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  1. Thanks both for the replies I will do some further investigation on this. I don't have a full brief yet so I'll see where it goes
  2. Hi there, This isn't a game as such, but can you help? Or perhaps point me in the direction of somewhere I can go? I am fairly proficient in web development, but I have a client who requires something that is a bit outside of my scope/timescales. They are in need of an "interactive brochure" of sorts. It needs to be able to work on an iPad. It can be web based, but, it will be required to work offline, but I'm fairly sure you can get iOS apps that will pull content to view in offline mode. So I don't think thats an issue. Basically they're after something like this... I think Adobe Edge can perform the task. But if you have any other means then open to suggestions. How much would you quote for something like that? Obviously I don't know the full brief yet, but if you could basically quote as if you were building that specific brochure, that would be great. Thank you for your time crE
  3. Hello all, I'm new here. I am in need of a "simple" HTML5 game. I am a web developer but this falls out of my scope. The overall premise of the game is 2D platformer. The objective of the game is for the character to collect 8 icons which are flung across the screen (from the right). The icons come across the screen randomly , there should be plenty of chances for the user to collect each icon. The character can only jump with space bar (or screen touch on a mobile device), the character does not have the ability to move left/right. There will be a variety of platforms that work their way across the screen, and a background (to be provided) which parallax scrolls at a certain speed. There will be a time limit on the game (possibly 60 seconds, unsure yet). If the user fails, they get the option to retry. There should also be 8 icons on the game somewhere, which are greyed out until the user collects the corresponding icon, upon which it lights up. If the user gets all the 8 icons within the time limit, they enter their email address (and possibly name). This data should be stored and a leaderboard maintained. The game should look good on a desktop, not pixelated. So I’m assuming we’ll need it to be minimum 1280x720 (wide)., or vector based game? I am envisaging creating the character, and backgrounds, theme etc. Then these being implemented / adapted by the coder. I am as of yet unsure if this is going to be playable as a mobile game yet... but, what would an estimate of the price be for both "Just Desktop" and "Desktop and Mobile" versions of such a game? I hope I've given enough information for a price estimate! Thank you crE