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  1. I can not say the client due to NDA, but maybe here soon I will eb able to! That is because the meshes were the results of a mesh merger and had no normal data, (well blank normal data)
  2. I got permission to post this... super simple but might be of use to someone!
  3. This, is close...
  4. FBX is a pain.... I was going to write something up for it a while ago... but It was not easy and took way to much time so I kinda dropped it.
  5. STL was super easy, I can not release what I did today but in like no time I was able to grab the indices and calculate the facet normal from the points then create and ASCII STL file save it as an octet-stream and bam... Im exporting from BJS now. I will ask the company that I made it for if I can supply this code to y'all, but they own it so I cant without written consent. Seriously though it took like an hour to get it right, what format are you trying to export out as? Id say go to its wiki and read its structure then start going down the line of what you need to include and how to get them out of the BJS data.
  6. I am writing up one for STL format today for a client... I will have to ask permission to submit it to public domain though, and if they say yes Ill make an update on my branch or submit it to someone who can convert it to typescript. Just reverse the importer.
  7. -Please Delete, extra post.
  8. got it... Ok so you have to have uv data to create the CSG. I will here at some point fix that, but until then here is the quick workaround. Now, I am wondering what is going to be the best way to get the polygon count down after a combining the objects? I get a huge jump in polygon count when I create these, which is understandable to some extent, but seem to be quite excessive.
  9. There are not any concurrency issues that I can see, It seems that the CSG is expecting there to be uv buffers, but none of my meshs have uvbuffers... Im thinking the fix will be to set a blank uv buffer on the mesh before I try to make it a CSG.
  10. I cant really get any errors to drop... but it does not work. If I remove everything dealing with CSG it gets to the point of disposing the meshes that were imported... but I am unable to do anything with the CSG. Agian i tried with and without the new declaration. Also with this it is saying that isVerticesDataPresent is false, so that might be whats going wrong here? But then says that the vertex Data is available... Im pretty confused. Ahh ok, the script is dropping and error on this like respectively in the CSG method: uv = new BABYLON.Vector2(uvs[indices[i + j] * 2], uvs[indices[i + j] * 2 + 1]); and in this playground I can see that the method: .getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.UVKind) returns null on my mesh. So I am thinking this may be the culprit. What are my options? Maybe create a blank uv array and assign it to the mesh before I try to make it a CSG?
  11. I'm having trouble finding information on how to combine simple meshes (not primitives but imported STL's). I have googled and found a few references but most of them are dead ends and when I search the forum for CSG I come up with nothing... I see the FromMesh function, and have tried to implement it but i get a error of length undefined, so I want to try the FromPolygons method but cant seem to find any information on it. Is the CSG only limited to primitive shapes? The meshes I am trying to combine are fairly simple under 100 polygons for the most part and nothing over 300. Are there other methods for the combination of geometry data, but getting rid of the "internal" points? here is the snip it of code that I am using to try this, but like I said I get an error with the FromMesh method: *I also tried with new declaration on the CSG var step = stack.splice(stack.length-2, 2); var mA = step[1]; var mB = step[0]; mA.makeGeometryUnique(); mB.makeGeometryUnique(); console.log(mA);console.log(mB); var csgA = BABYLON.CSG.FromMesh(mA); var csgB = BABYLON.CSG.FromMesh(mB); mA.dispose(); mB.dispose(); console.log(csgA); Which drops the error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at Function.r.FromMesh (babylon.custom.js:27) at KIRA._combineStackStep (KIRA.0.0.3.js:815)... Ill try to whip up a Playground.
  12. I really am struggling with trying to figure out how extend babylon to be able to parse binary STL files. Does anyone have any good sources on how like Three.js or sketchfab does it? I have been googling my heart out and seem to keep hitting dead ends. Maybe a different angle will help me figure things out.
  13. Ive always associate io with "intensive operation", input/output works too
  14. Ok so it was just the binary files that were giving me trouble. thanks for your help!
  15. Just added some playgrounds. I think the problem I was having is some of the STL's were binary and some of them were also badly formatted ASCII. Kinda stumps me though, it looks like the mesh loaded but I get no draw calls... I pretty much moved onto a different STL and the issues stopped, but thought this was weird behavior. Is it because the mesh is not in the cameras view?