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  1. 🦉 Unique and smart animal puzzle, not just a regular sliding or jigsaw game. Nice collection of different wild animals with easy one finger control and beautiful vivid graphics 🦉 Hi guys, there is my new puzzle game. As usual made by Construct 2 , GUI and great animals collection from graphicriver, music from audiojungle, and little bit graphics by me by Inkscape Play in Browser (The WEB version a bit shorter than android and it's take some time for images to upload But in an android version the game starts pretty fast) : Google Play : 🦉 So I would like to hear your feedback and If you like it ❤ please rate ===================================================================
  2. Now there is a color gradient change for all tower blocks
  3. One of the zombies stuck in the bush and can't exit, as well, I can't kill him (he stuck in eternal looping animation of turning)
  4. Very funny and very dynamic little game
  5. Very useful. Thanks for sharing!
  6. -= Hero vs Square =- One of my old little game, kind a variation of classic Stick Hero series Pretty good performance on all browsers Built by Construct2 & Inkscape PLAY ONLINE HTML5: Play Market:
  7. In my case is not so profitable. But my games is pretty simple etc And it's strong competition on android markets you have to make real cute & interesting games and advertise your projects in some ways
  8. I think there are many different bugs in the game, especially with physics/bounces. For example in a 4 level the capitan is bouncing-jumping by itself, and sometimes just disappearing from the screen (bouncing out of the layout)
  9. hi samid737 and thanks. I think all the games made by C2 in some way optimized for mobile browsers. About iOS version, in the near future I don't plan it (honestly I don't even have a MacBook or any other iOS device )
  10. -= Elevator Space =- Elevator Space - a small casual game with a simple mechanics where you have to build the highest elevator on Earth Built by Construct2 & Inkscape PLAY ONLINE: Play Market:
  11. So polished and so cute
  12. 2d game

    ha ha 8 kills! Very funny little game!
  13. I just finished. Nice Idea with finding the Ship.
  14. You right. BTW message log scroll is working only when the mouse appear. For now I get lost in these catacombs/corridors and portals of c8-f0 complex... Before I visited ruins comlpex, I found some Xeno artifact, two plasma drive cores and Xeno translatore chip And two terminals 100 and 110... Ok, doesn't matter, I found disc and get new coordinates. P.S I think the Use/Interact button will more comfortably at "Q" instead "P"
  15. It's one of the my loved project here. But the controls make me crazy... The control of vehicles is strange and inconvenient for me. The big problem is the sharp turns that I can't perform. The cursor is going from one to the other edge of the monitor, but the angle is not enough to perform proper turn, sometime is so FAR from the target. Even without vehicles the control is creepy