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  1. @mr_pinc you can use the ManipulationHelpers extension hosted here: It's a simple script to add and just follow the instructions from the project's homepage, you should be able to move/rotate mesh pretty easily if that's your goal. Concerning scale, it's not so hard to add, it's the same internal mechanics as the translation but you apply the changes to scale instead. I currently don't have the time to do it, sorry, but I'm sure that many people will be able to.
  2. @AlbertTJames thanks, I have indeed a lot of things to deal with recently...But I won't give up. Could you do what DeltaKosh asked you, because the other guys are going to help me on solving this and we need all the clues we can get. Thanks
  3. @AlbertTJames is the img perfect now? because the one I looked was perfect to me? If it's perfect, then I acknowledge the issue, for some reason there's something I can't get right and to be honest it drives me crazy because no matter how hard I try there's always something that doesn't work as expected. I found a way to fix your particular issue, but it fucked up another case and I can't find a way to make both work. There are internal debugging tools under development and with the help of other I hope I'll be able to fix it, but as of today, I won't go further on it alone: it's a dead end, sorry.
  4. @AlbertTJames after discussing with @Deltakosh I'm going to proceed differently and hopefully the issue will be finally solved! I'll let you know.
  5. @renjianfeng you do not want to use the 2.5 version, it's really less stable than the 3.0 Alpha. Please use the babylon.js and babylon.canvas2d.js files from here as it's the ongoing 3.0 preview files and I've spent a lots of time to stabilize the version. Thanks
  6. hello @renjianfeng I'm back from holidays, I couldn't take a look sooner. I'm glad you found a workaround but I would still like to find the bug and fix it! Sadly, I don't understand what is special in your case to make this going bad. We have many people using Group2D with trackNode and there is no clipping issue so far. I know it's going to be difficult for you to explain, but can you do your best to explain what you are doing with the 3D scene objects and also with the Canvas2D nodes? The more code you share the better it will be. If you really have difficulties to write in English, post a very well explained message in Chinese, @MasterK will translate it to me, he owe me at least this!
  7. there was a (temporary) bug that I fixed before going on holidays, the latest preview should be fine
  8. this is an issue I've battled against many and many hours lately. TL;DR: make sure you're HTMLCanvas width/height and CSS' width/height are the same (if you set the CSS to 100% in some browsers it won't be the same!). It should fix the issue. There's nothing (that I'm aware of, so, yes, maybe there is) that I can do, because I use the Engine.getRenderingWidth/Height methods to computes the matrix stuff, but they use the HTML value, if the CSS value are different, then I'm screwed. Maybe @Deltakosh can help on this, because up to this day, I'm powerless...
  9. This is clearly immutable so far, so you can't change it, unless if you're lucky (I won't explain the details). I've created an issue labeled as "enhancement" because it's not a bug to me, but I don't expect to do it anytime soon.
  10. Hello People, Sorry for the delay, I was on a two weeks roadtrip visiting a small part of @Wingnut's country (mostly west coast national parks) and I didn't have 1 minute for me the whole time! @MacSkelly can you please confirm or try with the latest preview of bjs and c2d that you will find here and tell me if you still have the issue... Look like you're in a case where the node's not ready and my code is assuming it is! Thanks
  11. Hi I've created a GitHub issue for you I'm on holiday right now but I'll check as soon as I can.
  12. Well, apparently if you don't use alignment and animate scale of the rect things get bugged.... I've just created a new issue I'll take a look after I've coded the Clip feature that I started few minutes ago (the area crop you talk about).
  13. I forgot to mention that this should be fixed right now.
  14. @sable a big thank you! Thanks to you I could finally fix this bug! YEY! @MasterK @Raitch and other will finally be happy! a non crashing renderer will please people for sure! I've update the preview of C2D and the PG is also updated!