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  1. That is a good point : ), and the main loop solution is easier to manage for me. thanks
  2. With time tick on main loop init(){ this.attackTimer = game.time } loop(){ // attack 1 time each second if(game.time > this.attackTimer + 1000){ this.attack() this.attackTimer = game.time } } But you can have a array of functions to evaluate
  3. Hello guys I'm working on a javascript game, some times I need to call a function 2, 3 or X seconds after an action, the question is. What is better in performance, create multiple setTimeout() or use the main loop to evaluate a function queue? thanks
  4. @Juan I love to hear that :)! @jaminscript Sounds good, you are talking about something like this (Instead the player a knee)
  5. Hello guys, this is my first completed HTML5 game The idea is to tap the ball and dont let it fall, collect the stars to unlock all balls in the game Is very simple game, I hope you enjoy it for a while Game: Game Play: Feedback be appreciated Best!
  6. Yes, I think that is the best solution, thanks : )
  7. Thanks @Milton, but it doesn`t work
  8. Hello, I have an issue with the createLayer() function, My player anchor point is 0.5 but the Tiles in the layer comes with default anchor How I can set all my layer tiles anchor to 0.5? this is the current result (The big red square is the player) And this is the expected thanks
  9. Hello, I want to change phaser Rectangle fill color with tween transition, for example from blue to red, but I didn't find any example, is this posible? thanks
  10. minesweeper

    Yes, that is because when you select a new game all game session data is deleted, but is a good suggestion to keep some settings after create a new game
  11. minesweeper

    That will be explained in the tutorial, you can only destroy light gray blocks, the X" in the block means that a pirate is defending the area. The pirates have 2 numbers, damage and health, when you attack the pirates they lose health equal to your damage. As I told you, the idea is to explain all this in a litle tutorial. Thanks for play it : )!
  12. I'm excited to show you guys my first HTML5 phaser game! You can play here It's a minesweeper permadeath game, full inspired in runestone kepper and dungelot, you need to find the key and the door at each level, use tap to attack and hold tap to get enemy or item information. The game is still in development, but you can play the first 9 levels, the game is for mobile and web, for test reasons you can see the FPS counter at the corner Please feel free to give me your feedback You can get more information about the game in [spanish]
  13. actually i'm close to finish the game,but thanks for you interest
  14. @Tom Atom, thanks, I think that I can create extend phaser button class and add isOver condition as default, works well
  15. Hello! I have 2 issues with buttons behaviour 1. If I press the button and move the mouse out of the button when I realease the mouse the action is fired 2. In Desktop, the button action is fired with right and left click but i just need left click, it can be configured? thanks for your help