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  1. PBR on iOS

    Just to check: is this demo works on your iOS? http://www.babylonjs.com/demos/flighthelmet/
  2. PBR on iOS

    What is the file format of your environmentBDRFTexture ?
  3. PBR on iOS

    Do you have a link of your app to take a look? And which BJS version do you use?
  4. Changes for Blender exporters

    Great! You're right about 2.8, a lot of changes is coming
  5. You can directly export to PBR using the GLTF exporter, if this file format is adequate for your needs.
  6. For cubeTexture I use IBLBaker like said in the doc, it works perfectly (just open an hdr, and then save - don't forget to write the .dds extension while saving) and IBLBaker make its magic, and you get your dds files.
  7. In case you have Photoshop (of course it's not free neither open source...), you can install this (old but still working on photoshop CC) Nvidia plugin. I think it allows a better visualization than PVRTextool. I just find this little software, Windows Texture Viewer, which seems very light!
  8. Stupax - Sidescroller game

    Yes that wasn't very obvious explanation I meaned to try to attenuate contrast between shadows and light (maybe just by playing with scene.ambientColor?) About the light linked to the platform, I think you can first exclude the platform itself from the light, and fake a lighting with an emissiveTexture on it (plus glow effect for example, can be faked with a texture - or easy to do, but in BJS 3.2 alpha ).
  9. Sources of Dude.babylon ?

    I think only these datas are availables: https://github.com/BabylonJS/MeshesLibrary/tree/master/Dude I don't know if it's possible to convert a .babylon to another file format. Or you can try to search where to get the original file which seems to come from XNA Game Studio. (don't forget to check the licence)
  10. Ok I see. If I want to test this thing, I have to find how to make a scene.render() inside the sceneLoader.Append onProgress. And yes, maybe the blinking thing could be finally annoying... Sounds too hard to do, compare to the likely visual-failure-effect.
  11. Hi guys, I've started to try playing with custom loading screen (it's fun), and I have a little idea: show in wireframe mode the scene while loading. This can lead to a cool effect I think. But is it even possible? Because for now if I well understand, the engine show the first render of the scene only when all assets are loaded (that's make sense ), but is it possible to tell it to show while "building" the meshes? (Sorry I don't know how to reproduce a loading screen in the playground to play around)
  12. Changes for Blender exporters

    If you want, here a scene using Principled Cycles shader: https://github.com/Vinc3r/cornellBox/tree/master/3D (cornellBox-Cycles.blend) I don't know if you have already play with nodes and python, as for me not too much but maybe this snippet can help you. As for exporting without material I don't think this will be convienient. At least having a default PBRMaterial with default options but named as in the 3D scene could be a nice step As for the expecting result, it can probably tend to this playground. [edit] of course you need last version of Blender (2.79) to get Principled sharder
  13. PBR specular glossiness problem

    Send us a link of your playground scene instead of a screenshot. You just forget to add an environment in your scene, by using scene helper: (line 5) http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#0WCFZZ If you want to use your own env texture, here an example (line 6 to 10).
  14. Changes for Blender exporters

    May I suggest an option to add? Be able to disable automatic baking! on Blender Render: on huge scene, you just have to make a mistake and assign on the same materials two textures sharing the same influence, and you're ready to overflow your CPU and try to kill Blender process. on Cycles: if no automatic baking, then how to "translate" the materials? I think this could be a great feature to using Cycles as a PBR exporter instead of Standard, and to "force" the user to use the Principled BSDF shader for that (in the same way of GLTF exporter, but by using directly the default Cycles shader) It seems that for the Blender Render part this could be done without difficulties? But maybe my suggestion for Cycles lead to a huge code rewrite
  15. get all meshes to merge them into one

    French spotted!