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  1. I can't think of a reason why not, sprites have excellent performance
  2. Hi @Sailarg, What page did you redirect from? Those url's are missing the version number, E.g
  4. @masterdon Hi, why don't you create an index of the walls and check against that when dragging ? no need for collisions at all if you ask me. if draggedObjest.position is within another yellow box's position +/- width/height, don't allow dropping it, otherwise allow dropping it.
  5. @royibernthal the control seems to stay active after making the object invisible again, removeControl fixes it as shown in the PG below, but i bet Deltakosh would want to automate it with visiblity changes anyway
  6. Hi @Borislav In your header you are loading babylon.js from the babylonjs website, this link have been "de-activated" i suggest you download the script(s) and host them on your web server to avoid such errors in the future sometimes structure changes are made, files are moved around, etc. right-click each of the following & click "save link as". HandJs; CannonJs; BabylonJs; (version 2.5) (version 3.0-Beta) release/babylon.js you can remove the oimo reference from your header as it appears you're using cannon, they are both physics plugins, but you only need one
  7. @Deltakosh sorry for the red paint didn't have any ready-to-use non-licensed textures.
  8. Hi, I notised pixels at the edges of my sprites are getting cropped, adding a 5 px margin around the textured areas have fixed it, but it still seems odd so i wanted to report it incase there's a bug somewhere. var grass_SPM = new BABYLON.SpriteManager("grass", "./grass.png", 2500, 400, scene); zoomed screenshot, original is 400*400 (transparent area above the texture) as can be seen on the following screenshot, the top is fine, but both left, right and bottom are being chopped. (the visible seams are just a missing adjustment from changing sprite size)
  9. @Sac I just saw PBR materials haven't been updated yet, it's the only one missing. so the improvement might be limited so far, i'm guessing it'll be updated with or before the official 3.0 release.
  10. -> is not working, you only need one physics plugin anyway, -> also isn't working, please download from github; (Right-click here & Save link As)
  11. Even though 3.0 is still "only" in beta, if i was you i'd give it a go and see if it gets better.
  12. Also, @Sac Are you using 2.5 or 3.0 beta ? PBR materials can be pretty heavy for a phone, @Deltakosh did a awesome optimization on how materials are handled in 3.0.
  13. Hi @Sac Without knowing more about your project, code, textures and meshes, here's a few general guidelines; When working with mobile / tablets, there should be no problem using 256px textures (if you aren't already), and sometimes even 128px are fine depending on how close you zoom on the mesh(es) , the changes in quality should be too small to even notise. Secondly and probably most importantly in your case, look for spots on your meshes to optimize, 60k poly's are a lot for a low-end phone. Third, optimizing animations, (even though this should be done at creation) as an example there's no need to have 200 frames of a running animation on a character mesh doing 7-8 steps, 30-40 frames and 2 steps are often enough. the rest is just using up precious memory. and Fourth, Code optimizations, could be simple things like caching loops, depending on the target device, method & support, while most modern browsers does this automaticly today, i don't know anything on the subject when it comes to app's, but's it's worth checking up on. I hope you make it work
  14. @Sac It seems to only work when looping, as you pointed out earlier, it jumps to frame 0 instantly on the first run and the animation is ended, so when not looping, nothing actually happens.