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  1. Hi, I tried upload add my old model into three.js but I have a problem. I've got this error: THREE.MultiMaterial has been removed. Use an Array instead I read than MultiMaterials was deleted in last threejs version, but what can I do to run my model in latest version of three.js It's to much work to delete MultiMaterial in my model and I wouldn't like to use older version :/ Thanks
  2. Wasyl

    Atlas from object (variable not file)

    I found a solution this.load.atlas('my_image', '#base64image#', null, atlasObject);
  3. Hi Is this possible load atlas from variable? ex. var atlas = { [...] } this.load.atlas('my_image', '#base64image#', atlas);
  4. Wasyl

    Body Overlaps Events (onEnter)

    Hi It's exists events (arcade) somethings like onBoundsEnter and onBoundsOut but not for world bounds, but for two overlapped sprites? I want check when sprites are start collide end when been ending.
  5. Wasyl

    Audio problem iOS9

    Hi, I've got problem with audio files on iOS9.2.x. On iPhone I must tap twice, and after that sounds are playing. But on iPad this method doesn't work and in general there is no sound. I convert all mp3 files to 128kbps and 44100Mz, but this not helped. Any suggestions? Phaser 2.4.6
  6. Hi. I trying run my game on mobile devices and I've problem with scaling. This my code: this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.scale.minWidth = 320; this.scale.minHeight = 320; this.scale.maxWidth = Config.GAME_WIDTH; //You can change this to gameWidth*2.5 if needed this.scale.maxHeight = Config.GAME_HEIGHT; //Make sure these values are proportional to the gameWidth and gameHeight this.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; this.game.scale.refresh(); this.scale.updateLayout(true); In chrome devtools on start everything is ok, but when I run game on my smartphone nothing happen until I change orientaton. Any ideas?
  7. Wasyl

    Ninja bounce effect

    I have similar problem. Any ideas?
  8. Wasyl

    Asset Pack - additional data

    Hey, Can I add additional data into asset json file? For example: { "level1": [ { "type": "image", "key": "starwars", "url": "assets/pics/unknown-the_starwars_pic.png", "data": { "ADDED_INFORMATIONS" }, "overwrite": false }, } I tried get to this info by cache, but I nothing found there...
  9. Wasyl

    Another bubble shooter game

    Hey, Can you reupload game?
  10. Thank you very much! Now works perfectly <3
  11. Hi, I have a problem with Ninja physics when I adding a group with sprite in my game. I read on this forum, that Ninja doesn't support group collision, but mayby something was changed withing the last year, because in my it work, but not that what I expected. http://codepen.io/DonWasyl/pen/BjEeBL What could be the cause this "bullet time" effect? Without group everything was ok. Can I use any trick for repair that?