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  1. it doesnt work. there is a redirect...
  2. Marius

    ChopChop - fresh game is here

    w-why is there an empty space with writte "Your Logo"... ? XD
  3. Marius

    1000 Cookies

    wow. great! it's perfect! Did you made also an app?
  4. Marius

    [Phaser] Woodventure

    at frist time it's not so user friendly. But when you know how to play... it's funny!
  5. Marius

    Get It Filled 2

    it looks simply and nice!
  6. Marius - another io game about ship fleets

    my 2 cent: when you can buy a new ship... buy it automatically (no Press 1 requiered). So it will be playable also on mobile easily.
  7. Marius

    [WIP] Drift Team

    yes. I noted. But... Can I play also against my friends in real time?
  8. Marius - another io game about ship fleets

    wow. great effects and amazing animations! You have only to find more players
  9. good idea. but make it responsive and improve the assets. do you need an hand?
  10. Marius

    [WIP] - multiplayer shooter - Box2D

    oh! very nice. But replace the assets! Do you need help?
  11. Marius

    Grid physics plugin for Phaser 3

    funny. but I don't udestand how to play... and the autofocus doesn't work so good...
  12. Marius

    [WIP] Drift Team

    are the other players real or bots/IA ?
  13. Marius

    Big Bubble Pop

    No sounds on my browser (chrome)
  14. Marius


  15. Marius

    Tap 'n Dash - Reflex Game

    wow. the arts are great!