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    jiggle object.x position

    hey guys, I have a bottom-top game where I have the player navigating through objects. However, I am wondering if it is possible to have the game make minor changes to the x coordinate as opposed to me setting the object to specific coordinates? if you guys could provide any help that would be much appreciated!
  3. jacrunner

    Off Camera items,

    hey guys, so I have been using phaser for a few weeks now. In my game, I have my camera following my character as the progress through a bottom-top level. what I have been trying to do is, have any objects that the player by passes and if the object falls out of camera view, I would like to destroy the object and respawn it higher in the level. I have found a few other posts about this but from the suggestions there, I have not been able to make it work. so far my code for the objects is as follows:- var rPipe = platforms.create(480, 220,'rightpipe'); rPipe.checkWorldBounds=true; rPipe.body.immovable = true; if (rPipe.y > game.camera.y){ rPipe.kill(); } var lPipe = platforms.create(0, 104,'leftpipe'); lPipe.body.immovable = true;As you can see, I have the rPipe checking that it's own position every frame, however if it was to have a greater Y position than the game camera plus the stage height then I would destroy it. Any help would be appreciated and if you need to see more of my code then let me know.