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  1. sk-iv

    drag sprite following path

    how to calculate this?
  2. sk-iv

    drag sprite following path

    // This is the path var graphics =, 0); graphics.lineStyle(10, 0xffd900, 1); graphics.moveTo(495,207); graphics.bezierCurveTo(470,178,434,160,393,160); graphics.bezierCurveTo(319,160,259,220,259,294); graphics.bezierCurveTo(259,368,319,428,393,428); graphics.bezierCurveTo(434,428,470,410,495,382); // This is the handler, which should move along handler = game.add.sprite(495,207, 'handler'); handler.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); //Also enable sprite for drag handler.inputEnabled = true; handler.input.enableDrag();;
  3. sk-iv

    drag sprite following path

    Hello, it is possible to drag sprite following (constraint) path?
  4. Hi, it is possible to drag and offset the texture in Phaser.Rope along points?