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  1. I need to create simple animations with translate, rotate, scale. And I need to export these transformations with simple format, something like this. [ { duration:1000, from: {angle:0}, to: {angle: 90} }, {delay:100, duration: 2000, from: {x:0, y:0}, to: {x: 100, y: 100})] What visual tool can I use?
  2. For example when you work with html, designer can create animations with css and scene template with html. And programmer just need to implement some game logic over it. There is a similar workflow with Unity. Is it possible to organize something like this with Phaser and split work between designer and programmer?
  3. With sprite it's possible to use anchor, but container only has pivot. So I wrote something like this. Is it a correct approach? The only disadvantage is I need to update it after any bounds changes, is there any simple way to improve it? var px = PIXI; Object.defineProperty(px.Container.prototype, "pivotAnchor", { get: function() { var bounds = this.getLocalBounds(); var x = 0; var y = 0; if(bounds.width > 0){ x = this.pivot.x/bounds.width; } if(bounds.height > 0){ y = this.pivot.y/bounds.height; } return new px.Point(x,y); }, set: function(v){ var bounds = this.getLocalBounds(); this.pivot.x = bounds.width*v.x; this.pivot.y = bounds.height*v.y; }}); container.pivotAnchor = new px.Point(0.5, 0.5); l