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  1. Babylon Projects

    I just thought I would share my new portfolio.I Really do thank you for developing such an amazing 3D framework allowing me to be develop amazing projects =) . On the funny side I have found the ultimate excuse to get back into JavaScript except this time with passion. Kind regards Jamie Curry
  2. Babylon Projects

    Introducing my new Babylon photo / art gallery using simple Gamification and Gameplay techniques. Available on mobile and desktop. My next project is to update my website as it seems to be lagging on the design. Enjoy =)
  3. Collide with heightmap

    Hi @jerome I have searched quite a few posts and found that you are the ultimate master of using getHeightAtCoordinates() and getNormalAtCoordinates(). I still find it a little confusing but with these posts I think I might be able to learn quite a few tricks: from what I've seen I really do like this system as it saves time and RAM but trying to understand how I can use it to detect a mesh colliding upon a key-press (with world/local translation) instead of an animation is a little over complex, I'm sure I'll get there though
  4. Collide with heightmap

    Hi Jerome thank you for the fast feedback. I shall give that a very good try. tip of the hat to you
  5. Collide with heightmap

    Hi guys I've "nearly" completed a project and come to a stage where I have a height map and a flying steampunk ship ("yep I'm a steampunk fanatic") anyways, I have a stretched sphere surrounding the ship and I wish to use that as the collision point to the heightmap. I have used rays and it work really well but I would like more of a realistic collision i.e. When the ship hits a mountain head on, instead of going up and over the mountain I would like it to collide and to move left or right I remember on a previous submission @RaananW made an impressive playground for a car to travel over a heightmap. which I tried to understand, however for a newbie its a little complex any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. Steering

    Hahaha. I thank the both of you as all information is helpful to give better direction and understanding on a topic.
  7. Steering

    Oh this is brilliant. really do thank you for your help @Wingnut and @RaananW. I've been trying to figure this out for weeks
  8. Steering

    So how would you rotate the front wheels so that the movement doesn't snap to the max angle but glides gently toward the max angle?
  9. Steering

    wow, nice one. Thank you Raanan. I'm really glad you showed us it. I feel like the rock biter driving this car .
  10. Steering

    Absolutely fantastic. thank you so much for your help Wingnut. I've really enjoyed your forum posts and demonstrations. especially the flying fourposter bed. Tip of the hat to you sir =)
  11. Steering

    Hi all I am quite the newbie for Babylon.js but absolutely love it ("thank you creators and contributors). I have searched numerous playgrounds / forums and found quite a few things to get me started and done well so far but came to a stopping point when realizing the complexity of steering. I was wondering how to recreate the effect of steering from left or right like the examples below: When steering left the wheels turn/pivot toward a max angle then the wheels stay at that position until keyup, on which the wheels then turn/pivot back to their first position, likewise when steering right but in the opposite direction. I don't know if I should be looking at animations, physics, or good mathematics / JavaScript. What I'm trying to create is the effect of a plane when banking left or right at a max angle of 22 degrees, to then go back to zero / original axis when keyup. A very basic playground has been created but is far from completion. Any help or suggestions would really be helpful