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  1. Import Lightmaps from Unity

    also they are not prefiltering: applying the custom blur usefull to match the roughness
  2. Import Lightmaps from Unity

    The converter is here in the next chapter of the doc: Main issue is without such converter the environment preprocessing does not work well, and for better result you could even use Lys software. Now maybe you could extract the preprocessed version from Unity... maybe. It is probably harder than .hdr for your pipeline but it makes the visual result much more consistent. Maybe you could integrate it in your export through command line. Last thing is where are you documentation wise ? I am really hoping to rely on the exporter and it would be nice to have a doc as currently it makes it pretty hard to use or rely upon. The videos are ok but they can not replace the doc unfortunately.
  3. Import Lightmaps from Unity

    @MackeyK24 About 4. We are now relying on DDS for environment maps as available here :
  4. PBR in 3d max

    Hello, The substance exporter for gltf gave us nice consistent results. You may need to think to setup the camera exposure, contrast and tonemapping in bjs for the best result with pbr.
  5. PBR albedoTexture Strength

    Hello, for albedo, you can simply rely on the texture level. IT is unfortunately not possible with ambient as it may be a gray scaled value packed in the metal/roughness texture.
  6. Hello, There is a nice page about blender tips here: And the general blender help:
  7. "importScripts" not found

    Gulp is integrated in VS2017 so you could use the task panel integrated in it. Also if it is to use in another project why not simply referencing the declaration files instead of the full source ? (this would help understanding how you could do)
  8. Compiling bjs source

    Hello, Can you not rely on the available gulp process ?
  9. Vibrations in Babylon.js + Oimo.js

    Welcome to the forum !!! Moving your topic in the relevant category :-)
  10. Github Universe

    Hello, I am lucky enough to go next week with @RaananW at the Github Universe event: We ll be there with cool WebVR and playground Demos chatting about how Babylon is Awesome. So if you are going there, please, come and meet us, we ll be all day the 11 and 12 in the Explore Lounge :-) In case you are not going, you can still take part in the challenge :
  11. Multiple Scene Loaders issue?

    Cause of your code erasing the scene variable here: As I was saying "you have a mix of scene being the scene and being accessed as an array" Basically your array gets replaced by the variable which you can see in the dev tools. Rename the variable scene (and create one not in your full script scope) in the method CreateScene.
  12. Multiple Scene Loaders issue?

    Chrome/FF/Edge/Safari/Vivaldi/Brave or any desktop browsers. They mostly all have dev tools. You should really begin by learning the basis of JS debugging here:
  13. Authorative server and multiplayer options

    We are planing to add support for this as the request is more and more frequent after 3.1. But you should check with @FunFetched how they did :-) He developed some server side tech for but not sure they are built in BJS.
  14. Multiple Scene Loaders issue?

    Please try to share playgrounds and BJS related code. In your page you have a mix of scene being the scene and being accessed as an array F12 is directly showing it to you.
  15. Hello, The default panning sensibility has been adjusted cause it was too fast on most of the scenes. You can set it back with the panningSensibility on the camera: