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  1. Pryme8

    Cylinder edit vertices on top

    Ohhh I got you, I miss read the post! I am out of town at the moment, give me to this evening if I remember when I get to the hotel then I got you. This is actually really easy! You would use an updatable disc and a cylinder to accomplish this I would imagine.
  2. Pryme8

    Cylinder edit vertices on top

    I’m confused as to what the goal is. A ring that shows the height of the grain in be silo?
  3. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    Yes sir get at it at any point here I think there are still like 3+ weeks left.
  4. Pryme8

    Random Tiled

    Hmmm interesting, looks a lot like how I handled my texture randomisation for my Teriable Generator. Good job 👍🏻
  5. Pryme8

    registerOnPhysicsCollide With Any

    I already do that, basically with the mesh.body.registerOnPhysicsCollide(scene.getPhysicsEngine()._impostors, hit) but I have times where the imposters change quite often so the array from scene.getPhysicsEngine()._impostors is only be correct for a short period of time. I found a work around but figured it the collisions are firing through the engine when ever a any imposter touches that there should be a way to tie into that event.
  6. Pryme8

    registerOnPhysicsCollide With Any

    So how do I make the 'mesh.body.registerOnPhysicsCollide()' function work without providing an array or body for the function to fire in response to. Basically just like a global every time a physics body touches any other physics body do this method, there has to be one I just cant find it. like a physicsEngine.registerOnAnyCollide()
  7. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    Just make something that is inspired by something "retro". So something from the 60 through I guess the 80s now (damn I guess even the 90's are vintage these days), Just something that give that old school feel. Bonus Points if you document the process and then Ill be grading everyone on code structure, creativity, and execution, with everyone in the communities opinion having the most impact. Once the 30 days are done, time will be called and everyone will be asked to post a link to the docs and/or scene for their project within 24 hours of the 30th day from 9/21. So Oct 11-12th is submission dates. Don't pre-post links to it but give us teasers photos if possible. If you run into a problem recreate it in a PG and link us to in a new topic so the community can help out with any hurdles you may run into. I will post an official "start" tomorrow... but I mean nobody will judge you for starting now... so in case I am not around to announce it tomorrow. . . . START!
  8. Pryme8

    registerOnPhysicsCollide With Any

    Yes sir ^_^, but still dont have a truly Dynamic solution.
  9. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    Don't overwhelm yourself, just something fun and in your free time!
  10. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    I love it, and nice logo! So I figured if we have 3 people ready should we start everything next week? What it will consist of from the start date will be a 30 day development sprint to see what you can make in accordance to what was discussed above. Thinks like originality, documentation, and execution will be taking into consideration. A complete product is not needed for the entry, but something close to workable is encouraged. @QuintusHegie, @DylanD, @waverider, @babbleon Yall ready? Does Wednesday of this week sound like a good launch date?
  11. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    yes, yes, yes and yes.
  12. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    Nope, you can be as creative as you want to be. I define game very loosely.
  13. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    I think the consensus is remake of a retro game. so we got two takers cool, if we can get one more then we got something. Maybe try to start it on the 15th of this month and run it for 30 days?
  14. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    ooooo, how about a Lunar Lander remake! I think any retro game redone would be the topic. Cause Arkanoid remake sounds fun too... or like Mars Patrol/Moon Patrol or 3D World Runner (ohh my gosh I might just do this one to do it)
  15. Pryme8

    Friendly competition

    Not expecting anything amazing so it should not take too much time from your learning. so we got one taker, I need at least two more! ... kinda wanna start tagging people ...