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  1. Nagval333


    Hi everyone :) I added a top-10 leaderboard via Firebase, and improve some small bugs
  2. Nagval333

    [Phaser2] Super Combat Squadron Public Alpha Test

    Great visual and cool gameplay, excellent work! I tried three times and three times failed 🤣
  3. Are you using some minimax family algo or it's just a pattern of winning game moves?
  4. One of the coolest little game I played lately 😄
  5. Nice implementation, but the zoom effect is too frequent, my eyes get tired after few drops 😭
  6. Nagval333

    [Phaser] Avengers Tactics

    The same issue, the game don't load (tried in Firefox and Chrome)
  7. Nagval333


    Some implementation of known logic. I have to fix sounds, maybe change some levels etc but overall this little puzzle is pretty playable Made by Construct 2 and Inkscape PLAY IN BROWSER:
  8. Nagval333

    [Phaser] Soccer Champ

    Extremely funny little game! 😆
  9. Nagval333

    Multiplayer typing game

    wow, this is a pretty great and addicting game, despite I hate typing 😁
  10. Nagval333

    Get It Filled 2

    liked minimalist & neat game view
  11. Nagval333

    Google play problem

    Very strange, all my games have a "more games" button in addition I saw many games on Google Play with that button (maybe most of the games have it). And I never heard about that problem, what kind of Icon/image do you use and what exactly Google wrote you...
  12. Nagval333

    Tic-Tac-Toe Deluxe

    Nice. But in the Classic Mode (3x3 PvC) PC can be easily beaten, especially if the player start first What the algorithm did you use?
  13. Nagval333

    Tile Remover - remove tiles by a falling tile

    Remind me some kind of hybrid between tetris and reversed Bubble Shooter
  14. Nagval333

    Diamond Defense

    like it, nice game!
  15. Nagval333

    [Phaser] Brick Break

    Fun and addictive