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  1. done
  2. @Deltakosh True, it could interfere with onPointerUp functions, Perhaps if a boolean was added on pointerDown? It could be set true on canvas pointerDown and pointerUp would then only run if the boolean is true + reset boolean to false. That way pointerUp's outside the canvas would only run if the pointerDown happend inside the canvas element.. I hope that makes sense, but just a thought though. Edit: I just saw that BJS 3 has such a boolean, "scene._isButtonPressed" Right now onPointerUp just resets it to false, can you think of any instances where adding a "if false return" check to the _onPointerUp function would be bad? if(!_this._isButtonPressed) return; This should allow setting the pointerUp as a window event with minimal impact.. such an annoying FF bug though
  3. @Wingnut is correct A solution could be to check the pointerup event globally, on the window or document. Example; Using the mouseout event on the canvas is also possible, but could result in a very interruptive experience for the end-user. imagine panning the camera and the mouse very briefly exits then returns to the canvas without any actual input changes made, mouse inputs are still reset by mouseout event, and the end-user now has to release and re-click his mouse to continue panning.
  4. How layermasks are supposed to work?

    Hi @Ridge Batty Something seems odd when setting the light's layerMask first, When the light is checking the masks, these values comes out; light's "internal" layerMask = 536870912 ( 0x20000000 ) Mesh's "internal" layerMask = 268435455 ( 0x10000000 ), Both meshes displays the number for 0x1 , even through one of them actually has 0x2. moving the line setting light's include layermask down below the meshes creation, seems to fix it. Error can be seen here in console; Working sample; ( "light.includeOnlyWithLayerMask" moved to line #37)
  5. Billboarding... How to actually use it

    if you're using billboardMode all & just a simple texture/image, you could also use a sprite.
  6. Hi @Wartorle where are you exporting the models from? There are a lot of places a setup like this can go wrong. Make sure the skeletons/bones used are the exact same, as in; pre-export, all models should be skinned to the same skeleton/bones. when exporting, make sure everything is exported in the same pose as Deltakosh also said, e.g; have a t-pose at frame 0 then export the secondary hands with only frame 0 & the "export only selected" option (select hands & all bones the hands uses), if you're using 3ds max, it should automaticly avoid exporting bones the hands are not skinned to. you can then load your animations and export the main body in the same manner (keep t-pose at frame 0). if you do the above steps and it doesn't work out of the box, feel free to ping me, i believe i have some code hidden away somewhere that will work in the above situation (non-animated mesh's skeleton should only contain bones the mesh is skinned to).
  7. Hi, I'm not sure where the issue originates, but i'm seeing some odd stripes, like the sprite uv's are getting cropped. 3.0 (working normal) 3.1 (cropped edges?)
  8. Hi @thrice Drawcalls have a big impact, especially if you're also targeting mobile / tablet / low-end laptops etc Texture wise, it would be optimal to only have one, e.g a spritesheet/texture atlas to really knock away some drawcalls. Geometry wise, using fewer and simpler models and instancing >(or) cloning where possible.
  9. 2.5D game like Don't starve

    I can't think of a reason why not, sprites have excellent performance
  10. 3DsMax: Option for multi-animation.
  11. GUI - no pointer events

    @royibernthal the control seems to stay active after making the object invisible again, removeControl fixes it as shown in the PG below, but i bet Deltakosh would want to automate it with visiblity changes anyway
  12. Blank Screen

    Hi @Borislav In your header you are loading babylon.js from the babylonjs website, this link have been "de-activated" i suggest you download the script(s) and host them on your web server to avoid such errors in the future sometimes structure changes are made, files are moved around, etc. right-click each of the following & click "save link as". HandJs; CannonJs; BabylonJs; (version 2.5) (version 3.0-Beta) release/babylon.js you can remove the oimo reference from your header as it appears you're using cannon, they are both physics plugins, but you only need one