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  1. Car game project

    Cool But erm, i think i dropped my battery.. started driving very slow after it flew off anyway
  2. @cx20 It doesn't seem to be a loading (network) issue, but script execution. You can try without PBR (is it really needed anyway ?) scene.createDefaultSkybox(cubeTexture, false, 10000);
  3. When you don't know it from the modeller, trial & error is often the only way
  4. Just have to apply collision to the correct mesh Had to set a rather large collisionRadius due to the shape of the mesh, but it still acts strangely sometimes.
  5. Working with huge models (300-700mb)

    Afraid not, hopefully someone with more experience on the area will come along soon I don't suppose you have a live sample?
  6. Working with huge models (300-700mb)

    Hi @Rodrix3 "..millions of vertices.." I know webGl 1 limits at 65k vertices per buffer, but i'm not sure about webGl 2. Something you can try to do, If feasible, splitting the model into smaller parts ( < 65k verts each )
  7. Hi @inteja I think what you need is emissiveColor & disableLighting Erm, i miss-read
  8. Make gameplay smoother

    what are you doing now? generally.. speed * deltaTime. // Speed without delta, at 60 FPS. var speed = 0.0167; // Aproximately 1 unit per second. // Convert speed value to be used with deltaTime. // Divide by 16.66.. (Ca. deltaTime at 60FPS, we want to keep 1 unit / second) // This should only be done Once. speed /= (1000/60); // Applying the deltaTime // This should be done once each frame. var deltaSpeed = speed * (engine.getDeltaTime()); myMesh.position.x += deltaSpeed;
  9. Getting GUI elements by name

    Added a "getControlByName" to wingnut's PG;
  10. Convert .babylon to .dae?

    Hi @ozRocker Everything is possible i suppose.. .DAE uses a XML file "setup", so that would be the easiest, no encoding or anything needed. Next step is to write a conversion tool, which isn't a fast task, but it is however rather simple and strait forward. Basic functionality; read the babylon file data, write to a string in the correct schema, then download the string as a .DAE file and it should work.. there might be some differences in how the data is stored. You can read the full 1.4.1 schema here; Or 1.5 here; Depending on which file version you prefer/need, it's also very helpful to look at an existing & working .DAE file in a text editor. I made an example here; (no actual data is passed from the babylon file, just a static DAE asset header as 'proof of concept', includes .babylon file loader & download code.) // Uncomment line 20 & re-run to download the sample, skull.babylon.DAE // See lines 66+ for an idea of how the DAE file is built. // If you prefer a clean file (non-minified) add '\n' at the end of each 'new' string e.g.
  11. Black outline

    Hi @Per-Erik I'm going to assume you're using Microsoft Edge or some other browser which don't support hex colors with alpha (8 characters), you get a solid black background on those as you've experienced. They do however (usually) support rgba
  12. Hi @ozRocker I'm not quite sure if this is what you mean, using disableLighting & emissiveTexture/Color will stop the mesh being affected by light shaders, // using albedoColor as color source.
  13. Update; Added demo option to use GPU particles. I may have borrowed Deltakosh's UI from his GPU particles demo.