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  1. Yep this is a known issue we ll address pretty soon (upcoming couple of months). currently your best bet on ios or mac is to use preprocessed cube map like here: A good explanation of the issue is available here: I let you know as soon as we have a better way to adress the blur.
  2. yep, np I ll do that end of week or beginning next week.
  3. Hey Mackey, I trade the feature for the exporter Doc ??? :-) Can not wait to read it as I have an export to do. CU,
  4. Hello, Could you highlight in the following PG the problematic ones ? and are you using an HDR texture ?
  5. Basically, in real life, highlights can be seen on top of transparent surface preventing to see through like your computer screen reflected on your window shield by night or car shield reflecting sun... Trying to emulate that, we by default in the material force displaying highlighted part of transparent surfaces (automatically increasing opacity in front of the luminance of the highlights either radiance from environment or specular from scene lights). You can disable this by setting those both parameters in the material (they are true by default): useRadianceOverAlpha = false and useSpecularOverAlpha = false
  6. You can rely on rendering group to force a special order of rendering without clear information between draw calls : And if you only have one highlighted mesh and a lot of others, feel free to only tag those ones instead:
  7. Hello, It is all working with Standard Material : I guess in your case using ShaderBuilder returns true for needAlphaTesting but no texture for getAlphaTestTexture on the material implementation. I could add a check but would prefer for perf concern to return the related texture. @NasimiAsl will probably fix this one :-)
  8. setPosition is not defined on your camera so exactly like for the first point it triggers an exception an does not go in the rest of the code, : here is a demo wrapping it in a try catch block
  9. BTW for the first issue your material is null so you do not reach the rest of the code
  10. Could you create a PG for it ? it seems the alpha texture is missing the texture matrix which is weird.
  11. Will be in shortly
  12. Check the ambient value, this does not exist on a simple mat. I guess you might have some in the standard
  13. I tried to only reuse some of the standard stuff without custom shader :-)
  14. Can t wait to read the doc ;-)