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  1. skeleton animation for AI

    @Raggar You're only passing the value of x, not the property
  2. skeleton animation for AI

    @phaselock You only need to do it once per frame, the value should be the same. Also, delta calculations should be reversed, timeNow - timeLastFrame = delta
  3. How I can exclude skybox from SSAO

    HI @BlackMojito Here's an example of a two camera approach, Imagine camera_A is your main camera with postprocess, camera_A has layerMask 2, so should any mesh you want it to render, e.g. the building in your screenshot, or the sphere in this example. camera_B is your secondary camera with no postprocess, camera_B has layermask 1, so does the ground mesh in this example. So camera_A is rendering the sphere. and camera_B is rendering the ground. Using ArcRotateCamera's, In a registerBeforeRender, we are updating camera_B's alpha, beta, radius and target values to match camera_A's values. (user input modifies camera_A). Take good note on the activeCameras.push, the first camera to be pushed will render behind the second camera. scene.activeCameras.push(camera_B, camera_A);
  4. Babylon.ray defaults to Number.MAX_VALUE if no length is given No idea what's wrong with the PG through.
  5. Babylon exporter for Maya ?

    Hi @dsman A maya exporter is already planned, While waiting for that, In 3ds max, if the materials are attached to your mesh(es), but doesn't show up in the material editor, Open material editor -> Click on "Material" menu tab -> Click on "Pick from object" -> Then click on your mesh. a material should now be showing up in the material editor
  6. @cx20 This was fixed already, just waiting for deployment to be updated, hopyfully later today Until then,
  7. PG is currently down, whoever hosted the original smoke texture have removed it from their dropbox. working on a solution. will update shortly. Update; Thanks to Unity Technologies and their CC0 ( public domain ) particle's pack, the PG is now working again.
  8. Hi @Steffen The picking doesn't pick by boundingboxes. I ended up doing a workaround thus far, a prototype for abstractMesh which adds a "picking Box" (just a BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox) the size of the mesh's bounding box, parented to the mesh, only pickingBox has isPickable and then a visibility of 0.001 or so. And on picking it's just pickedMesh.parent to get the actual mesh. I hope it makes sense.
  9. Mesh Position in World cooridnates

    Hi @nodejs That is because the carBody is parented to the "pivot" mesh See line 101
  10. Title: Particles: Low lying fog Desc: Creating a low lying fog using the particleSystem
  11. @Deltakosh Sure! that would be awesome
  12. @Wingnut I appreciate the kind words I liked your idea, genious.. so i gave it a go, without clusters through.
  13. Just a simple demo displaying the power of the ParticleSystem by creating a low-hanging fog. Not cinematic quality and it can no doubt be done better with a shader, but pretty nice looking for the very low performance impact it has. Thanks to @Wingnut for finding the PG used as base for this demo. Have a nice saturday
  14. moveWithCollisions issue

    @satguru Ahh i missed that, Okay, that makes sense
  15. @Myjestic It is also possible with a little change, adding the registerBeforeRender to the child itself, I just prefer it the other way Have a nice friday.