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  1. @Pouet It has more to do with indices & vertices than size, a plane can easily be 5000x5000 units in size, and still render as quick as a plane which is 5x5. But if you then decide to sub-devide the plane 2500 times for extremely detailed height changes or whatever, you'll mostlikely end up with a crashed browser, whether it's 5000x5000 or 5x5 won't matter
  2. Hi @boyofgreen As long we're talking about a simple square, a bit of math can solve that right away;
  3. Hi @inteja I'm using node.js & :-)
  4. Early preview; (not live on demo) New game mode in development; Mob Swarms It's a team vs team battle, Kill mobs to spawn mobs at your enemy. Every 2'nd time a mob dies, it multiplies and 2 mobs spawns instead of one. The game mode is currently life based, every team gets 3 lives per player, once a team have spent their lives, dead players can no longer respawn, when the entire team is dead, the game is lost. Sorry for the low-quality
  5. that makes sense then, you would have to located the model in the sps mesh data then in order to achieve it, out of my league atleast
  6. @jerome I think there's something wrong with the SPS actually, it doesn't seem import the pivot of the shapes. that should correctly set pivot of right_arm, but it's still centered. @Nesh108 Here is a solution, allthough, without SPS. // I'll leave fixing the arm rotations to you
  7. This is because the pivot points of the meshes are in the center of each mesh. the easiest solution to this is to create a small parent box for each mesh and rotate the parent instead, like a bone joint.
  8. Hi @hunts Help us, help you. please copy&paste any console errors / warnings you're getting & if possible, create a Playground . cheers.
  9. Hi @Nesh108 i just shared my tiled ground function using the SPS, it should be rather forward to edit it to use boxes instead, or atleast you can see how to position the particles
  10. Hi all, Some weeks ago i needed to make a large tiled ground, i tried the build-in createTiledGround, but at "just" 50 x 50 tiles (2500), it starts to struggle a bit, even on a rather high-end PC. So using the SPS and a spritesheet, i created my own; It takes a second to load, but at 500 x 500 tiles, (yes, 250.000) it runs smoothly and with 59 / 60 fps on the same PC. tile indexing example, 5x5 (25) tiles; Cols_> 0 1 2 3 4 Rows_V 4 20 21 22 23 24 3 15 16 17 18 19 2 10 11 12 13 14 1 05 06 07 08 09 0 00 01 02 03 04 other important stuff should be commented in the PG. (50 x 50) (500 x 500) Feel free to use it Cheers.
  11. You're welcome for smoother movement you can use booleans instead together with (mouse / pointer)down & up events. e.g; while pointer is down on rorate_right_btn; scene.activeCamera.__rotate_Right = true; and in scene.registerBeforeRender, something like; if(scene.activeCamera.__rotate_Right) scene.activeCamera.alpha -= 0.05; (uses pointerdown, won't work with browsers that only support mousedown)
  12. Hi @Jack Morris For mesh targeting with arcRotate, simply do; camera.setTarget(targetMesh); to manipulate the camera alpha & beta values via DOM elements; Here's a simple PG;
  13. Thank you all & bump for update to demo coming online in ~30 mins. Update 14-03-2017; Enabled the third unit, a spearman. New game mode; FFA (Free For All) FFA; -Queue; Attempts to find an existing game which isn't full, if unable, it will create a new game and instantly join the player, effectively removing queue time. (Future updates will include AI mobs & actual map content) -Up to 25 players per game. -Guests can now only play FFA,
  14. @BeanstalkBlue It works perfectly fine, you're just doing it wrong You were only running the translation once per keyup, instead, you should run it continiously while the key is being pressed and stop when it isn't.