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  1. Sebavan

    PBR issue on Galaxy 8+ with alpha 12

    The pull request is available here :
  2. Sebavan

    PBR issue on Galaxy 8+ with alpha 12

    Looks like a regresseion I introduced doing some dds componentization 😞 I will look into it ASAP
  3. Sebavan

    About IBL Baker

    yes radiance is the equivalent of specular in this case, it is just different terminologies.
  4. Sebavan

    About IBL Baker

    I do not think you were using iblbaker cause i did not see any radiance are you sure you re not speaking about cmft ?
  5. Sebavan

    About IBL Baker

    If I remember correctly the output naming of IBL Baker, EnvHDR is a none prefiltered cubemap (can be use for skybox for instance), DiffuseHDR is the cubemap for storing the irradiance part of the IBL but we do not need it as we are relying on harmonics in the pbr shader. Finally SpecularHDR fits with the specular computation of the Image Based Lighting relying on split sum approximation (like unreal has presented at Siggraph 2013).
  6. Sebavan

    Shadow probleme black bar

    This looks like you have self shadow turned on and you have got acnea. black to white regular stripes. Could you increase the bias a bit ? PS: you can also play with normalBias to prevent it at grazing angle.
  7. Sebavan

    Shadow probleme black bar

    Hello, All of the mentioned points are the result of the computation of the scene extends for the shadows. Basically in PCF several taps are made on the Shadow map to compute the final shadow. We prevent with this PR to compute huge extends when no meshes are present solving 1. About the second point, I am unfortunately unbable to repro, could you create another PG highlighting the issue ?
  8. I have just introduced a new way of using it. At least you should now see the poster during the download time.
  9. Sebavan

    Freezing shadows doesn't work

    Could you create a playground with a repro ? I am having trouble to repro this one 😞
  10. Sebavan

    Playground Is Down

    Ok we can consider it solved 🙂 Thanks @Deltakosh
  11. Sebavan

    Playground Is Down

    I ll close the issue in one hour if is still good.
  12. Sebavan

    Playground Is Down

    An issue with our storage for the playground is still under investigation with the Azure Support. This results in an unstable usage of the PG. Sorry for the inconvenience, I ll keep you posted once solved.
  13. Sebavan

    Grid Material lacks receiveShadows

    This is all here:
  14. Sebavan

    Grid Material lacks receiveShadows

    Hello 🙂 This could be added to the material by taking example on the shadow only material. basically mixing the shadowonlymaterial code in the gridmaterial. The main issue would then be to support lights in the material cause shadows without lit area might give weird results.
  15. Sebavan

    Outline glow with transparent mesh

    Works fine for plane GG !