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  1. samriggs

    EU Threatens Code Sharing

    Thought this might be of some interest to some of you, since phaser is open source, seems the EU is trying to stop online code sharing through filtering and deciding what is good and what isn't. Or what they deem is not copyright infringement and what is. Love to see that algorithm. Anyhow this can be an end to a lot of open source software, code sharing etc.... for the EU if they get their way. Being a strictly linux user this one worries me since I use 90% open source for my stuff. Be interesting to see how this effects github. Here is the link, there is a petition letter to try and stop this if you feel it should be. savecodeshare a part of the read
  2. samriggs

    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    just checked out the isometeric sample, just wanted to thank you for adding this, the 3d samples really surprised me, not sure if it has been mentioned but scaling the isometric world would be nice, which I'm sure can be done either way. I was waiting to see if a new isometric format was going to be added and am extremely pleased so far from what I seen. A wiki would be nice also as mentioned, I agree with you Arian to be maintained by the community to leave the developers alone for developing, plus more ideas would probably be added if maintained by the community.
  3. samriggs

    Html5 Tools of Trade

    I use open source on linux so for linux users I would add Krita, a great paint program to use with wacom tablets, also gcolor2 a quick color picker, gimp of course as mentioned, I also use the linux version of the phaser editor, rube for box2d stuff, physcis editor, of course inkscape as mentioned, blender for 3d stuff, wing3d light weight 3d, tiled and a good notepad with plugins ( i use leafpad or mousepad with plugins) geany a lightweight ide with plugins, audacity, meld to compare changes in code. Thought I would add the list for linux users
  4. samriggs

    Photoshop to Phaser Script - Automated UI Pipeline

    Really great idea, I am just wondering if this can be ported over to gimp (my main program) If I get some time (rare these days) Maybe I'll check to see if this is possible. Sam
  5. samriggs

    waveform speed issue [Solved]

    hello all I been fooling around with the waveform plugin, got it working no problem the only issue I am having now is slowing down the speed so it smoothly moves around the path. I tried using a float no go with that, I tried as little as 1 it's still to fast as is using ++ In my update I use pi++; for movement speed which is way to fast, I also tried using a timer which just jittered the movements and still too fast with pi += 1; I'm used to programming in java so it's still a bit of a learning curve, (should be similar and for the most per it is). I have a crazy path using catmull curves but I need to slow the speed down big time, around a quarter of the pi++ speed or pi += 1, about .25 but it doesn't use floats Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance Sam Did a bit of searching in the forums and found the answer in a tween issue that was resolved, got to do a bit more digging before asking so soon from now on, sorry about that, just getting used to this new way of coding and phasers way of doing things.
  6. samriggs

    Animation reverse [Solved]

    Hello all I been trying trying to get a sprite sheet to play forward (no problem to do that one) but then play it in reverse also for a game that needs it to go forward backward and pause/stop animated sprite sheet. I seen there is a reverse and isReversed for animation but for the life of me I can't get it working. I take it it has been added to the framework anyone know how to implement it? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Sam Ps: just in case anyone offers a fix to work off of two sprite sheets, I am trying to avoid this, and to have it move forward/backward/pause from one sprite sheet. the forward and pause is no problem just the reverse part. Thanks again in advance. EDIT: lol a few moments more playing round with it and I figured it out, sorry about that. I'll put it here in case anyone else has this issue. var purball; var puranim; purball =, 360,"purpleball"); puranim = purball.animations.add('walk');, true); puranim.reverse(); I'm sure there is more that can be done to this but I was just glad to see it working. Pretty simple and sweet
  7. samriggs

    Phaser Scene Builder

    Thanks Arian It's nice to take a break on weekends I downloaded the new version and tested it without changing the java version to 1.8 like before and it work nicely. Just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't have linux to play with (I take it you do but just in case) I might make a MDM theme just to play around with the scene builder soon as I get an idea to put together. I'll email you the link once I get it done. All works well now. Take care Sam
  8. samriggs

    Phaser Scene Builder

    Looks good Arian I emailed you the fix for the linux java version that had the outdated standalone version, just drop it into the PhaserEditor/jre and replace the old bin folder with contents with the one I sent you, it's version 1.8 to get that one part that requires that version to work and load properly. I loaded your sample and it looks fantastic, got to create a project to play with now Thanks for this it's a huge bonus Sam
  9. samriggs

    Phaser Scene Builder

    Alright Arian your doing it I was hoping you would add this into the editor, looking good so far and will make life a lot easier for layouts. I'll keep my eyes open for this update to play with, I'm busy making another mdm, I'll try one using this add on toy once complete before playing with it on a game to get the hang of it. Keep up the great work. Sam
  10. samriggs

    Phaser tutorial for linux mdm

    Hey Megmut Thanks for the code I added it to the blog to give everyone a choice. I threw mine together quickly just to give an example of what can be done on it but I like yours better Thanks again much appreciated Sam
  11. samriggs

    Phaser tutorial for linux mdm

    Hello all I just started using phaser as I am switching from java to javascript html5 for making games and find it fits my needs, I also use linux and decided to try and use phaser and phaser editor to make an animated mdm theme for linux (login screen) mainly for linux miint but mdm is available across the board now. There was an issue before in mdm with canvas but after trying a sample it worked great. I decided to make a quick tutorial for anyone wanting to make a mdm theme using phaser and the phaser editor. You make the animation then just drop it into the mdm folder for your theme and add the javascript links to the base mdm template I made. Quick and simple. Here is the link to my tutorial I made Just another use for phaser and the editor and hopefully to allow it to grow in the linux community. Sam