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  1. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    That's a pretty decent phone. Hmm... did it do it even when you had the decimal place defined on the float?
  2. If you don't need them to be polygonal objects then rayMarching can be an option, but if they have to be a specific mesh then I am not sure. I bet you could project to the nearest points between two meshes and then translate from that, but that process could make a myriad of problems as well. The best way to do this is make sure your two meshes have the same poly-count and indexing.
  3. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    hmm is it experimental webGL enabled only then or something?
  4. Like I said in the other post, it needs a tolerance value in your algo to be effective; but great start!
  5. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    because a float has to have a . float a = 10.; position.x = -a; should validate
  6. video alpha channel approaches

    Cool method, now you just need a tolerance value!
  7. Salvage - A little turn-based bullet-hell shooter

    really cool art style, might have to give this a shot when I get home!
  8. >_<
  9. Billboard RayMarch Plane Kinda got it where I want it... I should be able to make a tree or something now and give that a test.
  10. you can always do an array like this too [ {filePath:'Blah/file', fileName:'coolModel.obj'}, {filePath:'Blah/file-location2', fileName:'coolModel2.obj'} ] and then iterate through that so you don't have two arrays.
  11. Cylinder between two points

    @captainleighwalker if you take a look at this thread, on the second page I have some PG's that will show you how to make custom meshes procedurally.
  12. GLSL Texture Buffer Manipulation

    hmmm, dang I was hoping to be able to manipulate per-pixl on a bound buffer through the shader for the purpose of superfast fluid simulations.
  13. can glsl manipulate a texture buffer? like can I use a shader script to write to an already bound texture buffer? Or is that CPU only?