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  1. what about this
  2. I'm feel like a looser now from the couple of days i was trying to do this but each and every attempt was unsuccessful
  3. Oh my god you just made the fully functional rubix
  4. yes i did but i want to make my own
  5. Hi @adam thanks for reply but in rubix cube we have to change the parent after every rotation, but if a initially assign the central cube as a parent for all the 26 cubes then the whole cube will start rotating and also i can't assign mult parent with a cube please guide me
  6. @Deltakosh please help me out with this issues
  7. Hey, for one cube it's working fine as it has no dependency, as far as i think for animation var UclockAnimation = new BABYLON.Animation("myAnimation", "rotation.y", 20, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_FLOAT,BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT); it take rotation parameter so may be it's doing rotation well thanks for your suggestion
  8. Hi @JohnK thanks for reply I have followed exact the same strategy as you told but it clashes when i start another animation look at this there are two buttona M Clokwise and U Clockwise same, both works fine independantly but try M->U or U->M please help me to figure out
  9. Hi Please look at this there are 2 buttons for rotation both rotation works well independently but when i rotate one after another it got mixed A rotation1 B rotation2 if i press A or B N times it will rotate fine but if i rotate A->B or B->A then it will inherit previous rotation please check it and help me
  10. Oh that compilation error is just because my code is not saved is't gives me "Code Too Long " error, and I'm not able to find any Clue about cumulative rotations the link describes the basic of rotation not the cumulative rotations please guide me I am trying to make a rubix cube
  11. Hi @adam can you please look this issue hear i try to animate the rubix 1 animation at a time is working fine but when i put multiple animation like if user rotate clockwise upper piece cube then rotate clockwise middle piece cube then it misbehaves just uncomment the line 86-97 and 103,104 please help and guide me
  12. Ohh sorry it was my logic fault It's working
  13. why it's not rotating otherthan Y aixs ?