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  1. OK JCPalmer Thank you for this. I'll try to create my playground as you do.... But if you take a look in my previous post, I don't know when I importer ToB Scene (playground_and_files.zip) this code doesn't work (physics doesn't work).. This line in code of ToB exporterd ModelFinish_Base.js file. I used the latest ToB exporter. Even if I change your code like it is commented It still doesn't work? Do you have any advice what could be wrong? this.physicsImpostor = new _B.PhysicsImpostor(this, 1, { mass: 1, friction: .5, restitution: 0}, scene); //this.physicsImpostor = new BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor( this, BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.SphereImpostor, { mass : 1, friction : 0.5, restitution : 0 }, scene); and this.physicsImpostor = new _B.PhysicsImpostor(this, 2, { mass: 0, friction: .5, restitution: 0}, scene); //this.physicsImpostor = new BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor( this, BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.BoxImpostor, { mass : 0, friction : 0.5, restitution : 0 }, scene); this.physicsImpostor = new Greetings, Ian
  2. New levels - For the curious

    Game is open. I can make lot more levels and just include/upload them in database of perplexuses . I/We just have to build it and upload it. But I still did not record how looks like building workflow in blender... NO NEED TO CODING.
  3. 5 latest new maze for Perplexus Shadow Open (BabylonJS WebGL 3D maze game. Very fun, but player still have to manually manage arc camera with mouse.
  4. I use preview version! (todays Babylonjs-master and Extensions-master) I have to include more section that playgournd works. // GLOBAL VARIABLES and //BEGIN QueuedInterpolation.1.1.js ... // END QueuedInterpolation.1.1.js and // BEGIN ModelFinishBase.js (Exported from Tower Of Bable) .. // END ModelFinishBase.js (Exported from Tower Of Bable) and final main code // BEGIN MAIN ... // END MAIN
  5. Hi again. I make model as simple as possible. Just Basic Sphere and box colliders. I export it with ToB Exporter to get ModelFinish_Base.js. I include this in playground. I created complete playground. I include playground in attached .zip file. Because I can not save playground! Download attached file unzip and copy text from BabylonJS_ToB_Physics_Collision_Problem_Playground.js and paste it in playground and run it. I would like to know why .physicsImpostor doesn't work? Can anybody debug this and find a problem? Is there problem with babylonjs plugin, cannon or ToB exporter ??? playground_and_files.zip
  6. If it works on all browsers except Edge, than I think is someting wrong with Edge or Hand.js. I'll try jQuery PEP to see difference. If it will be same, than I will take/debug my code little bit.
  7. It is strange/wierd case. I work fine on all browsers-IE,Firefox.Chrome,Opera (same js code). ONLY Edge have problems. I use latest Windows 10 with all updates. Should be better to switch from hand.js to jQuery PEP ?? Greetings Ian
  8. By the way, Old Internet Explorer work fine like Chrome,Firefox,Opera. But Edge browser have problems with hand.min.js. Greetings Ian
  9. Can anybody explain me why pointer event (mouse and touch events) does not work in Edge browser ? It Works well with Chrome FireFox Opera! What is difference? Is there any better way to handle (mouse and touch events) in all browser same? You can try and see difference between Edge and Chrome/Fierefox/Opera in this example/game. (here I use hand.min.js) Is there any better alternative of hand.min.js ??? Is there any bug in Edge browser or BabylonJS's hand.js? https://ajna4taiga.tk/PerplexusShadowOpen/PerplexusProd.html Edge problem: When I release any of WSAD key it has longer delay only in Edge (Windows) Browser. Is there any batter way to handle (mouse/touch evnets) with javascript? greetings Ian
  10. no I am not nervous. I don't want force anyone to do what "I need". Maybe BabylonJS need this more than me. They/You will do when they will decided or have time. I know now are holidays .... I don't want to push anyone. I just hope you be aware that this is big deal. And that BabylonJS can gets a Lot. Maybe till November December...
  11. I wasted to much time and nervousness. I quit here! I give you all playground in .zip file what are problems description... everything (some fixes was made in ToB, but final showcase is not working/fixed-bugs....... use instances or not (multi user or not use multi user . colliders and rotation and scale about rotation problems does not work . My playground how far we come... I quit here!
  12. Try that but no luck. Ok I attach file.zip in previous post. Playground in zip file (ToB_BabylonJS_PlayGround.js) here I stuck. I try to switch to single user as you say. But I it is even worse or I am stupid and don't know what I am doing. Anyway. Can anybody make/fix ToB_BabylonJS_PlayGround.js work correctly. ModelFInish.js is made by ToB exporter from ModelFInish.blend. SO HOW IS WORKFLOW IN BLENDER (WHAT TO DO - WORKFLOW) .... BEFORE EXPORT WITH ToB, So that model+colliders should be properly positioned/scaled/rotation or whatever...
  13. In previous .zip file which I attached, there is ModelFInish.blender file. I try As you say but get "Cannot apply to multi user: ... aborting" . This can not we do because there are multi user object (or instances of object). (Because model was previously build with groups...) SOME BUG (I SUPPOSE) If you ModelFInish.blender ---export with ToB---> ModelFInish.js there is error in code (some else problem... line 331 ----> else texLoadStart = _B.Tools.Now; If I remove only else it works, otherwise does not work. I think it is some bug in new ToB exporter..