliable on big perplexus model. Mesh-Sphere relation physics is not stable if I create big perplexus. For now I can surround perplexus with boxes (box colliders vs sphere collider). This approach is more stable than Mesh-Sphere collision relation. Or is possible to adapt thing so that sphre coliision will calculate collision of perplexus just around ball/sphere. Should I adapt Mesh collider of perplexus with something simpler easier alternative??? If you look closer web game allows to update any number of models. And than every player get bigger list of perplexus models. This is home of game: https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/PerplexusShadowOpen/Home.html and This is Update new perplexus page: https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/PerplexusShadowOpen/upload/Upload.jsp For each time to start update it must be reopened this page. (I have still bug here, but I fix it and did not update new ver yet..) Greetings Ian
  11. I am wondering if it could be possible to convert BabylonJS (or adapt so) in Android or iOS native openGL? Just asking? And if there could be possible to create Browser projecton on Plane in 3D world ? If that be possible in it will be Amazing! greetings
  12. Does BabylonJS support canvas.getContext("2d") for building 2D games ? If it does how to establish things? Is there any playground how to start? greetings Ian
  13. Level 20 And level19
  14. @RaananW RaananW is there any playground showcase for learning to see how works sleep and wakeUp ? Greetings Ian