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  1. Sure !
  2. @Nockawa Thx for your help. By Wiki I thought about editing online (cms with validating process after).
  3. Interesting debate, I think I understand both sides : Some users say it would be easier with more documentation. Yea, for example the raycast thing with predicate, it is not explained in the doc and there is no tutorial for that. I had to look on the forum. It is not difficult but it is the second process normally. We could improve that by completing the documentation or tutorials with important posts of this forum or our contribution to make it official. Some contributors's priority is not so much documentation. And they are not passionated by writing tutorials, easy to understand. They prefer to code. And they may have a different point of view, for them matrix (for example) is an easy thing so they don't understand how much beginners can be stucked. BJS is already good documented and beginner friendly (more than three.js) so I'm happy and very grateful for that. But it could always be better (nothing is perfect). So we could together help to improve the documentation. I want to add this tutorial page about raycast but I have to learn how to contribute to documentation with Git (i learned) and Grunt (i didnt have yet). We could create a wiki to make it easier to contribute ? But for some tools, only the contributor can help because nobody else knows how to use. Who else can know better its tool when its an advanced one ? BJS is like a bunch of tools. You have to choose the right ones and assembly it like a puzzle to make your game. Do we guide the user ? With my modest Babcity, I will try to find a way to resolve a puzzle.
  4. Haha you've been George Michaeled
  5. BJS is moving fast !
  6. Interesting. So you add the roof as a different mesh, connected to the rest of the house, that can become transparent ? Or there is an other way ? There are multiple floors ?
  7. Thx for the links, @Dad72 Je connais cette chaƮne qui est bien cool, j'aime aussi le Fond de l'affaire sur les anecdotes.
  8. What will be the possible features included in your game editor ?
  9. Diificult for me to concentrate with that
  10. It's only for germans, no The topic is here : And yeah this cute Diablo looks promising !
  11. Gentlemen, I did some work and with the help of Pryme8, here is the jump feature : He proposed to use a physic engine (CannonJS). But for the moment, I prefer to keep moveWithCollision if its enough, because of performance and easy coding. Other ways to deal with collisions : intersectsMesh or raycast and move in the opposite direction of walk (dirty ?) I'm ok with this new jump feature but maybe you know a better way. (need to create the jumping animation but this is only graphic stuff). ------------------- In fact I have some questions relative to moveWithCollision (native collision system) : - Can we implement an event with moveWithCollision to see if the man touches other meshes (and a isGrounded parameter) ? To check if a platform is below the man to set grounded to true (jumping function). I coded a working trick : compare the y position of the man in time (dirty ? and not accurate with heightfield) The comparison has a little delta of 0.2 because when the man is a little upside when he walks. And to pick up items, open doors etc, it can be useful. We can use intersectsMesh also but maybe it's better to use only one function regarding performance. edit : I have to try with onCollide - Is it possible to implement a debug function to draw the ellipsoid ? update : I configured the ellipsoid of the man at line 180 and 181 and now it works. The man doesn't go through the floating platform. ------------- Thank you guys !
  12. @Pryme8 It would be great
  13. So unfair ! I think you already know but I post in case of : The best lessons online i think. At the beginning it can seem messy (the books explain slowly that). made by Bourry An example : Frinlet It's a game made by a cool guy in WebGL. We could see him code : And then a difficult suggestion : Maybe you can ask someone to buy for you and send the book if you pay him via paypal. (or download)
  14. Welcome to the jungle !