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  1. OfficeGames announcement

    I should have one for you here soon as well. Im keeping it asset-less, so that way the player does not have to download any extra files onto their work comp.
  2. whoops: Just keep refreshing this page and the behavior should switch. Pretty positive its timing, but that does not make sense do to Order of Ops. Even with a 20 ms buffer it seems to work every time. So its is for sure 100% a timing issue.
  3. Who likes working in a stable environment though?
  4. Actually I can say with almost certainty its a timing issue... now that I see that behavior. Sooo solved I guess? Still kinda odd cause the parenting should of happened way before I call the positioning but hey whatever.
  5. I had that up for a while, I moved on and to a new version. I can upload an example one again when I get to work today. And it was in the actual TSO object that it was not working or anywhere else on the script for that matter I had it running after the creating of the TSO object : and when the tile was created as well even though in this version it shows it commented out: Ill keep an working broken example up here when I get a chance. ***UPDATE*** should have the example now. Odd thing is it looks like it is working sometimes while others it does not, if you keep refreshing you may see the behavior. Maybe I just need to wrap it in a timeout and see if its a timing issue.
  6. On that version the first three are the only ones with lines so far. Ive got 12 done, but have not uploaded it yet. And yeah tso.deck[0].mesh.position.x = 2; is the correct thing thanks for that catch on my post. works as expected in console. *EDIT** I just updated index2 so you can paste: for(var i=0; i<tso.deck.length; i++){tso.deck.mesh.position.x=i;} into the console and it should move the tiles as expected with parenting. but if I do this anywhere but in the console the parenting does not work.
  7. So for this: I have tried a bunch of different way to move the lines with the tiles. Initially I thought maybe parenting was not working but it seems it is when I translate the tile through the console. <- anywhere on the script even after the TSO object is created and I loop through the meshs changing their position it seems like the parenting is not working. VS Where if you go into the console and do like "tso.deck[0].mesh.position.x = 2;" that will move the tile and the lines as expected. What the heck?
  8. So I ended up using a ground mesh, and will make it look like a box using JC palmers method. I strayed away from the UV one because even after I set up the UV's and the texture it made the bezierCurves of the texture vs the physical lines go off just a hair.
  9. That's about what I was thinking.
  10. because I need to set it later.
  11. ArcCamera wierdness

    that would not make sense but a quick way to test it is like you say set it to like 0, 0.01, 0 or something and see if that fixes it... but I highly doubt it. I can not recreate the error as of yet of the camera getting stuck in pan mode.
  12. This is pretty cool! I had to do a bunch of hacking last year to get models parsing for 3d print done server side on a bjs instance running on node. I was able to get it functioning and run some csg then polygon optimization on the meshs all on the server, but like I said it took a TON of hacking. This would handle all that with ease it looks like.
  13. How to do tolerance. (or a likeness of it). And now its a true ChromaKey cause it can handle any color you tell it now.
  14. @NasimiAsl, Sorry to keep bugging you but can you explain that hefty error now? if I nerf line the error does not drop, but the shader does not work.
  15. @NasimiAsl BJS - [14:26:12]: Babylon.js engine (v3.2.0-alpha4) launched (index):38 Uncaught TypeError: BABYLON.CustomMaterial is not a constructor line 38: var tileShader = new BABYLON.CustomMaterial("tileShader", scene);