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    Useful or Intresting Articles

    You might find something interesting here:
  2. Hello, So I have a plane (which I use only as sort of box collider, so I have it invisible) and I would like to be able to know whenever that plane intersect a mesh (any mesh). - I looked at : mesh1.intersectsMesh(mesh2, false) but it's not useful to me because I have to specify a target mesh. - As for raycast, I dunno how they can be usefull to me since I want to check intersection with a plane not a ray. Any other solutions ? Thanks a lot.
  3. servusdei

    Inspector v2.0 is ready for testing

    Not me, just a plain index.html with: <script src="libs/pep.js"></script> <script src="libs/babylon.js"></script> <script src="libs/babylonjs.loaders.min.js"></script> <script src=""></script>
  4. servusdei

    Inspector v2.0 is ready for testing

    OK, I loaded directly and it worked; <script src=""></script>
  5. servusdei

    Inspector v2.0 is ready for testing

    I updated Babylon.js and now I'm having : babylon.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Inspector' of undefined at t.isVisible (babylon.js:1) at t._createInspector (babylon.js:1) at HTMLScriptElement.n.onload (babylon.js:1)
  6. servusdei

    Inspector v2.0 is ready for testing

    There's no error for me; But nothing is showing. babylon.inspector.bundle.js is loaded using :;
  7. servusdei

    issue with camera.isInFrustum()

    @Sebavan Thanks a lot for your explanation. Even when you have forced compute the entire hierarchy I still see the mesh. (should be at x=10). I want to check one final time with a simple sphere, and camera.isInFrustum(sphere) unexpectedly returns true. What do I do in this case ? the sphere does not have any parent.
  8. servusdei

    issue with camera.isInFrustum()

    Hi @brianzinn In this example, camera.isInFrustum(mesh) keeps returning true when it should not : Moreover, If I swap these lines, it works but the meshe does not render to x = 10; mesh.computeWorldMatrix(); mesh.position.x = 10; Why would that be the case ? Thanks.
  9. servusdei

    issue with camera.isInFrustum()

    Thanks; What also drived me crazy is that if the camera is created in the assetsManager.onFinish(), the camera.isInFrustum() does not work as expected. so I had to create it before assets are loaded.
  10. Hello, 1-In the example below, I load a small mesh, then I clone it and set the clone's parent to an AbstractMesh. then I position the parent to be outside of the camera frustum. My issue is why does camera.isInFrustum(parent) returns true even if the parent is outside the camera's viewport ? 2- Another issue I noticed, sometimes camera.isInFrustum(mesh) does not return true, after the mesh (which is in the camera frustum) has loaded.
  11. Hi, So, the iphone plays game sound even when the mute switch is on; Is there a way to detect the state of the mute switch so that I make the game conform to it and not play any sound ?
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    Need help
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    Little Hero [my first game]

    On my Nexus 5 your game run smoothly but too huge to download.
  14. servusdei

    How is the performance on mobile devices?

    If you don't care about targeting low-mid devices, I suggest using any chromium based wrapper like crosswalk or webview, with these 2 your game will have the same performance as if it was previewed directly in the chrome mobile browser. If you still want to support low end phones then cocoonjs canvas+ is the best option I know of; Having said that, performance of html5 on mobile (mainly Android) is very inconsistent. My advice to you is to test your game on all existant wrappers as you build your game. This game (not mine) is a good example of what kind of performance you can get under xdk with a simple game.