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  1. Hello @jps0611, Unfortunately, neither glow or highlight layers are supporting blending operations required for the fresnel. The glow layer only account for emissive data (Huge perf win) whereas bloom is based on the luminance of the point after applying lighting. Do not hesitate if I am not clear enough.
  2. a first person game about the maze

    And with the magic of Babylon "git pull" fixed my issue... actually as usual @Deltakosh was already on it. The fix will be in the next nightly.
  3. a first person game about the maze

    Looking at it right now.
  4. I have just pushed the nightly now, @RaananW can notify you once the new npm package will be released.
  5. De Highlight?

    Doc Updated, thanks for the feedback:
  6. Changes in LayerMasks and EdgesRenderer

    Actually, it came from the blending mode being set to alpha disable :-) so not a bug: But it helped me catch another one so thanks for reporting.
  7. Glow Layer

    Animation is not part of the shader but you can animate the glow intensity. About sparkles, it would be more efficient to rely on particles as it does not require post processing to look glowy.
  8. Glow Layer

    Hello, It has been a while I did not introduced a new feature in BJS so as the higlight layer was famous, let s introduce the glow layer: Documentation is available here:
  9. @Dad72 actually you have a plane mesh for the ground with a texture and a skybox with a texture except they are pretty subtle if you zoom out you ll see all of it.
  10. The documentation is here: and agree it is missing an example with options. Options are available as a parameter, not after instantiation: For instance to not create the ground in this case: You would use: Which is as simple as adding a mirror: It is also easy to access the automatically created elements for extra modification if the option you seek for are not present: Where intellisense gives access to all the required information: The material attached to the helpers are all BackgroundMaterial for efficiency: I ll update the documentation with the related information ASAP.
  11. Selection effect and Octree

    so you could clone once only and enable disable only also You could allow picking only on the none cloned mesh to keep perf unchanged during picking.
  12. Selection effect and Octree

    Why not updating the material of the main mesh ?
  13. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    ping @Deltakosh as you asked for it :-) Happy Come Back !!!
  14. Selection effect and Octree

    I am sorry I did not understand the question, could you detail the use case a bit more ?