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  1. Can we have a t-shirt even if we finish 2nd ?
  2. Maybe WebGL 3 will evolve inspired by Vulkan : No WebVulkan because of Apple but WebGL is ok.
  3. I'm happy to see that my tutorial about raycasts is now online, thx to Deltakosh and RaananW : So now the questions about that on the forum will be lighten and people can have directly the answers on the Documentation. _____ I have some other ideas for improving existing tutorials. I don't know if I'll do it or someone else : - Collision system : precisions on ellipsoid dimensions, talk about oncollide (new features to add : draw ellipsoid, onGrounded variable and slope factor maybe) - Animating bones : talking about the new features of 2.5 rotating bones, blending, playing animation only on certain bones (new features to add : importing multiples animation from different action and timeline in Blender ?)
  4. This is a big work.
  5. so... ?
  6. This is low level, sound shader.
  7. You're welcome, I'm happy to contribute ! When the result will be online ?
  8. We can't send private message to you @Deltakosh anymore. My raycast tutorial is ready. I tried to update the index of tutorials as you said. But i dont know why the checks after the pull request have failed ? (I don't have access to the netlify log.)
  9. This is badass !
  10. Hello ! Use this function : function mousemovef(){ var pickResult = scene.pick(scene.pointerX, scene.pointerY); if (pickResult.hit) { var diffX = pickResult.pickedPoint.x - box.position.x; var diffY = pickResult.pickedPoint.z - box.position.z; box.rotation.y = Math.atan2(diffX,diffY); } } This is trigonometry (arctangeant2). This will be soon in the tutorials.
  11. It would be cool if there is a button link to Babylon.js main site in the Documentation's menu. When we click on Babylon.js on the top left corner. And DOCUMENTATION links to the main page of the documentation. In fact separate this one links into two.
  12. The characters look like guys in latex suits escaped from a sadomasochist dungeon. Just kidding, thats cool
  13. Sure ! edit : Finally I found the edit online button on github lol. No need to use softwares.
  14. @Nockawa Thx for your help. By Wiki I thought about editing online (cms with validating process after).
  15. Interesting debate, I think I understand both sides : Some users say it would be easier with more documentation. Yea, for example the raycast thing with predicate, it is not explained in the doc and there is no tutorial for that. I had to look on the forum. It is not difficult but it is the second process normally. We could improve that by completing the documentation or tutorials with important posts of this forum or our contribution to make it official. Some contributors's priority is not so much documentation. And they are not passionated by writing tutorials, easy to understand. They prefer to code. And they may have a different point of view, for them matrix (for example) is an easy thing so they don't understand how much beginners can be stucked. BJS is already good documented and beginner friendly (more than three.js) so I'm happy and very grateful for that. But it could always be better (nothing is perfect). So we could together help to improve the documentation. I want to add this tutorial page about raycast but I have to learn how to contribute to documentation with Git (i learned) and Grunt (i didnt have yet). We could create a wiki to make it easier to contribute ? But for some tools, only the contributor can help because nobody else knows how to use. Who else can know better its tool when its an advanced one ? BJS is like a bunch of tools. You have to choose the right ones and assembly it like a puzzle to make your game. Do we guide the user ? With my modest Babcity, I will try to find a way to resolve a puzzle.