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  1. [Fixed] Canvas is offset a bit and I'm not sure why

    It's just a little margin that the body has so that everything isn't right up against the edges of the browser. You can get rid of it by setting the body's margin to 0px via CSS. body { margin: 0px; }
  2. Computer keeps drawing square.

    Ah, gotcha. Something like canvasContext.fillStyle = fillColor; canvasContext.fillRect(topLeftX, topLeftY, boxWidth, boxHeight); That you do at the beginning of each loop iteration, where the values are 0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height
  3. Computer keeps drawing square.

    You need to clear the screen. It's drawing the square over and over. Think of it like a flip book -- every page it's moved a bit, but the page is blank.
  4. I'm not sure about Little Fighters, but no the sprites aren't mine. They're credited to Jay Ibero, Majin Aussie, Grim, Bonzai and Son Goharotto of
  5. Both of these were made using Phaser. I'd love to get some feedback/tips Bardock's Final Stand Blackjack
  6. Glad that worked for you
  7. [Phaser] The 42th Bridge

    I like the concept of having to get the enemy to a number to defeat them. It has potential to be a fun teaching game. I only played a few minutes, but I enjoyed it. By the way, was 42th intentional over 42nd?
  8. You're saying "start this state again" which looks to be hitting the init function again. Try using another function in your GameState object to handle going to the next level that you should call instead of restarting the state.
  9. Enemy kill counter not updating

    Happy to help
  10. Enemy kill counter not updating

    What samme said. You should be able to change if( <=0){ this.monstersKilled++; } to if( <=0){ TowerDefense.GameState.monstersKilled++; } Or whatever you named the state -- you just gotta access the correct variable.
  11. getJSON clone

    Yes please. Help us help you.
  12. [Phaser] [App] Trump on Top - NEW web version

    I tried it out. I'd have never thought to make a fighting game like that, but it works.
  13. Battleships

    That was fun. Kudos!
  14. help with uncaught typeError

    I don't see anything wrong with the overlap function you have. Maybe try using a newer version of Phaser?