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  1. V!nc3r

    PBR and Bumpmaps

    About the intensity, it's indeed the level you have to tweak, same for uScale & vScale: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#K4S3GU#11 (l.26 for scale, l.33 for level). Depending about your normal map (created for directX or OpenGL for example), you may have to invert Y or X in your material. About parallax I can't say, I don't use it on BJS for now.
  2. V!nc3r

    Babylonjs consumes too much memory

    70 millions triangles + 100 000 meshes + picking enable on all meshes = very few solutions to limit lag. Some ideas off the cuff: reduce your polycount freeze all meshes & materials, and use UI to interact with objects (allowing to freeze/unfreeze on the fly) divide your scene into multiple scenes having last most powerful GPU & CPU & a browser without any plugins
  3. V!nc3r

    About IBL Baker

    FYI I just added an issue to get the IBL Baker doc' updated, hoping that derkreature is still active on github (last commit in May, so probably)
  4. V!nc3r

    What's next?

    About the Inspector, it could be a nice enhancement to get some infos inside popups for some properties, like in Blender for example. This could give us something like that: If possible, having a right click > copy js data could be a great bonus (with that, you should be able to get direct access to a material or a mesh, for example: scene.getMeshByName("myWonderfulName") )
  5. V!nc3r

    About IBL Baker

    I'm interested in that question too
  6. After new loads both on Firefox, Edge or Chrome, I still don't see the amiga texture, even by using absolute link https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/textures/amiga.jpg instead of relative. [edit] yep ok, I just see it's not yet merged https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/4700
  7. Just by modifying its name I suppose.
  8. V!nc3r

    What's next?

    Everybody has a dark side on him 😈
  9. In this playground : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SQ5UC1#4 I've put amiga as poster texture. But (by activating network throttling) all I see in the loading process is: scene clearColor > 360 video It should be scene clearColor > amiga texture > 360 video isn't it? Am I doing it wrong?
  10. V!nc3r

    Mesh normal issue!?

    Except that's Swapnil works on 3dsMax 😊 About that, we can't import the FBX file into Blender 'cause it's an ASCII export, we need a binary. For now, in "Autodesk FBX review" the mesh seems OK. After made an import into 3dsMax (2016), I get a scale value which is not reset! Maybe this come from my FBX import, but be sure that scale is reset in your source file (aka: scale = 100).
  11. V!nc3r

    Mesh normal issue!?

    It's on the object property You should maybe also try to reset scale and transform As the reset Xfrom, this will probably break your skin setup.
  12. V!nc3r

    Playground saved scenes hosed

    Yep, playground is broken here, both from saving new scene or try to retrieve one already existing.
  13. V!nc3r

    Blender Exporter doc needs feedback

    @JCPalmer do not try to tweak the addon for 2.8 yet ;) https://code.blender.org/2018/06/beyond-the-code-quest/
  14. In my side when I convert tga to png I don't even check the 24 or 32b, check my video attached. When done, as dbawel says, just use the File > Export with transparency enabled, and it's done. tga-to-png.mp4
  15. You made me playing with the assets manager 😄 I put my playground here in case someones wants to see how to disable the loading screen for the assetsManager (useful for unlucky people with shitty internet connections): http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#R6F9BC#6 (the info is on the doc anyway)