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  1. scene.gravity is ignored
  2. Update scene based on form inputs

    what I would do is bind on the entire context of the page a change listener so: function updateDiameter(target, value){ ...response... } document.addEventListener('change', (e)=>{ var t =; var cID = parseInt(t.getAttribute('cID'),10); switch(t){ case 'diameter-in' : updateDiameter(cylArrary[cID], parseFloat(t.value)); break; } }, false); <input id='diameter-in' cID='0' type='number' value='1' step='0.1' /> so that way you dont have to do a million bindings.
  3. might be what you would look into.
  4. Update scene based on form inputs

    GUI can handle that aspect as well. If you are doing it in a playground I would recommend GUI, if you are in control of the entire pages context (a standard html page that loaded the DOM context then attaches bindings) go with html elements.
  5. You can simulate multithread with timeout functions as well. (it has its limits)
  6. no it can not, but you can create glContext with some hackyness on the separate space, parse the context to a binary array pass that to your dom, the effectiveness of that may be questionable. But yeah webworkers are for your IO ops.
  7. Update scene based on form inputs

    With what you are doing I would use DOM elements (because the page will be loaded/run once), but if you end up developing on the playground the GUI will be better for you do to how DOM elements ans listeners are bound. If I get a chance ill make a PG for you.
  8. Samples for CustomMaterial I am struggling with this and times when I have gotten it to "work" (made it turn the mesh white) I could only have it do it to the first submesh.
  9. Update scene based on form inputs

    also have you checked out babylon.GUI for the input elements? it has onChange callbacks as well.
  10. Update scene based on form inputs

    push all your cylinders to an array, then on your inputs have an identifier that tells you what the cylinders index is, and do the onChange listener with a function like: var cylinderID = parseInt('cID'), 10); var value = parseFloat(; cylArray[cylinderID].dispose(); cylArray[cylinderID] = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateCylinder("bodyDia",value,11,11,32,scene,true);
  11. Custom controls based on grid I think this is more what you are looking for, as far as responsiveness... you can hold keys down now as well
  12. Custom controls based on grid

    any questions hit me up, I'm always around... (might be busy but ill get back to you). And the beforeRender Observable needs to be reworked to prevent the repeat sections for conditions, I was just being lazy. Here is one with better easing:
  13. Update scene based on form inputs

    what value are you trying to change? domElement.addEventListener('change', (e)=>{ var t =; var v = t.value; stuff... }, false);
  14. Custom controls based on grid or