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  1. Nagval333

    Be Careful with GameDistribution

    !!!!! I have been hacked too!!!! The payment details have changed to some china address, and now (like you described above) I can't change it back!!!!!!! I wrote them email with screens of the changed payment details etc, butt I'm pretty sure they will not answer soon..... P.s I just changed my billing address few days ago and everything was fine , so the problem is recent.
  2. Ha, ha it's pretty fun idea πŸ˜„, but why to limit the time randomly, why not to change time limit according to level progress etc
  3. Nagval333

    Monetising HTML5 games

    So the Alexander from CrazeGames answered to me two hours after my mail (respectπŸ‘). I have asked him if I can publish my game on the other portals day after it was published and released on CrazyGame? (with accepted monetization) And he responded positively: "Well, you can upload your games the day after they have been published on the CrazyGames if you didn't opt in for the 2 months exclusive. Please note that it has to be published on CrazyGames. Meaning that it has appeared on"
  4. Nagval333

    Monetising HTML5 games

    There is a bit confusing about CrazyGames portal. I have a few games part of them are published, another still not. And I'm not sure about publishing or not on CrazyGames... One of their prime conditions for monetization is: "(a)The Game has not been published on any other online platform". The other their conditions is: "(c) 30%, if additionally, the game is exclusively available on CrazyGames for 2 months" But these two months is only for additional 30%.... Ok, so it's mean that I can publish my game on their site and day (or even hour etc) later I permitted to publish anywhere and only loose an extra 30%??? Is there any given minimum period... Maybe I have missed something...πŸ˜‘ P.S Anyway I have sent them an email...
  5. Nagval333

    [WIP] Left 4 Dead remake

    After you choose your pers, the game loading take some time and there is no progress bar etc just a black screen It's make player think like game doesn't load... The gameplay is fun, I think the sound effects and music themes picked perfectly. I have stuck in some strange place (maybe I died but there is no message or etc img below) Like a kiklop133 said "AI of fellows is quite nice" But sometimes they try to shoot through the walls, but who knows maybe in their situation I will shit my pants and shoot in any direction πŸ˜‚
  6. Nagval333

    3D Labirynth

    Agree with jalex. Looks interesting, but the navigation is very annoying. Especially the turnings, its take too long to perform precise turn. And all these prolonged turns give me headacheπŸ˜ƒ
  7. Hey Prozi Last time you said that you will continue using them. For now you suggest not to deal with them? I just planned to upload more games on their portal... πŸ˜ͺ Maybe the payment decrease occur after them stop featuring games on some of categories... What about impressions/gameplay ratio etc?
  8. Nagval333

    [PIXI][WIP] Blocktris

    Nice, but I think there is no check for player lose... In my case the game stuck, but nothing indicate this.
  9. Nagval333


    Hi everyone I added a top-10 leaderboard via Firebase, and improve some small bugs
  10. Nagval333

    [Phaser2] Super Combat Squadron Public Alpha Test

    Great visual and cool gameplay, excellent work! I tried three times and three times failed 🀣
  11. Are you using some minimax family algo or it's just a pattern of winning game moves?
  12. One of the coolest little game I played lately πŸ˜„
  13. Nice implementation, but the zoom effect is too frequent, my eyes get tired after few drops 😭
  14. Nagval333

    [Phaser] Avengers Tactics

    The same issue, the game don't load (tried in Firefox and Chrome)
  15. Nagval333


    Some implementation of known logic. I have to fix sounds, maybe change some levels etc but overall this little puzzle is pretty playable Made by Construct 2 and Inkscape PLAY IN BROWSER: