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  1. I have studied Yahtzee game which was found in Phaser Examples folder. I find it has been not finished. In other words, not playable yet. Has someone have finished the game somewhere? TIA
  2. While attempting to hand-transpile some Phaser examples to Typescript, Creature Phoenix example in Animation section failed to build. The creature() method does not exist on GameObjectFactory. I am using VS2015 with an advanced Typescript template and Phaser 2.4.8. I have finished transpiling over 20 examples (randomly selected) with success so far.
  3. Hi, I am relatively new to Phaser. There are loads of game examples all written in plain Javascript. As I am a Visual Studio guy with OO experience, I prefer Typescript platforms over plain JS. Is there any guides that tell me how to convert JS code to Typescript productively? Please forgive me if the question had been asked before. If the answer does exist, please give directions. Thanks. Geo