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  1. Hi @DylanD You just have to use percentage values and center alignments (assuming you want the image in the center, of course).
  2. aWeirdo

    Problem with Pointer Lock

    Yes, Win 10, 17134.48 FF, 60.0.1
  3. aWeirdo

    Problem with Pointer Lock

    @Deltakosh Doesn't work in latest FF for me, still no mousemove event with the combination of pointerlock + pointerdown + pointermove.. I suppose some kind of FF check could be used? If FF, use pointermove, else mousemove, only seems to be firefox which is acting up.. These kind of bugs are always sad to encounter..
  4. aWeirdo

    Problem with Pointer Lock

    Also happens (still FF) using engine.switchFullscreen(true); Looks like something is blocking the onMouseMove events in FF when pointerLocked & pointerDown, ( no console.logs ) "Bug" located; Appears un-related to Babylon ?. FF mousemove event isn't fired in the above scenario, but pointermove is. More notes; Isn't it just amazing how browser developers communicate and agree how things should work? no? yeah.. nope. FF will not do "mousemove" Chrome will not do "pointermove" Opera will not do "pointermove" Edge will do both.
  5. Hi @mfprogrammer Could you try and download google chrome on your ipad and see what happens? I don't know safari, but chrome has a "pause on caught exceptions" option, found under the "Sources" tab in the console.. Perhaps safari has a simular option.
  6. aWeirdo

    Good Game

    Hi, It gives a big fat pop-up and a "get me away from here" button; Further notes; Scan; Looks to be Domain related.. in some way. is blocked. (server ip) is not. False positive contact;
  7. aWeirdo

    Good Game

    Hi, It looks like Avast online security flags your website as a protential threat, might be worth looking into
  8. "Mesh.material.dispose()" or "Mesh.material = null" should do the trick.
  9. @alexoy Glad to hear it works! I rarely use the inspector i'm afraid, and i don't know any of it's coding, but i made a github issue about slowing down the update rate;
  10. @alexoy As this behaviour is not how alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh was designed to act, you have to overwrite a core function. The following will force layerMask to be respected. Please test performance in your project as i'm not sure how it will act with your freezing issues. Line 118 in PG; - if (mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh || mesh.isVisible && mesh.visibility > 0 && ((mesh.layerMask & this.activeCamera.layerMask) !== 0) && mesh.isInFrustum(this._frustumPlanes)) { + if ( (mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh && ((mesh.layerMask & this.activeCamera.layerMask) !== 0)) || mesh.isVisible && mesh.visibility > 0 && ((mesh.layerMask & this.activeCamera.layerMask) !== 0) && mesh.isInFrustum(this._frustumPlanes)) { Copy the whole function from PG, lines 52 -> 146 and load in your project after the Babylon.js core file. (3.2)
  11. aWeirdo

    Youtube video as a Source for Video Texture

    @Wingnut Regarding Ads, I guess that would be nice.. but you'd then have to pay to access everything else on the internet 😛 Imagine every website you visit being behind it's own paywall 😅 On-topic; It looks like they are creating a dummy-object (TransformNode) with position, rotation, etc, which is then translated to CSS on the html element & i imagine if its behind an object or out of camera view they make the html element invisible. I'm not sure how we would render smaller objects in-front on the video.. It'll never be true 3D without a videoTexture setup, which brings us back to the whole deal about avoiding youtube systems and accessing video sources, which is a legal &/ ethical issue. If you own(or have the rights to use) the video you want to display(which you should), you should also already have access to a source, so why use youtube? I think that is what i have to add to the whole youtube video subject.
  12. Hi @alexoy alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh means that the mesh is Always active, Thus the layerMask can't disable it from a viewport, and i believe the mesh isn't culled either when out of viewport. You shouldn't really need this unless a mesh should always be active (even when out of viewport / camera view), but if you do need them to always be active, yet respect camera layerMask, i suggest overwriting the culling logic with your own game logic. (find, copy & edit camera culling function(s) to follow your game's logic & re-load function(s) after the babylon.js core)
  13. aWeirdo

    Youtube video as a Source for Video Texture

    Without knowing more about what the different three.js functions, etc, are doing, i'd say it doesn't actually seem to be webGL. It looks like three.js is using CSS to project DOM elements to 3D space.
  14. aWeirdo

    rendering not the same on pc and mobile

    What mobile OS? What browser & browser version? Have you tried different browsers? Which? Also, some code would be nice
  15. aWeirdo

    Youtube video as a Source for Video Texture

    While i won't support the quest to display the source of youtube videos (by-passing youtube Ad systems, etc), Displaying the embedded youtube player like three.js has done sounds plausible enough.