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    Hello everyone, who interested this! Just want to say that few days ago finally I commit new release. There are lot of changes, bug fixes, redesigns, e.t.c. API became more easier to understand and even a little bit faster than before. Link Thank for your attention!
  2. kurzgame


    Hello! Not sure is it right place for stuff like this.. anyway, I just want to share my own small project: http://kurzgame.github.io/FastPixel/ It's an API written on pure JavaScript that should help you create awesome pixel art tool! You may be ask: "Another one?!". - Not exactly. Yes, there are lot of amazing online pixel art tools, but I was surprised that no one of them can be launched at mobile devices! In same time, it's not another one, this is API! So (I repeat myself), you can make your own pixel-art tool and this time it can be absolutely portable! Please, write your thoughts if you find this interesting or strange or whatever... Thank you!