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  1. I need information on how to create a custom shader that can handle multiple mesh clones all playing different animations. Im not sure where to look or what the convention is. I was kinda under the impression that if a mesh needed a different animation or different timing it needs a different shader or some sort of VBO data to dictate a different mesh identifier/animation. Any clues or suggestions?
  2. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    yea it clones the material as well, I am not sure if that means it creates a new draw call or not though. top of my head lets say (35*15clones) meshes plus 400 shaders ummm... 50-200 mb kinda hard to estimate that unless I knew the mesh sizes, the shaders should only be like 10mb at most I would guess.. but then again I am just tossing numbers out there I am not an expert on how the GPU/CPU caches resources. *DISCLAIMER* I am talking out my a** now... I have no clue about the ram equivalencies.
  3. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    Yes all materials are handled by shaders. I already did. I do not believe it does I think it only has animation instancing and when you need a cloned mesh playing a different animation I think it needs whole new material. I am prolly be mistaken though. The second part I am not sure, I think as long as one 20 are being rendered out of the pool it should not effect draw performance (I dont think) but will require a substantial chunk of memory to hold the 400 entities.
  4. I thought I saw something at one point where BJS was generating and storing a texture at runtime that had random values stored on it. Or maybe I am thinking about the random texture buffer that is initialized when a GPU particle system is created. Is there a quick way to access this texture, or do I just need to make a dynamic texture and set its values randomly.
  5. Pryme8

    Shader Talk

    So I figured with a few people making some cool shaders now and the purposed improvements to the CYOS. I figured we should have a thread for shader development to showcase what people are making and talk about different methods and concepts. To kick things off I figured id post a procedural skymap... this is a cleaned up version of the first on I posted last night and is based off a standard box element. I have not tested it in scene yet but the CYOS output is promising. Ill be looking to add volumetric weather here soon and will be making the suns position dependent on a light on the scene. Anyways feel free to comment it is pretty much a direct port of a Atmospheric GLSL process I found on github. Does anyone have any good resources for volumetric cloud rendering with a light source? Im reading up on this first
  6. Pryme8

    Babylon Toolkit Developer Portal

    Whoa, great design too. I am impressed.
  7. cant you use Grunt to watch if a file has been changed and automatically compile?
  8. Pryme8

    [SOLVED] Viewport confusion sounds like some scaling is happening. Ohh btw @ozRocker I have a meeting this weekend in New York to discuss some 3d photo scanning rigs. Would you be available for a conference call perhaps, if so please PM me.
  9. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    I need it for skeletal weighted animations though, not position/vertex manipulation. I am waiting to see if its a single animation that needs different playback timings, if that is the case then I think I got it figured out.
  10. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    that's what I figured... ouch that's some interesting logic. So I need to have a attribute that identifies it as a unique mesh and then use that array method I kinda brainstormed.
  11. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    Thats what I thought, so I need to come up with a nifty trick to avoid that. Otherwise he is going to have 300+ shaders initialized.
  12. I could prolly pull this off... You would just need to get the cameras input bound as a texture Channel. then convert that image to polar or cubic coordinate system, then project it onto the mesh. Effectively cub map support, but with a couple extra steps.
  13. Pryme8

    Shader Talk

    Just messing around this morning. Thanos Effect aka heatwave Change Noise Reference to alter effect RGB Shift Glitch: Change Noise Reference to alter effect Posterize: DawnBringer: CrossHatch: *Needs a better random Texture
  14. Pryme8

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    If anyone has any links or articles on this, anything at this point would be appreciated. I will be able to make it happen I just need the information on industry convention. Cause right now I am picturing having to have an array defined with the same index count as the number of cloned meshes sharing the shader. Then have the meshes have an extra VBO value that assigns the same ID as the index value for the array on the meshs vertices, then on the shader iterate through the array applying the assigned animations... Thats just a thought though and I doubt is the correct way.
  15. I was gonna keep going with this but I gotta get on to other stuff at this point. Thought someone might find it interesting. Arrows to move, mouse click/drag to look. You can make the viewport smaller to increase FPS. I might go back and finish this up and add some Global Illumination into it at some point. Its very hacky as far as the SDF function, could have a ton of stuff done to optimize it and make the scene run better but is still pretty cool for a meshless scene.
  16. Just added a bunch more stuff... Also hopefully will have the legend IQ helping me at some point with a few of the glitches (crosses fingers).
  17. Pryme8

    Change the color of an imported obj

    Do we have a flag in the Mesh importers for ignoring materials? If not we should add that. I know you could just not include a mtl file with obj's but there are other file types that it would be cool to be able to strip all mat's quick and just apply default stuff on the import.
  18. BABYLON.OBJFileLoader.OPTIMIZE_WITH_UV = true; Try this line maybe?
  19. Pryme8

    Depth illusion texture - normal map

    If you have that normal map already, just apply it to the materials bump texture. In BJS the bump map is the normal map.
  20. Dumb but fun ^_^...
  21. I want to ray-march real vertex data, 3d inception ^_^... Have a model that is displaying a model on its surface.
  22. So... lets say I wanted to pass mesh data to a Fragment Shader is that possible? Not the mesh that has the shader assigned but just some uniform that I can bind what ever meshes point/polygonal data to. What would be the best method? An array with the point count set on the initial binding or a texture with polygon datas position being converted to rbg elements. Asking for a friend...
  23. Pryme8

    GPU particle effect[solved]

    @NasimiAsl did this at some point.
  24. Pryme8

    Playground Shortcut

    hmmm the more you know...
  25. Pryme8

    Playground Shortcut

    Is there a quick way to go to the last version of a playground like instead of a number like #last or something?