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  1. V!nc3r

    Default Rendering Pipeline and colorGrading

    So, I tried with a .3dl. (didn't know until now that Photoshop allowing exporting this, thanks for the discorvery ) But, some colors looks inverted: Here my process in video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fce6bj1ho7xvohf/photoshop-LUT-exporting.mp4?dl=0 And, of course, the playground: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#K4S3GU#35 and my .3dl direct link., compared to the BJS one online, I don't know if something is wrong here: I tried playing with the colorGradingWithGreenDepth things, same issue. But at least, no artefacts... just wrong colors (I think the doc' will be updated soon after all that things fixed ahah)
  2. V!nc3r

    Default Rendering Pipeline and colorGrading

    hmm, yep, me again, sorry if I bored you ahah. I've still the bug, in this test scene for example: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XYK7JG#1 with - I think- all the tweaks you told me, and using pipeline. Make some test on our usual thread playground with kind-of same settings : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#K4S3GU#32 and here, all works fine. [edit: woops, actually artefact spotted! /edit] I tryied to understand from where the issue comes in the cornell box playground, and the only thing I found but don't understand why is that these artefacts disappear when I comment the light creation (line 10) https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XYK7JG#2 Have we something clamped somewhere, and another setting to add to the doc' ?
  3. V!nc3r

    Babylon.js v3.3 - Code freeze

    erf OK, the "What's New" button on the doc is every day in front of my eyes, but not anymore on my brain it seems 😄
  4. V!nc3r

    Babylon.js v3.3 - Code freeze

    Yep, for someone used to github, you can search in the history but a dedicated changelog/engine history page in the main website could be great, nope? Just an idea (maybe this page already exist but I don't find it).
  5. V!nc3r

    Default Rendering Pipeline and colorGrading

    So, another PR in its way Seems to works perfectly now, Thanks !
  6. V!nc3r

    Babylon.js v3.3 - Code freeze

    Nice job all team! Is there a place in http://www.babylonjs.com/ where we can find all what's new for all stable releases? (the history of releases actually)
  7. You can maybe try a black video-like fade in/out: envTex01.level = 1 short timing fadeOut from level = 1 to level = 0 (scene is now black) short timing fadeIn envTex02.level from level = 0 to level + 1
  8. V!nc3r

    Default Rendering Pipeline and colorGrading

    PR done. I notice we get some edge-detection-artefacts when increasing the default contrast, example: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#K4S3GU#28 But these artefacts aren't here when I tweak the LUT from Photoshop. Is it another properties combination where I'm wrong? 😵 [edit] is it have something to deal with mipmaps? (even if noMipmaps is set to true?)
  9. V!nc3r

    Default Rendering Pipeline and colorGrading

    OK, very nice, thanks! I don't find your tips in the doc', am I missing something? Should probably be here I think: http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/how_to_use_postprocesses#imageprocessing The associated colorGrading playground actually use this 3dl texture, could be a nice idea to give also an example with png, what do you think?
  10. V!nc3r

    Default Rendering Pipeline and colorGrading

    erf OK! I miss that info 'cause I've seen on the API that we need a colorGradingTexture: Nullable<BaseTexture>. Shouldn't be said colorGradingTexture: Nullable<ColorGradingTexture> instead? Thanks for the tips :)
  11. Is my setup of LUT texture inside defaultRenderingPipeline wrong? https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#23YL1J#2 (play with boolean line 12) I don't understand why I haven't the same render than the LUT post process. Bug or PEBKAC?
  12. V!nc3r

    Ambient Light Discussion

    Nope, the loop can be used at scene launch, then if you create a new material you surely have to do tweaks on it, among other things: set up its ambientColor. I don't know ThreeJS, but I just try a few test on their editor, it seems that: the ThreeJS ambientLight you talking about in your first post is exactly the same than a default BJS scene.ambientColor the default ThreeJS standardMaterial only have one color property in comparison to BJS StandardMaterial which have diffuseColor & ambientColor. It's just that in the ThreeJS editor, color is white by default.
  13. V!nc3r

    Ambient Light Discussion

    And why not just made a quick for statement? scene.ambientColor = BABYLON.Color3.White(); for(let i = 0; i < scene.materials.length; i++){ scene.materials[i].ambientColor = BABYLON.Color3.White(); } With this few lines, you have tweaked all your scene. Quick example.
  14. V!nc3r

    Ambient Light Discussion

    Is it simply not the hemispheric light you talking about?