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  1. I guess adding AlphaFilter forces the main scene to render to texture? FWIW the Construct engine automatically enables that if any background blending shaders are in use, might make sense for Pixi as well since it eliminates that slow path.
  2. Ah, thanks. Looks like the relevant code is in Surprised to see a readPixels in there, doesn't that kill the performance? :-S
  3. Does Pixi.js support shaders which can sample from the background and use custom fragment shader code to blend? For example, implementing a Screen blend in a fragment shader. It's a tricky problem and I'd be interested in the implementation details if Pixi supports this, but I haven't been able to find anything on this so far.
  4. I noticed with Construct 2 that patterns (i.e. repeating images) in canvas2d is *super* slow on iOS. Doing the same in WebGL mode is perfectly fast though. Looks like your game defaults to canvas2d (going by the console log) - I don't know why anyone would do that these days, WebGL is literally up to 10x faster.
  5. For the record, this is a legit iOS audio bug and we found a workaround. Details in the report filed with Apple:
  6. I can't seem to log in any more with my old account (AshleyScirra). I logged in via Twitter, and now if I log in via Twitter it says "complete your registration with a display name and email address", then tells me the ones I use are already in use Running from a new account now... Also, pretty brave to upgrade forum software, I've never known that to go smoothly for anyone!