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  1. Man I can not believe the rapid pace you guys are pushing changes to the engine, it's pretty impressive. Im starting to feel like things are falling between the gaps now though, like if your not constantly just reading posts it seems a lot of things get missed. I know the guys are constantly working on the documentation and things are always going to be changes, but I guess my point is BJS is starting to look scary from a outside perspective. i tried to get my buddy set up over the phone and he's decent at computers but gave up really fast because it was just too much he felt like, and that was not the only person. I'm not saying too much as in the learning curve actually I'm not too sure what put him off from it I'll have to ask. but it made me think that if outsiders are thinking it's scary, and guys who are in the loop like myself are having trouble keeping up with what's really good or not with convention and logic structure that's best suited for the most recent version of Babylon. Then maybe we as a community need to discuss how to present things differently or figure where the disconnect is happening? Or maybe I'm just out of the loop now? But really I honestly feel like we are losing continuity.
  2. Well said.
  3. First you hit alt-f4 then you throw your CPU out the window (just kidding don't do that). I was gonna add to this but then saw @Temechon handled it.
  4. I second this statement.
  5. Internets back, I will be posting part two of the tutorial soon and will also be releasing information about the FBX converter. >_< not looking forward to some of this but it needs to be done. Umm kickstarter is delayed by like two weeks because I had no way of developing while we were moving, I plan on releasing some play footage before the campaign along with some info on some game specifics like what style of game this really is (its a cool hybrid ill let y'all know more later) and how things like that stat system and other things will work. I cant wait to release more info on this, just gotta make sure the timing is right, and I have some of my connections trying to contact a company I will not name as of yet to get the rights to a long dead franchise, cross your fingers its going to be a tough one to get seeing how the person who owns the rights is kinda a hard guy to get in contact with and the company went under in the mid 90's, but if that happens I cant even explain to you how big it will be for the project, and for the game community to have that world come back; people have been begging for it.
  6. So for the past two weeks I really started digging my teeth into a full scale game to launch on a private server here at some point with BJS and the engine. I have developed a series of tools to make this a possibility over the past year or two and am now applying them in production code. Already developed are a Asset handling system that will allow me to load thousands of entities with minimal draw calls and keeps things very non repetitive when placing entities. The level editor is almost wrapped up and has most of the basic features active already, there is quite a few things to add soon but that will be later down the development line when more core elements are introduced and wrapped up. There has been hours of cooperative talking with friends to help development of characters for the main story line and the setting of the overall worlds aesthetic feel. The final goal of the game however though featuring a story based single player will be intense online competition with a good plan for economic viability with more details being presented at a later time. Ok so lets get to the good stuff... I guess first a few concept sketch's. The Scans were horrible... but at least the idea comes through... There are tons more of these so I wont run out of inspiration. Next I guess are some pictures of the Level Editor I would post some of the 3d models from the scan-line but I would rather only post in game shots. Later at some point Ill post a tutorial of how I am setting up my vegetation rigs and making it so I can generate so many different types of foliage from the one obj import. And a more updated Screenshot: Soon Ill post more pictures of full levels, but I am waiting to release everything on this. Oh here is the model and mock up texture for the main character Roark. So far lots of progress has been made and soon I should be able to release a preview video of a cut scene render out in real time. Also sometime today or tomorrow I will post that vegetation modeling and texture tutorial I was talking about, Part 1's video is already recorded I just want to do the voice over. Let me know what you guys think, I should be posting on this periodically. Ohh yeah I almost forgot... in order to do my animations I am wrapping up the FBX converter I was writing and that will be publicly available as its necessity arises.
  7. ummm yeah, I don't see why not... your just adding a third dimension. Ive never done any work with Phaser, but imagine it to be just like flash AS was way back in the day (I may be mistaken). But any processes from any field of game design will transition to a new engine, the terminology and processes will be different though. and yes it is a different world, but with a good basis the transition should be harmless.
  8. So I was kinda doing a little bit of work here, and I was helping my buddy out with implementing a js lib that was dependent on jQuery (booooo that lib) and it dawned on me, that often in the playground examples and in a bunch of other examples and docs jQuery methods are the ones being used. Is this just external or is this built into BJS? Are any of our core things dependent on it or is it just for simplification of script with interacting with the engine? Then I was wondering why is that? jQuery is point blank useless (personal oppinion), yeah its cool and saves time on some things but real production code would scrap it in a heart beat for Vanilla JS, especially when one looks at the OP/s. Point of the post: 1 - Are any core elements of the engine reliant on jQuery? 2 - Is there any particular reason stopping someone (like me) from going back and dropping all references of jQuery out from the docs and converting it to Vanilla? 3 - Am I just mistaken on my observation of BJS and jQuery, with my concerns not being for myself but once again thinking about more low level devs? I mean thats like throwing 3-4 API's at them when they really only need one. TS, jQuery, BJS, webGL... like whoa this is prolly a question for @Deltakosh
  9. don't threaten me with a good time. so what your saying is take this and noobify it and tailor it for learning just basic materials scratch the procedural part right?
