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  1. cool, thx for reporting I ll take a look tomorrow. The 2 new pbr materials match with the gltf definition of pbr in gltf 2.0. The PbrMaterial still exists on its own as before and should have light map available ? if not definitely a part that went away by mistake. You can see all the supported feature in the PRBase material which is the parent of the three others. About Serialization and Deserialization I thought it would be ok but did not has a chance to try. I ll finish all of it next week if everything happens as plan :-S
  2. I can not reproduce it either :-( Could you create a PG, I looked at your code and it does not seem that different from the mat lib.
  3. @Deltakosh i love when that happens and i am in the bus :-)
  4. oki i ll take a look today thx
  5. sounds like it :-) i ll fix it quickly... or could you create a PR
  6. never tried with WebPack. Could you not use the new one ? (agree it is bleeding edge but should be fully stable next month.
  7. Are you using the latest version from the materialsLibrary with the latest of BJS. I thought I had it fixed there at the same time as the shadow changes.
  8. I was a bit distracted (for the best) with shadows and lights issues :-) so can come back to this now. So 9 was done as part of this and 8 has been almost all done as well it is getting definitely closer. For 9 (new light type), we did chose to keep back compat at max level and we only introduced a new intensityMode on the existing lights really usefull in PBR. For 8 (UBO, push and so on) @Deltakosh volunteered himself to do it so was easy for me :-)
  9. Just in case you wonder how to use SpectorJS:
  10. this works: for me :-( weeeiiiird, let us know if that happens again.
  11. You can try this one instead, the urls changes a couple of months ago with the CDN move:
  12. Fixed thanks for reporting.
  13. definitely a bug, i ll fix it Asap
  14. Hello, This method was not taking any params and Here is why it has been removed: This was simply returning an hard coded boolean and not intented to be called but to allow external people to create their own light/shadow system. I am not for reverting this one :-) as it just adds code which does nothing. This was also forcing the shadows matrix to refresh on every frame despite the position or direction cached in the light so basically removing it makes it also more performant. @Deltakosh @meteoritool any thought ?
  15. Good luck @Nockawa, hope you get your stuff sorted out soon !