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  1. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    @True Valhalla I checked and a game of mine was published by another in the appstore, what should I do and with whom should I talk to remove my stolen game? You said that the money he get from our work can not be paid to us, but how can you see how many copies have been sold? I found another thief on the appstore, I'll create a topic like yours with more information about him soon.
  2. Real Time Phaser Course

    Very nice, thank you!!
  3. Real Time Phaser Course

    Hello everyone, I want to develop a real time game using phaser. Searching on web I found this course that looks great. I want opinions about course. I will buy it tomorrow!
  4. [phaser] Blackjack Stack Master

    I'm really happy you enjoyed the game I got some nice feedback about it!! play it!! play more and more!! haha thank you!
  5. [phaser] Blackjack Stack Master

    Thank you for your feedback I'm so glad that you enjoyed my game! I don't know if I understod very well but highscore is send only when player runout of movements. I'm planning to implement something to send it always the player 'go back' or 'go store'. and that must solve the 'problem' of set highscore for most 21. I also did some improvements, now you can end the game and there is a highscore for who end it more times, and everytime you end it the game recieve more decks. One player did 109 blackjack at one game I really don't know how he did it but he did! haha
  6. [phaser] Blackjack Stack Master

    Everyone I talked about this game, said something about this 'unintuitive' gameplay. I'm planning build some 'tips' system to help people understand better the game. Thank for your feedback, I'm happy you liked the menu (I love doing menus haha) please people give more feedbacks
  7. My first phaser game!!! It's basically a blackjack game where you can choose more than one 'stack' to reach 21 score. Also there is some improvements to buy at store and some achievements to make the game more challenging. I want some feedback, so if you have something to say about this game go on and tell me... even if you loved or hated the game. ! it can be player at: (desktop) or at: (desktop+mobile) I hope you enjoy it and let me know
  8. Game list of phaser games

    My first phaser game!!!: ! it can be player at: (desktop) or at: (desktop+mobile)
  9. Ad network for web game?

    hmmm thats nice! and what ad networks works in mobile browser? Are you using phaser? if yes, your games use sounds/music normally in mobile browser? I just can't I don't know why if you use phaser and sounds works at your mible browser game, please let me know and try to help me! haha post:
  10. audio/localstorage problem (IOS browser)

    I tried as you suggested: if( ) {'givecard', [path+'cardSlide3.m4a'] ); } else {'givecard', [path+'cardSlide3.ogg', path+'cardSlide3.mp3'] ); } and tried to put all together:'givecard', [path+'cardSlide3.ogg', path+'cardSlide3.mp3', [path+'cardSlide3.m4a'] ); but both ways failed and sounds are not played at safari browser at ipads and iphones but your suggestion of using cookies worked perfectly!
  11. Ad network for web game?

    when you say that works fine on mobile, it's browser based or wrapped to app?
  12. [Phaser] Pirates' bomb rush

    I liked his game, for a first game was very good. About art, you who designed or picked up elsewhere?
  13. Ad network for web game?

    if it's possible I'm would like to know too.
  14. HTML5 Game Portals

    Sorry to up this old post, but if what funkyy says is true, it's would be nice to more people know this.
  15. I developed a game using phaser, everything is ok when I run it at desktop browser but when I tried to run it in Ipad browser game runs ok but without sounds and without saving status using localStorage. about sounds, what do you think is the problem? how to solve this? My guess the problem is the sound files I use are '.ogg' maybe if I use '.mp3' it should work at IOS browser, but maybe not work in other browsers. I saw some example where we load ogg and mp3 files of same sound but this uses two files for same sound this is a big problem as rises file size. (but I really don't know if files extention is the problem) Other problem is IOS browser simple don't save what we need using localStorage. To make localStorage works, user must change some settings at his apple device, this is surely a great problem. Any ideas to solve this problem without user need to change settings and without server-side/cloud storage? if the problem is about browser compatibility, is there a list of this features we need to be careful when we are developing a game? (like audio and localStorage I just noticed)