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  1. set your ring out a little farther and have them start caching into a container object that has their keys as a location identifier. Then toggle active/inactive with a basic distance calc and maybe even turn the distance calc into an AABB to keep the ring as a box. Then keep the objects loaded even if they are out of site and obfuscated by fog, disable them if the bounding box is out of the frustum and dispose them only if they are double your distance threshold and then make sure you delete the key and value out of the container object for housekeeping. Also maybe have a variable that keeps track of how many tasks are being pulled at the moment, then maybe limit it and have a "stack" of loading task to parse through when ever the limit count variable is under the set value.
  2. This would be cool if you shifted it to an async process JohnK. "Perhaps not disposing of scenes at the 'back' could prevent re-loading if direction reversed." I would just disable them, until they are like double or triple distance from the inner ring.
  3. "Disabled Features: native_gpu_memory_buffers" what does that mean? Wish I knew more about the hardware stuff here... looks like its time to do some research. GpuMemoryBuffers Status ATC Software only ATCIA Software only DXT1 Software only DXT5 Software only ETC1 Software only R_8 Software only R_16 Software only RG_88 Software only BGR_565 Software only RGBA_4444 Software only RGBX_8888 GPU_READ, SCANOUT RGBA_8888 GPU_READ, SCANOUT BGRX_8888 Software only BGRX_1010102 Software only RGBX_1010102 Software only BGRA_8888 Software only RGBA_F16 Software only YVU_420 Software only YUV_420_BIPLANAR Software only UYVY_422 Software only Im pretty sure that is saying the GPU is not handling the buffers, but maybe I am mistaken.
  4. Do you have your hardware acceleration enabled in the browser options? If I were a betting man I wager its turned off..
  5. A modified LOD function would prolly work, but instead of juggling mesh details have it load mesh chunks.
  6. Wish I had more time next week, this would be simple.
  7. whoops sorry aFalcon, I hid my answer cause I thought this was solved for some reason. Yeah after you manipulate the vertex data you need to apply it to the mesh.
  8. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    ... I cant even find any online really on this ... smh
  9. ... Ray-marched version, which if was rendered out on a hud as a small object would prolly make no impact on performance but is like 1000 times cooler then a 2d one.
  10. @aFalcon, if you follow along by the time you get done with section 3 you will have a access to a new JS object that will help quite a bit with shader development and debugging. I have not had any of the articles proofed or edited so that is like raw from my brain, excuses if there are typos or if its convoluted.
  11. Ill bee adding more sections to my articles, that will describe doing stuff like this.
  12. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    Im about to just do my idea with the id attribute and an array to control animation offsets/type
  13. its a little glitchy on the tac line length, and I have not added numbers yet.... but yeah here is a start. Im sure there is a better way to clip out the ticks on the bottom as well then what I did, but referencing its polar coords vs mixing it out.
  14. Pryme8

    Instances and Shaders

    That is because that shader does not have instance support, #include<instancesDeclaration> #include<instancesVertex> need to be added to the fragment but I dont have time this morning to do a pull request.
  15. If you wanted to make a tachometer a dynamic texture or a shader would be pretty easy to pull off. HA! Ringo got it!