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    Mario Maker [Vanilla Javascript]

    Yes, jumping on goombas is sometimes a little buggy. Will improve it. Thanks for the feedback :).
  2. So more than a year ago, I started learning javascript and had to build something using vanilla javascript. I thought it would be cool and fun to build a game and decided to build a Mario clone. But you know, only the Mario gameplay wouldn't be enough for the project. So I decided to add a level editor where you could save your levels that you can create yourself. Found the sprites and images from google, forgot the exact source . Also I had no idea "Mario Maker" already existed. Only found out after this project was completed. Anyways, this fun little project was completed a year ago, with the help from html5gamedevs of course, and i hadn't actually shown to anybody outside my circle. So here it is, do give it a look. It's not much but it's something I am very proud of. Link to the game: Link to Repo:
  3. vanroshr

    Making a mario like game with level editor

    @mattstyles It's been almost a year since i posted this. I did finish that 3 weeks Mario project though. Thanks for your help. Here's the link if you want to check it out. I think it came out pretty nice I came back to html5gamedevs to check which framework would be good to work on a little fun side project I wanted to build. As I searched, Phaser seems quiet nice but I think it isn't quiet good for making a native mobile game. Also for the Multiplayer, I was thinking of hooking up a Node Server with Any thoughts? Not the right thread to post this, is it?
  4. vanroshr

    Making a mario like game with level editor

    Thank you for the guidance. I have done exactly like what you've said. Well most of it. So, i first created a multidimensional array and rendered the map. I simply made it like this, var map = [ [0,0,0,0,0,0,0], [0,2,2,0,0,0,0], [1,1,1,1,1,1,1], ......... ]; 1 representing platform, and 2's and 3's representing the coin and the mushroom boxes. I made this variable global so that i can access it via any file. Then , for collision detection what i did was first draw one tile then check for collision with mario. Is this efficient or is there another way to do it?. This is where i was stuck like thinking its way too inefficient. First Clear the canvas, Loop through the map array, draw one tile and check for collision, draw another tile and check for collision and so on. Any thoughts on this?. Then, for the level editor, instead of canvas i used table to make a grid, where every td represented a grid. Then just like u mentioned, onclick events to show the map. I placed a generate map button, that then loops through that table and if there was something added to that cell then according to that data adds it to the array. This array replaces the global array of the map , the above one, and then starts the game. I have done till this. Now i have to implement saving the map the user created. So, as u mentioned, do i make a json file of the generated array and save it locally ? If i save it in a json file, ill have to parse it again while starting the game right? .. Thank you
  5. Hello, A complete newbie here. So, I selected my project within 3 weeks as " Mario like game with level editor" for my college and can only use plain javascript and nothing else. I have done some research and i found that i have to make it on canvas. My logic was to first create a json data and render the map from that and make it playable. Then make an editor where the user can drag and drop tiles which after finished creates a json data, from which the game can render from. But, how do i start on this? Any guidance? How do i render the json and provide collision detection. Also, how to let user create their own level and create the json data. Help is much appreciated, Thank you!