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    Black and White Bump Mapping Got it. *UPDATE* I was off on the final calc in the shader it should be gl_FragColor = vec4(1.0-x, y, 1.0, 1.0); otherwise the white was concave looking instead of convex.
  2. Do we have the ability to do parallax bump mapping with a black and white image not a tangent- normal image?
  3. Pryme8

    Explosion scene for a game

    Do we have sub-particle emitters? If so splosions should be ezpz, with a mix of particles and with some good sprite sheets animations on them.
  4. So this is "solved" The reason for the error that I was experiencing while trying to define a custom varying was that I was referencing an attribute that effectively would never be bound because that data does not exist in the postPass due to there not being geometry and only really being in screenspace coordinates. Which essentially make the positions attribute a vec2 in the postPass and I was trying to bind to the wrong attribute. -> lost of headache over something that honestly does not matter... smh, cause honestly how much more performance am I getting out of using the attribute vs defining it in the main for a single frame being processed.... It was more a matter of principal.
  5. "Error: Varyings with the same name but different type, or statically used varyings in fragment shader are not declared in vertex shader: nUV" Not sure why I am getting this error, the two fragments in question are at the top of the file. Here is the desired result: The thing is normally just adding a varying two both of the fragments makes it work, gotta be missing something simple.
  6. Pryme8

    TYPESCRIPT in Playground

    If you want to add extra steps to your workflow, then by all means use TS. Different strokes for different folks, what ever tickles your pickle, gets your goat, floats your boat.. I could go on... ❤️
  7. Pryme8

    TYPESCRIPT in Playground
  8. I'm impossible to get a hold of these days. I leave my phone at home as to not get distracted by life. Email is the best method brother ^_^.
  9. POWER LEVEL OVER 9000!!!!! @Deltakosh
  10. bet if I add uv to this line it would fix things.... <-actually it would not because there is no uv data to be passed for this. BUTTTTTTT I GOT AN IDEA. 1 second.
  11. I did a version where they were not sharing the same ones and it gave me the same results. Also the post process has a constructor argument for a custom vert shader but I can not seem to get it to work correctly. ^ as demonstrated by this.
  12. Pryme8

    TYPESCRIPT in Playground

    That could be argued... Why learn a wrapper language, when you could be studying es6.
  13. I mean honestly its not important, cause the work around is to just define the nUV var that I want in the main loop or as a define so Im not to pressed. But it would be cool to work out some of this for future/more dynamic problems.
  14. Nope, it was using the nUV vec2 that was declared in the main loop not the varying. Here is my "working" setup which does not allow me to define any varyings And then here is the post Process with a custom vertex defined in it constructor, which seems to break it all I have also tried your above suggestion, with not reusing but that did not fix it as well. Can anyone tell me what #97 is saying in the spector report?
  15. I think this is the culprit. the super defaults to "pass" *EDIT* Nevermind found it: * @param vertexUrl The url of the vertex shader to be used. (default: "postprocess")
  16. I was under the impression that it should use the vertex shader that is matching in name to the fragment. If not then looks like Im gonna have to figure something out.
  17. Is there a way to clone a mesh, then manipulate the new ones UV data? it seems to not work and I have to re initialize a whole new object to get different UV Buffs. ^ new mesh ^ cloned mesh notice the meshes have the same UV as the texture that is projected onto them is the same vs when I reinitialize the custom lathe mesh:
  18. >_< that moment when you knew how to do something but just did not think of it... you are non-replaceable @Deltakosh
  19. On line 266, I am generating a custom rtt that outputs its internal texture. What method do I need to use to get it so I can be like ctx.drawImage(texture._someParam, 0,0... ); on a dynamic texture.
  20. There has to be a better way then iterating though a whole imageData set... Why cant I just set the data to rtt.readPixels()?
  21. I would like to see a working example of an extrude shape, with a custom scale function. <- here is an easier example.
  22. ohhh I bet I dont have the mesh as update-able... fml... *UPDATE* it was... RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE... its always the smallest things.
  23. So when I bake out the my objects transforms in this scene: and try to do my raycast protection, none of the rays hit... which I find odd. here if I do not bake out the mesh that I am casting from some of the points hit, but they are not being cast from the correct positions, so I am confused. its been a long day so maybe I am just missing something simple. trying to make it so I can move my plane or mesh that I am projecting the UV to like i did here: Here is what happens when I bake the transforms prior to my sectionMesh function. I am wondering if its the sectionMesh function that is giving me trouble. *EDIT* Nope its not: Something is not getting baked it seems.
  24. So I went ahead and used my custom lathe, now for some reason trying to apply the new UV is not working like it did with my initial scene with the star. I figured this should have been easy, guess I under thought it.