  10. whoa, ok Ill get back on that material tut and yeah Neatflax's tagging system is ready to go, Ill post a write up of how to add to the database. Its being hosted on github so its a flat database just in a json object for easy contribution. As long as you follow the JSON format the tutorial/thread will popup on Neatflax and Ill show how to do the preview image as well. I think if we can start putting more on there it will be a good asset. And as soon as there are a few more tags active Ill enable the filtering system and pagination that is in place but just not turned on yet. I have the material tutorial on the back burner but ill take a re look at it here once I can wrap up some of my things with Legends of BJS and get ready for the kickstarter. I think the idea of being able to see the changes to the material as your learning about it with sliders will help people that need visual cues to burn ideas in. If you could be so kind, I kinda have a disconnect between what people want to learn with materials and what I may eventually publish might not match up so like you kinda just did in the last post what are some of the fuzzy areas for people? also on a side note you dont have to go to to get there I went ahead and bought the URL and the url masking is active. Ohh yeah and if you were ever wondering why NeatFLAX; it stands for Neat Forum Links and Examples
  11. So I finnaly get the internet in my new fancy office today woot woot, @Wingnut do me a favor please and send me a list of stuff you were wanting from me I made so many "I'll help when I get internet back" statements that I gotta figure out where to start now. And @Adem I'll be starting your thread hopefully today and we'll get your learning project off the ground here. I mention this on here because wingnut will prolly be interested in this process I'm gonna take you through and it's basically going to be a step by step lesson with a final project and we will be going over all terminology and have dissections about correct structure and what I like to call cat skinning. Tech should be here around noon PST so y'all should hear from me soon.
  12. Can you do any nujabees style productions? How about classical 8 bit?
  13. But wingnut it's not your job to be the idiot whisperer... and as a matter of tact you have tons of it in comparison to guys like me, people listen to you. I have to hit people with a stick and show them something dirty to get them to even look over.
  14. Canvas2d for sure or a billboard Sprite.
  15. I have a lot of projects I need to do but if we just make this right we can piece it togeather and make something I bet.
  16. Yea when I get my internet Thursday we will talk.
  17. Wingnut I'll swing you some updates on my tutorials I was working on here soon I have just been sooo swamped, and I wanted to convert a few of them to the new bjs before I finish them up. But the material one is like pretty much done I just need there to be more hours in the day and for coffee to not lose its effect after so long.
  18. That's pretty cool, and prolly saves on head by not calling every possible instance of the textures and reserving them then? Cause I assume it they get lost and cleared out after your PVR tool parses them correct? I am very interested in this.
  19. Eh, little to no f***s given I make moves and get people talking and have helped more people then most so your constant pretentious attitude tword me can jog off. btw I like you a lot @adam and enjoy reading your script I do not understand why more often then not your general attitude with me is kinda pissy. sorry if I ever rubbed you wrong but I'm just doing me. And if any moderator has ever felt inclined to warn me for any of my content I would adimatly support them and maybe learn something from being reprimanded. But as it goes I talk to the moderators, and as far as I know though I annoy them at times but word on the street is people think I'm harmless so... much love for calling me out though everyone deserves to be checked.
  20. I'll do it for 35k, half upfront cause my girlfriend will hate you guys for taking me away for a month. just read that all the context is available. This is doable. whats the network profile? Are the websockets in place already? if server side is done and your just looking for client side I can drop that to 20k. if y'all are serious pm me. I've got the portoflio, cv, and past clients to speak for me.
  21. Screw a manifest, so what you want is different texture packs to load depending on the webgl context availabe? mmkay when you initialize your scene you need to establish what client you got which is like window.f@@@iforgot or navigator.stillforgot and just if the client, from there when you build your scene have a secondary function that's just for your creation of your prefabs and materials and just have a switch in that function for the different clients. Downside is there is extra script, plus side is once you have done it 20 times I'm sure your gonna figure out a nifty recursive loop to handle it for you. im kinda doing the same thing in legends of bjs, here I'll hot spot my phone to my rig and pm you a section of it, please do not share with anyone else but it will show you how to assign the mats like I'm talking about, all you would need to do is toss in the client switch.
  22. P.s. If you are starting to agitate people more then I do on this forums then it would be best to slow your roll. Honestly if I was a moderator I would have prolly given you a content warning two weeks ago with that splurge of repeat threads. But that's non of my business... anyways... what i I am seeing with you bro is a lack of direction and guidance. Soooo as much as it does not excite me send me a private message let's get you on track and on a set development path with a project list for you to complete so you can gain the general competence needed to start doing something with the engine. Think of it as a private tutorship. But do not take this as me adopting you. It's going to be on you to figure out what I assign you and I will make sure you have all the information and resources at your disposal to learn correctly. But like I said it will be on you to learn I'm not gonna hold your hand but I will point your head in the right direction. Balls in your court msg me if your down if not then just ignore this, but I would recommend not continuing to rub people's feathers (unintentionally I know) in this manor. Peace out, sincerely WuWong
  23. Because your parenting the bullet to the sphere the sphere to the camera maybe?
  24. I do not think so, I mean maybe but you would have to do like a prior joining parseing I would imagine. are you just trying to assign multiple texture variations to the same mesh?