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  1. PBR in 3d max

    About Blender I'm not sure, 'cause the issue was closed. But we can already export to PBR from Blender using gltf. Doc is here. I've start some very little tests but not enough yet to contribute to the BJS doc (you can find the test here, zip available, code is sort of copy-paste simplified from pbrglossy demo).
  2. blender babylon textures confused

    As brianzinn said, the exporter will automatically bake textures if you're on Cycles. So you may turn renderer to Blender Render. Also, to share images in your posts, please use jpg or png, then you can show them directly on your message. Use, for example, imgur to host.
  3. I discovered discord not so many time ago (and talk about it in PM to Deltakosh ), and two points are very disturbing: it's closed. If you don't have an account, you can't read data, it kills forums, and you can't find anything in it when searching from search engine (see point above, infinite loop). So it's cool to have tchat between community members, but to help find nice informations and nice structured help, it's a nightmare. An option could be to have a little basic tchat directly on html5gamedevs.com
  4. Android issue with normal maps

    FYI, I just try with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S - Android 6.0.1, normal map works fine.
  5. Android issue with normal maps

    In the playground it is BJS 3.1-alpha, do you have try with 3.0 stable ?
  6. 3DSmax Exporters

    Do you have clean your meshes in 3dsmax before exporting ? like reset transform & scale & xform ? It maybe be a solution. I have a maxscript to one-click this, save before using it ; when xform are applied, if your mesh is broken,it will explode and no ctrl Z is possible
  7. 3DSmax Exporters

    Why do you need parenting meshes to the ground ? I'm not quite sure, but I think this code scene.meshes[i].position.y += 13; will reset all meshes Y position to 13, so of course all meshes will be moved, positioning their center pivot to Y=13 ; isn't it ? [edit ] no i get it, it add 13 to the value, so as to be up to the ground i suppose [/edit]
  8. Lighting and OBJ

    If I take blender viewport screenshot above, here two examples which maybe tend to your desired result: by playing with object emissive https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8EXCPA#1 by playing with scene & object ambientColor https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8EXCPA#2
  9. Lighting and OBJ

    You don't have to compare Blender viewport and BabylonJS result, it's not the same 3D engine behind. All you have to do here is either: baking your scene if you want a beautiful static lighting and then tweak your materials inside BJS, or, if you only want dynamic lighting, you can prepare your scene inside blender (scene ambienColor, material diffuceColor & ambientColor, etc) but you always have to tweak inside BJS so as to get desired result, like every 3D engine
  10. Contributing to documentation 101

    I suggest adding two points in the first post, 'cause I add issues, resolved by doing: installing grunt, writing npm install -g grunt-cli in command prompt, run grunt build, then grunt serve, also, node.js download link will be more convenient if its point to https://nodejs.org/ rather than https://nodejs.org/download In a n00b point of view, it is also easier to use github desktop rather than tortoisegit I think.
  11. Blender to Babylon File

    Your objects are broken. I've not investigate too much, but as Wingnut said, scales must be applied (here scale is even negative!): But it seems not be enough, I think you have to unparent all before starting to cleaning your meshes (alt + p > clear and keep), and making them unique (U key > object data). Clear animations key too for now (object > animation > clear keyframes). Delete modifiers too, and reassign their later. You will probably see some faces flipped, try patch with a ctrl + n in edit mode, or by hand with a W > F (flip normals). Before playing with parenting and modifiers, try to reexport and see if errors occurs.
  12. Importing Animations (Mixamo)

    @gryff as Deltakosh said, this should be on blender exporter doc. I was in vacation these last weeks but now I will continue updating this doc, but animation is not my speciality, so : do you want directly contrib to the doc about animation part ? or is it possible that you make kind of things to do when playing with skeleton and send me this explanations so I can include these in doc ? with a simple .blend example this can be a great thing
  13. Infinite Terrain Idea Bounce...

    Soon in "Demos & Project", Minecraft-like in webGL
  14. Problem with Blender and BabylonJS

    To make sort of fix into Blender, I suggest to join all meshes together, and in edit mode doing a recalculate normals (Ctrl + N), then a remove doubles ( W > R), it seems to work. But in this case with such a bad base model, I strongly suggest to use this .3ds only as reference, and remodeling from scratch a new model
  15. Nice tip, I will add it later to the doc !