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  1. Dear all Now I am trying to include ninja physics in my phaser build, I tried putting the custom build in the build files and then requiring it in webpack.config file instead of requiring the original phaser build, but that didn't work, so how can I use custom phaser build with webpack ? Thanks in advance <3.
  2. FrankenStein

    How was the namespace Phaser made globally in the source code ?

    @mattstyles @drhayes Thanks a lot, that helped me a lot
  3. Hello ! I really want to read the source code of phaser, but I am not that professional. the namespace Phaser is declared inside a function, so I am wondering how we can access it outside it ? (function(){ var Phaser = Phaser || {}; }).call(this); Phaser.something = 5; //Reference error, Phaser is not declared what things I ca learn to read the source code perfectly and have this awesome experience ?
  4. FrankenStein

    Cave procedural generation

    I've seen it, the problem is that the canvas is hidden after it loads, i tried 3 web browser, proxy and everything, and it didn't work
  5. FrankenStein

    Cave procedural generation

    Hello all, I have been searching for 3 hours on how to generate levels like spelunky's. I could find tutorials for dungeons but not like spleunky's sorry but i am a very beginner.