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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone! We teamed up with a bunch of animators from Utrecht to make this clip. Enjoy!
  2. Spells of Genesis, a game for which I produced the music is now out on the app store! Here a Gameplay video: Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.channel4.spellsofgenesis iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/spells-of-genesis/id1163689873 Play Online: https://play.spellsofgenesis.com/
  3. I created the sounds and music for "Chopping Jack" - a new iOS arcade game: http://dreikelvin.nl/portfolio/chopping-jack/
  4. Here is some insight on the sound effects design for "Prehistoric Worm Deep Sea": http://dreikelvin.nl/portfolio/prehistoric-worm-deep-sea/
  5. Hey there! I just revamped my website. Have a look: http://www.dreikelvin.nl/
  6. I made a new track this week: https://soundcloud.com/dreikelvin/morgenduft enjoy!
  7. I am available for new projects now! Here is a hip hop track I recently finished:
  8. bumping this thread with some recently finished projects: (work: foley and audio mastering for a game trailer) (music production and sound design for a card trading game) (sound design for a dutch explainer video about hieronymus bosch)