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  1. I confirmed that the sample below works with Babylon.js v3.1-rc-2. I would like to test again when the sample model is updated.
  2. I tried to display the glTF model with the latest version of Babylon.js (v3.1 rc-1). However, it seems that some models do not display properly. BoxTextured ... Texture is not displayed BoxAnimated ... Animation only works partially RiggedSimple, RiggedFigure, CesiumMan, Monster, BrainStem, VirtualCity ... Animation does not work
  3. I confirmed that the problem was solved with the latest version.
  4. @bghgary Hmm, It looks like it has not healed yet. I tried displaying polly.gltf which was updated with the latest library (v3.1-beta-6). project_polly.gltf 2017/11/08
  5. AnimatedTriangle.gltf is not displayed

    Sorry, it was my mistake. I thought that the model of the tutorial was newer, I brought javagl/gltfTutorialModels repository, However it seems to be old. Related:
  6. I tried to display the following model. However, it seems that an error is output to the console. babylon.max.js:sourcemap:6692 BJS - [02:09:32]: glTF Loader: #/animations/0/channels/0: Failed to find target node undefined Tools._ErrorEnabled @ babylon.max.js:sourcemap:6692 babylon.max.js:sourcemap:6692 BJS - [02:09:32]: Unable to load from ../../tutorialModels/AnimatedTriangle/glTF/AnimatedTriangle.gltf: #/animations/0/channels/0: Failed to find target node undefined Tools._ErrorEnabled @ babylon.max.js:sourcemap:6692 Previously it was correctly displayed. It is unknown when it became impossible to display in which version.
  7. Bear glTF model could not display

    Thank you for fixing. I confirmed that it has been fixed.
  8. I tried to display the following model in Sketchfab with Babylon.js. bear_on_balloons\scene.gltf However, when trying to display with Babylon.js sandbox, an error was output to the console and it was not possible to display the glTF model. It seems there is a problem with animation processing. BJS - [00:09:49]: Babylon.js engine (v3.1-beta-6) launched Babylon.js:formatted:28342 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'frame' of undefined at t._interpolate (babylon.js:formatted:28342) at t.animate (babylon.js:formatted:28528) at t._animate (babylon.js:formatted:28682) at i._animate (babylon.js:formatted:14035) at i.render (babylon.js:formatted:14758) at t.renderFunction (babylon.js:formatted:37709) at babylon.js:formatted:37796 at n._renderLoop (babylon.js:formatted:6672)
  9. I think that there is probably an error in the resource url. LOW LYING FOG : The following error is output to the console. babylon.js:3 BJS - [21:27:40]: Error while trying to load image:
  10. The project "Polly" seems to have been created to introduce all new features of glTF 2.0. However, I tried project_polly.gltf displayed in Babylon.js + glTF Loader, skinning animation seems not to be displayed correctly. Babylon.js + glTF Loader + project_polly.gltf result:
  11. I confirmed that it was fixed. Thank you for the quick fix.
  12. I tried displaying interleaved model BoxInterleaved.gltf. However, this format does not seem to be supported yet. Babylong.js 3.1 + glTF Loader BoxInterleaved.gltf result:
  13. I confirmed that it is fixed by the latest version of Babylon.js + glTF Loader. Babylon.js 3.1 + glTF Loader result: Thanks!
  14. TextureSettingsTest.gltf is located below.
  15. The following is the display result of TextureSettingsTest.gltf. Babylon.js 3.1 + glTF Loader result: Babylon.js 3.0 + glTF Loader result: