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  1. V!nc3r

    GLTF dont load material

    Can we have a look on your blend file too? Have you used the material node from the gltf github repo?
  2. V!nc3r

    Contributing to documentation 101

    OK I see, thanks! So I get the default engine values here, then I edit the comment here and on the next doc build, all will be up to date. Great :)
  3. V!nc3r

    Contributing to documentation 101

    @Sebavan and @trevordev , may I ping you about my question above ? (I see you'are the ones who commited on bloomEffect.ts)
  4. V!nc3r

    Change the color of an imported obj

    I'm not enough rich for that, but surely have some money to offer a beer if you'll go to Toulouse 🍻
  5. V!nc3r

    Change the color of an imported obj

    When data is on github, you have to use the raw link. And I also use scene.append: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#V9KE7I#9 But I was unable to get your already existing material, don't know why 😕
  6. V!nc3r

    Depth illusion texture - normal map

    I was just saying to remove this node:
  7. V!nc3r

    Depth illusion texture - normal map

    I think you have to not use the Normal Bump node, just link the Bitmap node and you will probably be fine.
  8. As a Blender user, I indeed import your .obj into it I guess it's the most simpliest solution to be able to clean the mesh.
  9. It looks like to be just a smooth/hard shading issue. I don't know how works MagicaVoxel, but you maybe have an option when exporting the meshes. Or you're also have to try in BJS this mesh property: http://doc.babylonjs.com/api/classes/babylon.mesh#converttoflatshadedmesh
  10. V!nc3r

    Blender -> Babylon Exporter

    (a little Blender tip just in case: if you want to assign a modifier on many objects at the same time, make your selection and add your modifier on the active object, then 3DView > Objects > Make Links > Modifiers)
  11. V!nc3r

    Contributing to documentation 101

    I want to add into the doc' default values of some defaultRenderingPipeline properties, starting by bloom properties for example. But I'm not sure which files I have to edit, 'cause the bloom seems to be dispatched and duplicated in few files, I've spot these ones: - https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/PostProcess/babylon.bloomEffect.ts - https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/src/PostProcess/RenderPipeline Where I should edit exactly ? And another question relative to this: for now, to get the default values, I play with the playground and write `console.log(pipeline.bloomScale)` for example, to get my default value into my browser console. But the default value is surely write into the BJS code, so... where ?
  12. V!nc3r

    Blender Exporter scaling issue

    I'm not used to animations, but I've started to see how it's handled so as to enhanced create the doc' about the animation topic. However, one rule I think is correct is to export one .babylon file per animated object (on Blender, use a master scene for static environment, and use File > Link to get your references in a dedicated layer into your animation files), because it seems that the animations array exported is applied automatically to all objects inside the .babylon. Notice that I'm not sure about that, so maybe waiting for someone more comfortable with animations could be also a nice idea 🙂
  13. Here my try: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5E230#58 About the doc, I made a PR with an updated PG But I'm wondering if the Base demo linked at the bottom of the doc page is the correct one? Because it's not talking at all about VLS
  14. V!nc3r

    Alpha/Cutout Texture Question [SOLVED]

    When I load the model into BJS sandbox, and checking needDepthPrePass, it seems get rid of alpha issue.
  15. V!nc3r

    Contributing to documentation 101

    Thanks to some helps, Resources have now a playground filter. And PG textures page get a big cleanup.