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  1. Someone know what is happening with (former WantedGames) now? Their site has changed, the developer console page is not existed anymore?
  2. 🌎Updated and extended version of my old geography quiz. Changed graphics and GUI, added two new game modes, new language support and GP Leaderboard. πŸŽ“The game made with Construct2, the graphics by Inkscape (except the icon set of the world's famous landmarks purchased on graphicriver and some sounds bought on audiojungle). The apk built via Cordova CLI. Play in WEB: ⚑⚑⚑TRY IT ON GOOGLE PLAY:
  3. Ok, It's was fast. The app support wrote to that "guy" about my complaint and give him possibility to confirm his rights for an app or remove it (at the same time they encourage the both parties dispute directly with one another to resolve the claim). Anyway, the "guy" wrote me that "he's sorry" and removed the app 😎 P.S In the end I decided to complaint to Chrome Web Store too, and 10 days after they replied me that a game will be removed.
  4. Really liked this kinda isometric view and camera movement, looks very unusual. But are there other players in the game, I feel alone?
  5. Hi and thanks for the replies. I'm really not trying to make big deal from this, it's even a funny story. This is a little game and what this "publisher_guy" 😁 thought? It's ok, the game is uploaded to a few big game portals and from there it (I hope legally) shared to others. At least in 90% cases legally, few times some game portals just put iframe to their site with ads free version of games I used for forums etc) I think this "guy" just ripped game from one of this portals (I'm pretty sure that none of big portals is not involved on it) I know it, and honestly I do nothing about it, even a basic Construct 2 minifying the script procedure. I just thought that these little games is just not profitable to hack/steal.... and that guy he spent annual's 100$ fee only for put one stolen game 😝
  6. Hi dudes. Few months ago I made a small game, a quick-shot duel with upgrading elements "Sicario Kid" sicario-kid post And now (few days ago) I found my game on an appstore under other "publisher" who was never contacted with me and of course have no rights for a game. This app store version is a kind of iframe app that working only with Internet connection (the "publisher" only disabled Leaderboard function originally is existed in a game). Moreover you can easily see on a loading screen the "made by 7thReactor" message, and the app version etc. Yesterday I wrote a complaint to App Store support... Waiting for a solution. P.S Really, I don't understand why this guy "the publisher" made it. The apps looks without any monetization and the guy have only one game - my game (for this moment). So what the purpose?
  7. Firefox as well as Chrome both have some strange layout sizing problem .... This is a screen I stuck after loading complete (buttons/clicking doesn't work) Oh i'm sorry i didn't notice this...
  8. How its helps to answer the thread question, except promoting your site? πŸ˜•
  9. I have a logic game made by C2, Inkscape, and the apk made by "Smart Numbers" It's a clone of known 2048 game (with some changes) and it was on a Google Play for a long time. Yesterday I get mail from GP and they told me that after a recent review the game has been removed from GP market, due to a policy violation. One (or maybe only one) of the reasons is the app's full description mentions other apps: 2048. And it's right, my fault, I just wrote on description that the game is variation of 2048. But there is a tons of 2048 clones games, that even not hide it and have 2048 in description and even title , and even from biggest companies like Ketchapp etc.... If you type 2048 in GP search you will find a plenty of these clones.... So why they decide to remove exactly my game???? I really sad about it, the main dilemma is what to do, remove the mention 2048 from description and resubmit, or mail to their policy support team and ask about all this issue. Guys If you have some experience with this kind of issues or some thoughts I will glad to hear πŸ˜•
  10. Ha, ha 🀣 I spent about half hour to beat these two little games! Rreally enjoyed.
  11. Nice, are you using some minimax algo for Tic Tac Toe game, or just some game patterns... The game's AI is pretty weak.
  12. Liked! It's sooooo retro! 😁 But for some reason even on rookie difficulty I can't beat the CPU 😁
  13. Very cool little game! 😁
  14. Hi b10b. You right after first upgrading the game become more easy. Maybe I will little-bit change the difficulty on high levels. One of the problems is that difficulty may vary from device to device, so I tried somehow to to balance it. About finger placement like previous, it's depend on device, on PC, tablets and iPad there is no such problem I guess, on not so big displays yes it's not very comfortable Hi mattstyles. Options to make permanent upgrading is pretty interesting (so player will always start with upgraded number of lives). In that case I have to make some changes in heart prices and maybe in other aspects.
  15. SICARIO KID -You are the sicario kid in the cruel world of money and blood. Kill as many as possible, upgrade your gear, customize your look, raise your rank, make your way to the top of cartel 🀣Ok this is just a simple quick-shot duel with some upgrading elements etc. Made by C2 and Inkscape (SFX from audiojungle). How to play: Don't shoot until you see "FIRE!" command appear, Ignore any other commands. Touch the screen or click on the mouse to shoot. So, you want to be a Sicario, kid? P.S Dedicated to Isabel Reyes