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  1. PBR Node based composer

    This is pretty cool !!!
  2. Spector PBR Demo is broken

    Done and thanks again for reporting.
  3. Spector PBR Demo is broken

    Thanks I ll do it now
  4. PBR Alpha Map

    Hello, You are trying to rely on opacity from rgb and did not set the according flag on the texture: mymaterial.opacityTexture.getAlphaFromRGB = true;
  5. Spector PBR Demo is broken

    I ll fix it ASAP thanks for reporting.
  6. highlight layer with renderingGroupId

    This is actually exactly the same issue where you ll need to keep the stencil across groups.
  7. highlight layer with renderingGroupId

    Hello, This is by design. As the highlights rely on stencil, the rendering groups by default will clear the required information used to apply highlights. In order to make highlights works cross groups, you can disable clearing the stencil between groups with scene.setRenderingAutoClearDepthStencil(1, true, true, false); Hope that helps
  8. yup and bumpFragment.fx if I remember well :-)
  9. The fix will be available in the PG tomorrow.
  10. In the pbr material the normal map level is used to scale only the xy coordinates as it is defined in gltf and thanks to you I figured an issue in the scale code, the fix should be in soon but will still be different from the standard one so I will also add a parameter to help you scale bump like the standard material. vec3 map = texture2D(bumpSampler, uv).xyz; map.x = vNormalReoderParams.x + vNormalReoderParams.y * map.x; map.y = vNormalReoderParams.z + vNormalReoderParams.w * map.y; #ifdef NORMALXYSCALE map = normalize(map * vec3(vBumpInfos.y, vBumpInfos.y, 1.0)); #endif
  11. Error in PBR

    This is really unexpected, and I unfortunately do not seem to be able to repro. what configuration of the material are you using ? As @Deltakosh mentioned, a Playground would be super helpful.
  12. The color change has been fixed here
  13. FireMaterial Vertex shader

    I am happy it is not directly related to the material but more to an Edge Case and well done for tracking it down :-) We ll keep looking at it and fix it if we repro easily.
  14. GirdMaterial - Shadow Support (bug?)

    As there is no notion of lights in the shader by design shadows would be weird as well. You can duplicate your mesh and add a ShadowOnly material on the dupplicate to simulate the effect :-)