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  1. 256 is enough for reflection usually, but not for big skybox, the size of the .hdr file would explose going big so I would advise to use a mix of small hdr for the refec refrac and png/jpg for the skybox.
  2. You need to remove the line preventing the shadowmap to refresh (refresh rate to 0):
  3. @RaananW will be your man on this one :-)
  4. A known issue with VSM is that self shadow are not working well so changing to PCF can help here: Concerning the other issue, it is a bug coming from the migration of the typescript version I just fixed and should be in the pg soon.
  5. Done here:
  6. Yep I am onit (thx webgl 2) you ll have it tomorrow.
  7. Guys, For the reflection I provided this link: It is all what you need to support it as you can see here:
  8. sorry for the short messages, pretty busy but basically you need to play with the coordinate mode :-)
  10. instead of Texture.SKYBOX_MODE you can use Texture.EQUIRECTANGULAR_MODE and you have a lot more options in :-)
  11. @MrVR Nice one :-) @MackeyK24 I checked your scene and the issue is your material (the skybox one in the file) is having the reflectivity to 0 so not reflective at all so not showing the skybox, it does not happen on the global one cause you create a new mat and the default value is 1,1,1 in the pbr mat: /** * AKA Specular Color in other nomenclature. */ @serializeAsColor3("reflectivity") public reflectivityColor = new Color3(1, 1, 1); So if you replace, line 5600 of your .babylon by "reflectivity" : [ 1, 1, 1 ], it will all work without the global HACK.
  12. PR is here: But you also need to not set roughness and metallic in you exporter for the .babylon file cause if it is present you end up in metallic workflow instead of spec gloss for the skybox.
  13. Hello, I guess you forgot the creation of the engine and are creating the scene directly which tries to add itself to the engine on the line you shared but as the engine is replaced by a canvas in your case, the property scenes does not exist and ends up in the exception you see. try the following instead: var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);
  14. We change a month ago the default ddpi settings which makes the rendering size way way way smaller on those kind of phones. We did it for exactly this reason and can still be force as before in the options. So yes, no magic ;-)