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  1. You can rely on rendering group to force a special order of rendering without clear information between draw calls : And if you only have one highlighted mesh and a lot of others, feel free to only tag those ones instead:
  2. Hello, It is all working with Standard Material : I guess in your case using ShaderBuilder returns true for needAlphaTesting but no texture for getAlphaTestTexture on the material implementation. I could add a check but would prefer for perf concern to return the related texture. @NasimiAsl will probably fix this one :-)
  3. setPosition is not defined on your camera so exactly like for the first point it triggers an exception an does not go in the rest of the code, : here is a demo wrapping it in a try catch block
  4. BTW for the first issue your material is null so you do not reach the rest of the code
  5. Could you create a PG for it ? it seems the alpha texture is missing the texture matrix which is weird.
  6. Will be in shortly
  7. Check the ambient value, this does not exist on a simple mat. I guess you might have some in the standard
  8. I tried to only reuse some of the standard stuff without custom shader :-)
  9. Can t wait to read the doc ;-)
  10. Hello, Yep, it is a known issue which also happens with particles... I really need to do something for it: At the same time you can use two cam instead: Hope that helps.
  11. Your shader needs to be available in the shaderstore or online:
  12. onAfterRenderObservable happens after rendering and as you are not doing any other operations the stencil will not have any impact.
  13. You could also mix two lights with same setup + different generators if needed:
  14. 256 is enough for reflection usually, but not for big skybox, the size of the .hdr file would explose going big so I would advise to use a mix of small hdr for the refec refrac and png/jpg for the skybox.