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  1. for 360 in babylon, funny enough, all you need is a stationary camera & a skybox for 360* video however, i'd attach the video material to a sphere instead, otherwise the same principle. maybe some fancy UI control elements. as for streaming to youtube, & / getting a panorama view from a single camera, no idea i don't believe it's supported "natively".
  2. The only "structural difference" i see is that one is not minified, the other one is. the manifest errors are to be expected if no manifest file exists. to fix the texture errors, make sure the image files are located in the same folder as the .babylon file, and has the same names as when the babylon file was exported.
  3. @ozRocker I'd say mostlikely, as wingnut was also talking about, it's two areas "overlapping" like there's two planes in exactly the same place;
  4. Hi, i was just checking out the binary export in 3ds max, As title says, using the 3ds max exporter to export binary files, the json file, x.binary.babylon isn't minified manually minifying a file, it went from 3.399 KB to 720 KB total size(including binary files) ended up being 1031 KB compared to the standard .babylon export of same file; 1320 KB (auto-minified) So when it gets minified, Binary is clearly a nice bandwidth save
  5. Another aproach could be to also make the plane a child, e.g; Invisible parent (box or a plane.. whatever ) -- Plane child-- Green cube child-- Blue cube child-- Red cube child-- Black cube child-- White cube child so the plane and all cubes are children of an invisible parent, dispose one and nothing will happen to any of the others
  6. SPS
  7. I'm guessing it has something to do with how the exporter works, it's creating a new skeleton per "skin" modifier, but such a modifier is required on each mesh to allow manipulation via bones, even if it's using the same bones as a parent So the exporter seems to believe it's a seperate mesh and needs it's own skeleton private void ExportSkin(IIGameSkin skin, BabylonScene babylonScene) { var babylonSkeleton = new BabylonSkeleton { id = skins.IndexOf(skin) }; = "skeleton #" +;
  8. haha yeah that's my point, It's doing it by default, i'm trying to figure out how to export it to use the same skeleton, in 3ds max, there's only one skeleton, but when exporting, it is being split so child meshes are getting their own skeleton with the bones it uses and their animations.
  9. @JCPalmer Each child mesh is being exported with it's own skeleton, only containing the bones which that mesh uses, if i don't call beginAnimation on it, and only do it on the parent/main mesh, the child is just static I forgot to mention that i'm using 3ds max, updated
  10. Hi all, I've been wondering, a mesh like "the dude" seems to be using a single skeleton(so you only have to call beginAnimation Once), but he is made up of several meshes, When i export meshes to babylon, the "main" mesh is exported with the entire skeleton(all bones), and children meshes are each exported with their own version of the skeleton (containing only the bones that mesh use), So i have to call beginAnimation for each mesh/child mesh. If i point the child meshes skeletons to the main mesh's skeleton (mesh.skeleton = mainMesh.skeleton), which also contains the bones the child mesh uses, and then beginAnimation, the child mesh is either spagetti, or just not animated properly, So my question, How is it achieved to use the same skeleton? using 3DS Max 2016, exporter 0.8.0, (also tried an older exporter, same result) Cheers
  11. i'm unable to replicate the issue you had, but since you got it working, nvm either way But please use in the future (you can use the same snippet, e.g #NJ8S1D ), the azurewebsites sub-domain is being deprecated, happy coding
  12. Please create a simple PG replicating the issue
  13. both the PG & demo runs at 60 fps for me.. Something you can do is as @jerome mentioned and use SPS, another option, when it's just boxes with no changes in material &/ geometry, using instances would be far more performant than clones Edit; Simplified performance "guide" when creating several "instances" of the same mesh 1. SPS (best, but slightly more complicated than the others, no drawbacks for your use) 2. Instances (better, no drawbacks for your use) 3. Clones (good) 4. induvidual meshes (bad)
  14. @MackeyK24 Awesome I thought the "animation" component was only for legacy, which the exporter previously didn't support as skeleton animations so they were ignored.. nice add Any ETA on when 1.1 toolkit is out?