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  1. Selection effect and Octree

    so you could clone once only and enable disable only also You could allow picking only on the none cloned mesh to keep perf unchanged during picking.
  2. Selection effect and Octree

    Why not updating the material of the main mesh ?
  3. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    ping @Deltakosh as you asked for it :-) Happy Come Back !!!
  4. Selection effect and Octree

    I am sorry I did not understand the question, could you detail the use case a bit more ?
  5. not sure ping @JCPalmer
  6. gltf support and mikkt space

    Nope same one is in use but either uses the normal or generate them in BJS space. rhis is under #define in the shader.
  7. ping @MackeyK24, you re the man for rhis :-)
  8. how to change render canvas?

    you could remove the mesh from the scene so it is in memory but not render after load and use clone instead this woukd be much more efficient for your case. would that work for you ?
  9. how to change render canvas?

    @lhx880619 do you mean after instantiating the engine ?
  10. GUI - image.cellId doesn't update the image

    Deployed and working THX
  11. GUI - image.cellId doesn't update the image

    Thanks for the PR it has been merged :-) It will be soon on the PG
  12. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    @Mostafa Kaouri could you push your changes to the main ArToolKit repo ? This would be better for highlighting the compat in the doc.
  13. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    That is really cool, I guess we ll add a page in the doc as it is really cool !!!
  14. Just in case it was lost: