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    Babylon editor

  2. Sebavan

    Babylon editor

    oh it seems there is a cache on the projection somewhere let me take a look
  3. Pack: Unpack: Hope that helps
  4. Sebavan

    AmmoJS support

    Amazing !!!
  5. Sebavan

    Babylon with .ts and MEAN

    I am not familiar enough with angular but did you have a look at this procject ? They might help you with the angular<->babylon setup :
  6. ohhhhh in this case you would need to use the inspector you can find on our dist folder in the 3.2.0 release.
  7. Sebavan

    Universal Camera default movement

    This seems related to your other issue: So could you confirm you are willing to disable touch rotation and mouse drift/strafe when clicked ?
  8. Yup we are relying on the same kind of code in shadows for instance to store depth on 4 bytes to simulate a 32 bits float depth buffer 🙂
  9. Do you have any error message in the console ? are you relying on the same version of the inspector and babylon ?
  10. You need to clone if you record the info or record the individual components (x y z for instance): Position and other containers are not recreated on every frame to save GC. That means everywhere in the framework, we are using the toRef functions.
  11. I mean preview inspector is not but you could use inspector version from 3.3 with the babylonjs 3.3 (
  12. Sebavan

    Anaglyph cameras and setTarget()

    Thanks for the link change @Wingnut You did well by changing it I do not mind at all (that s the full power of the community 🙂 )
  13. Sebavan

    Anaglyph cameras and setTarget()

    Just an optical illusion : You can see that looking further or closer on the same plane, it gives the feeling that things are moving around.
  14. Are you using Babylon 3.3 or preview ??? The inspector is not compatible with 3.3.
  15. This is normal as the value you use are from the start of the screen not canvas position. Replace your code : pickInfo = scene.pick(evt.clientX, evt.clientY); By : pickInfo = scene.pick(scene.pointerX, scene.pointerY); Which contains the offset translation computed as : pointerX = evt.clientX - canvasRect.left; pointerY = evt.clientY - canvasRect.right;
  16. Sebavan

    Anaglyph cameras and setTarget()

    So double check with @Deltakosh All good the target defines the focal point so it works exactly as expected.
  17. Sebavan

    Anaglyph cameras and setTarget()

    It is by design (as the code is looking to be doing 🙂 ) and the camera target seems to define the screen plane. adding @Deltakosh on this one as I am not that familiar with the anaglyph and i wonder if it is intended.
  18. Sebavan

    Anaglyph cameras and setTarget()

    Sorry for the late reply, I am looking at it now (Thx Wingnutt).
  19. Sebavan

    BabylonJS Model Train Simulator - project

    This is pretty great !!!
  20. The part in the parenthesis is not a callback so it will be computed only once : (Math.PI+camera.alpha-(camera.alpha)%(2*Math.PI)), 500, condition2) To do this you might need to use a ExecuteCodeAction instead so you could then compute it all in a callback.
  21. Sebavan

    rmtps video stream texturing mapping

    As long as it is supported by a video tag or by another canvas it would in theory works out quite well 🙂 Babylon does not decode the video on its own. It relies on the browser Video tag to consume each decoded frame of the video as textures.
  22. It is normal as it is intented to follow stuff and not to be controlled by the user. You can remove the line if you wish.
  23. Sebavan

    Slowly turning camera

    We have all the functions you want in the framework in the math class: For instance on the Matrix class: And then on the Quaternion( top links might help if you do not know what it is), you have the fromRotationMatrix : I guess coupling both you could extract the required rotation.
  24. Sebavan

    Questions on "Building house from floor plan".

    1. It might be due to clipping if you are to close from an object ( dist < minZ ) or due to culling (faces are intented to usually be visible from one side to improve perf) 2. It would be ok but either clipping or face culling might prevent it to be visible. 3. You need to use a proper uv setup for this: