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  1. Hi Deltakosh should be around by tomorrow. As mentioned, this happens because of a loop in calls, Here's a temporary fix for until it's fixed; Accessing absolutePosition directly, instead of getAbsolutePosition() function which forces computeWorldMatrix. Include the snippet in your code, after the main babylonJs file. BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera.prototype._getTargetPosition = function() { if (this._targetHost && this._targetHost.absolutePosition) { var e = this._targetHost.absolutePosition; this._targetBoundingCenter ? e.addToRef(this._targetBoundingCenter, this._target) : this._target.copyFrom(e) } var t = this._getLockedTargetPosition(); return t || this._target }
  2. aWeirdo

    loading screen with a video

    Here's one in HTML that just makes a black background container and a video element. (You may need to click run before the video works, issue with video elements need interaction.) side-note: PG with timeout( for extra video time ) will bug when clicking run again before the timeout finishes (and video is hidden).
  3. aWeirdo

    Possible Playground FragID issue

    I can confirm, 1'st save-> # accessing #1 fails 2'nd save -> #1 accessing #2 works 3'rd save -> #3 accessing #4 works I can't see any changes to the save code, so perhaps something changed on the server.
  4. ./assets/myGltfFile.gltf ./assets/textureUsedBy_myGltfFile.png "you must have the textures side by side with your gltf" -> same folder
  5. aWeirdo

    Pointerup observable bug ?

    @TomaszFurca Looks like the pointerUp event is 'counted' as a pointerMove. > Observers still work, only scene.onPointerUp seems to be affected. > clickInfo.ignore is always true. (should be false for onPointerUp..) @Deltakosh I have to run so i'll tag this for you. scene -> attachControl -> _initClickEvent -> always sets "clickInfo.ignore = true" before callback is called. See line 177 -> ( commented it out, and onPointerUp works again ) Is there a reason for that to be there`?
  6. aWeirdo

    Back to my teenage years

    LSD years, John? 😂
  7. aWeirdo

    RPG camera

    Hi, Why do you have a seperate camera for the GUI ?
  8. What i understood from the beginning of this thread, was code hot swapping, maually re-writing or changing code and live execution, thus the confusion as i was expecting a different image path or name (to be written in to the code), not a different image at same path/name ^^ But either way, i think it's pretty cool
  9. @brianzinn true, if it has the same path & name, caching will mostlikely mess with it, but speaking of hot-swapping code, i expect the path/name to be changed to a different image file, not the image file to be replaced 😛 And as i mentioned, i don't see the file name being changed anywhere, the logs even output the same file name, if you update imageA to imageA.. it might reload it, but it'll still look the same heh I'm afraid i don't use webpack or TS so i can only comment on what i read in the code. Let us know what you find
  10. I don't think caching should affect anything when you're creating a new texture with a different image file. However, What are you changing the image file to? It seems unclear from your code where you write-in the file change. Aswell as the logs you posted, they say the file is the same as the standard one, e.g. dungeons_and_flagons3.jpg // MazeLoader this.floorMaterial.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("./assets/2D/dungeons_and_flagons3.jpg", scene); // AcceptChange this._maze.floorMaterial.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("./assets/2D/dungeons_and_flagons3.jpg", this._scene);
  11. aWeirdo

    SPS Optimization : Feedback Wanted

    i5 4670k / Win 10 / 40 K / Chrome / 12 Fps / 20 Fps Firefox / 14 Fps / 13 Fps Edge / 11 Fps / 12 Fps Opera / 11 Fps / 19 Fps IE11 / 3 Fps / 7 Fps 🤔
  12. aWeirdo

    Drop down button

    Hi @Mekaboo You must include the dropdown constructor; var Dropdown = (function () { function Dropdown(advancedTexture, height, width, color, background) { // Members this.height = height; this.width = width; this.color = color || "black"; this.background = background || "white"; this.advancedTexture = advancedTexture; // Container this.container = new BABYLON.GUI.Container(); this.container.width = this.width; this.container.verticalAlignment = BABYLON.GUI.Control.VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT_TOP; this.container.isHitTestVisible = false; // Primary button this.button = BABYLON.GUI.Button.CreateSimpleButton(null, "Please Select"); this.button.height = this.height; this.button.background = this.background; this.button.color = this.color; this.button.verticalAlignment = BABYLON.GUI.Control.VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT_TOP; // Options panel this.options = new BABYLON.GUI.StackPanel(); this.options.verticalAlignment = BABYLON.GUI.Control.VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT_TOP; = this.height; this.options.isVisible = false; this.options.isVertical = true; var _this = this; this.button.onPointerUpObservable.add(function() { _this.options.isVisible = !_this.options.isVisible; }); //custom hack to make dropdown visible; this.container.onPointerEnterObservable.add(function(){ _this.container.zIndex = 555; //some big value }); this.container.onPointerOutObservable.add(function(){ _this.container.zIndex = 0; //back to original }); // add controls this.advancedTexture.addControl(this.container); this.container.addControl(this.button); this.container.addControl(this.options); // Selection this.selected = null; this.selectedValue = null; } Object.defineProperty(Dropdown.prototype, 'top', { get: function() { return; }, set : function(value) { = value; }, enumerable: true, configurable: true }); Object.defineProperty(Dropdown.prototype, 'left', { get: function() { return this.container.left; }, set : function(value) { this.container.left = value; }, enumerable: true, configurable: true }); Dropdown.prototype.addOption = function(value, text, color, background){ var _this = this; var button = BABYLON.GUI.Button.CreateSimpleButton(text, text); button.height = _this.height; button.paddingTop = "-1px"; button.background = background || _this.background; button.color = color || _this.color; button.onPointerUpObservable.add(function() { _this.options.isVisible = false; _this.button.children[0].text = text; _this.selected = button; _this.selectedValue = value; }); this.options.addControl(button); }; return Dropdown; }());
  13. aWeirdo

    Babylonjs Fps capped at 60fps

    Capped by the browser /hardware refresh rate
  14. aWeirdo

    Drop down button

    Hi @ssaket Works well
  15. aWeirdo

    Drop down button

    Hi @Mekaboo Nothing complete yet as far as i know, but you can check this out: ( Click on the dropdown named "Correct" on scene, select "Option A" and it will send you to ) ( "Correct" dropdown on scene, is called "dropdownA" in code )