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  1. VR gear?

    https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/09/oculus-gloves/ (nice to see this)
  2. Here is one beautiful chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webrtc-desktop-sharing/nkemblooioekjnpfekmjhpgkackcajhg which allow you to stream your desktop full screeen (or browser fullscreen with f11 to your mobile. Expecially if you enable VR camera in desktop game in chrome browser and want to stream this to your mobile for your VR gear. And you don't need VR extra bloototh convroller because you can play your game with your keyboard+mouse of Desktop PC and get mirror of your desktop chrome to your mobile browser for your VR gear. Even your friends can watch your chat room with password you give them in URL. No extra coding just reuse chrome RTC extension. Mobile browser (chrome,firefox,opera) are receiver of your desktop PC chrome browser (game with VR camera). Greetings Ian
  3. VR gear?

    What are good and less expensive VR gear for mobile with joystick and gloves/sensors for VR interaction with heands ? Any advices ?
  4. Latest now

  5. http://html5gamepad.com
  6. Latest now

    The best Microsoft Edge Browser experience. For better play experience zoom camera to Ball and rotate camera a little bit up then lock camera and you rotate camera with mouse only horizontal (left right). When camera is locked you can+t rotate arc camera up and down. This is new feature which allow better/easier playing
  7. should we just initialize VRFreeCamera instant FreeCamera ?
  8. Nice example. If camera will be like VR. Will it be nicer for VR google.
  9. Do BabylonJS has any capability to mix phone camera and 3D "scene" "object" together as augmented reality? Is there any tutorial any show case or example? Can we add any 3D object(s) over camera of phone? Is there any way camera is for VR (left and right lens) and possibility to ad 3D object over camera ? Greetings Ian
  10. Latest now

    added lock up/down camera managing and added vr (still have to add VR controller rotating an zooming) Is there any way to mirror desktop browser to phone so vr mouse and keyboard will be VR controller? If player manage camera only horizontal left right playing in not so confusing ... therefore new lock camera (this video has not lock camera and VR but new version has... I just have to add VR joystick mini bloototh controller to add zoom in out and rotating perplexus both circle joystick (x and y values of circle joystick) I have to upgrade VR so player can "teleport" into the game of perplexus
  11. Infinite browsers inside 3d?
  12. I like browser inside. And teleport from one scene to another scene. Do BJS have anything like augmented reality? VR camera + 3D assets ?
  13. Yes. If I have 3 or more different levels/scene. I have to export all of them with same ToB ja names (for example FinishModelToB.js). And then put them in database. And code will always be FinishModelToB.initScene( scene ); This should solve this problem. And I/we will not need general factory function in JavaScript.
  14. I know how maybe. Maybe I just have to make all exported ToB ja files with same name and than I don't need factory ... I will simplify this for now. But does JavaScript have no such thing we could get BABYLON variable/object with names/strings. Like for example var obj = document.getVariableByName("BABYLON"); so if JavaScript variable document or any other generic jacascript's variable contain factory like getVariableByName
  15. http://david.blob.core.windows.net/babylonjs/gamepad/index.html