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  1. Sebavan

    3D Textures and FLoat32

    So found the issue and actually had to introduce a breaking change 😞 The available format BABYLON.Engine.TEXTUREFORMAT_R32F, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTUREFORMAT_RG32F were mixing both Format (R, RG...) and Type (int, float...) In the next nightly you ll be able to use this: var texture = new BABYLON.RawTexture3D(data, 4, 4, 4, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTUREFORMAT_R, scene, undefined, undefined, undefined, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTURETYPE_FLOAT); in order to create a R32F texture. Or var texture = new BABYLON.RawTexture3D(data, 4, 4, 4, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTUREFORMAT_R, scene, undefined, undefined, undefined, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTURETYPE_UNSIGNED_BYTE); in order to create a R8 texture. Please, let me know if that fits your need. The PR including the changes is available here:
  2. Sebavan

    Babylon Toolkit Developer Portal

    Holly S... This is is amazing !!! Your background is pretty cool too.
  3. Sebavan

    Blurred text

    Hello Forum 🙂 From what I have gathered so far, it happens mainly cause we are not (at least in my case) rendering at native pixel size ( hardwareScalingLevel = 1 ) Here is a quick demo full scale for me ( hardwareScalingLevel = 0.5 ) where I also obvisously have to increase the texture size. It is actually what is using: Hope this can help
  4. Really enjoyed your feedback. Thanks for the time you spent writing it down !
  5. Sebavan

    //Build 2018

    Definitely my best profile 🙂
  6. Sebavan

    PBRMaterial with noise

    @Rodrix3 Actually as the values are not perfectly equal due to the rasterization, the noise won t be stable except by relying on a noise texture. The main issue is here the addition of a new channel which might break the number of supported uniforms/varying on small devices. Let me see if I can find a trick to workaround it. You can play with my branch called noise on the main repo.
  7. Sebavan

    PBRMaterial with noise

    I would not rely on perlin noise to prevent the inline cost or the extra texture channel. About gl_FragCoord, the main issue is this will still fill moving depending as it depends on the projection so zooming for instance might change the result. Using the world position as a seed will ensure a good stability except if used with animations but it would be a good enough tradeoff in term of perf and quality.
  8. Sebavan

    PBRMaterial with noise

    It still means it can be control per material and it uses the world position which is equivalent to the frag coords in term of stability. The only drawback is it is not stable during animation so I might use smthg a bit different for the input. Would that work for you ?
  9. Sebavan

    PBRMaterial with noise

    Being static from the coord is exactly what the grain is doing. As you want it to be subtle is exactly similar to the one we have in the background material: If that works for you I will integrate it in the materials tomorrow as I would like to integrate it as part of our image processing configuration ?
  10. Sebavan

    PBRMaterial with noise

    Hello, If you are speaking about grain we already support it as a post process to ensure a nice consistency in full screen like your suzanne head picture: Doc: Now if you would like more a dithering feature as we are doing in the background material I can easily port it into the pbr and standard material ?
  11. About the depth texture issue, the code was trying to rely on private methods instead of the dedicated public ones. You can take a look at the fix version here:
  12. Sebavan

    Data Visualization Authoring Tool

    This is an amazing project ! and something we have been discussing a few times. Do you have an online deployed version we could take a look at ? About the issues with glb serialiazition let me add @bghgary to the thread. Concerning the text, could you detail a bit more your issues in a new thread in the Questions and Answers questions ? I bet @Deltakosh will fix it in less time I am writing my answers as Gui is its baby pet 🙂
  13. Sebavan

    Why one sprite need two drawcalls?

    yes, it all makes sense as we first fill only the depth buffer and in a second time the color one to help with ordering.
  14. You are exactly right: "all what is visible for the depthRenderer is highlightable". Basically, the highlight layer relies internally on the depth buffer to create the effect.
  15. Hello, About the second playground it is all expected as the Highlight Layer does not support transparency: About the first example I would say it is almost expected 🙂 What happens is as you are using a separate rendering group you are erasing the required info for the highlight to work (this requires the stencil buffer) so you could prevent this like here: Or rely on separate cameras to achieve the same effect easily: The fact that it does not directly happen is the result of amazing optimization in the engine where out of focus meshes are not rendered making harder to understand.