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  1. Hi @JCPalmer, Thanks for a thorough explanation. I am very interested in trying out your workflow. I am very new to this and want to be sure that I follow your steps exactly. Do I export to .mhx from MakeHuman? Do I need to prep the model in MakeHuman prior to exporting besides what you indicated to make it web friendly? Is it possible to have a video walk-through of your workflow? I am not sure where BEING comes from? I don't know what I need to have installed as dependencies to both Blender and MakeHuman. Finally, with the 10 expressions you mentioned, is it possible to represent most of the phonemes for speech programmatically? Thanks again for all of your help. I am super excited that what I am trying to do is achievable. I really appreciate it, Matt
  2. @gryff, Great! Sounds like I am going down the right path. Can't wait to take it further. Thanks again, Matt
  3. @gryff: I am using the Game engine rig when I export from MakeHuman and I am using the .mhx2 format. I get 9 fps when I test in the BabylonJS Sandbox. I am looking forward to what @JCPalmer is working on and learning more how to produce the same thing. I am in the US on the West coast. Thanks again for your quick response, Matt
  4. @gryff, Thanks for your response. I am using BE 4.6.1 and Blender 2.76. I am sure that it is in the process of exporting from MakeHuman to Blender and all the selections that is make the file so large as well as the frame rate to only 9 fps. I am testing it in the SandBox on the BabylonJS site. I am really trying to do something like the following link that I played with in ThreeJS but I would much rather use BabylonJS. Here is a link to what I am playing with: I would love to do the same as this in BabylonJS and get a solid workflow with Blender and facial expressions. Thanks, Matt
  5. Gryff, I am trying to do something similar by creating a model using MakeHuman and then exporting to Blender. I can see the viseme in Blender and they seem to work. What I would like to do is export the model from Blender to BabylonJS and have a good FPS and also trigger individual viseme expression from BabylonJS. Is this possible? I am able to export the model from Blender to BabylonJS but I am only getting 9 fps right now. Also, I believe I read somewhere else that shape keys are not supported. If you have any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for your replies. Is there somewhere I can go to find out how to create this frustum? Also, as @Wingnut indicated, I am going to want to know where in the frustum this is happening. @jerome if I understand you correctly, I would simply create 4 rays from the front center of the plane and have two rays expand outward toward the top and two outward toward the bottom to make the pyramid, right? Also, will the 4 rays also track something that is in the middle but not touching each of the four? How will that work? Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated. @wingnut my boys have been making all kinds of planes for me using MagicaVoxel. I simply take them into Blender and animate the propeller(s) as well as add spawn points for the guns.
  7. Hi everybody, I have another question for the brain trust. I am working on a plane game. I am able to control my plane perfectly fine and I have replicated the plane class to create enemy planes. The question I have is what is the best way to efficiently create a simple AI system for the enemy planes? Here is what I was thinking: I attached a screen shot of a plane with some lines to demonstrate what I was thinking. There would actually be 9 lines total but I am showing on 3 lines. If I detect an "obstacle" mesh via the right rays, then I would have the plane move left and conversely for the opposite. If I detect an "player" mesh on any of the rays, then I would rotate and fly towards the plane. I have played with simple line meshes to do the same thing but I was worried it could be less efficient if I had a large collection of obstacles and players objects to loop through to detect a collision. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi Deltakosh, That was exactly what I needed! Thanks so much for the information, Matt
  9. Hi everybody, I have a quick question. I am creating some models in Blender. I have created some empty objects in my model to represent spawn points when the game is playing. I am loading the export from Blender using the AssetManager. I grab my asset and then find my main mesh and assign all other meshes' parent to my main mesh. When I run the game in debug mode, I can see the labels of my mesh parts and the whole model moves correctly. However, when I try to use one of the spawn points, left_gun, they always spawn from where my object originally was created. I would have thought since I can see the spawn points attached to my main object correctly that their position would be updating and moving according to the parent. I tried to grab the parent's position and offset it by the left_gun position but it was still off. It became even worse whenever I rotated the parent object. I am sure this is a simple fix but I am trying to get this simple spawn point mechanism to work so that I can accurately represent bullets/rockets/etc. Thanks in advanced, Matt
  10. Hi Dad72, Understood. I have adjusted the PDF version to indicate you as the author. I completely missed that yesterday. I will keep it only for myself and again, I really appreciate all your hard work! Best regards, Matt
  11. For any of you that is interested, I used Google Translate and created a document from the site. I had to do quite a bit of formatting due to grabbing this from the web but I thought others might enjoy reading it more as a PDF. Thanks again Dad72 for putting such great work in this. Attached is the English version. Also, I hope you don't mind me creating this.
  12. I added some comments but I figured out how to translate the pages that I put the comments. Thanks again for writing this up!
  13. This is awesome. I have been going through it translated to English and it works pretty good for the most part. There are pages that don't get translated because you do not have top level text and simply have links. If you could put text at the top level then they could be translated as well. Thanks again for all this hard work!
  14. Hi, I am curious if anyone has used the GamePad to do any type of menu navigation? I would like to be able to support the menu fully with the GamePad just curious if anyone else has done this and has some tips. I am currently using DOM elements for my menu but I am happy to do whatever works best for BabylonJS. Thanks, Matt