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  1. screen flickering on startup using cordova

    I'm using cordova on android, and whenever the app starts up, after the splashscreen the screen with flicker for a second before starting the app. Any tips to prevent this?
  2. how to use multipack atlas?

    I have three atlases full of images that are pulled randomly with a method. Is there a way to find out which atlas has the graphic, like through a simple if statement? Like if the key isn't in this atlas, keep checking until it finds out which atlas it's in, then change the sprite's atlas to that.
  3. I've been using Phaser for over a year and I've really enjoyed using it, but learning how to modularize big projects and set everything up for mobile has took me quite a while to figure out! I've been playing around game maker 2 for a month, and even though I haven't done anything but simple tutorials, it seems to hand you everything on a silver spoon (audio, textures, fonts, scaling, etc) which might make future projects even easier to develop in the future. It's worth mentioning that I'm only developing for mobile. So who has tried it and did you make the switch or did you come back to HTML and why?
  4. When I have many objects always referencing the game and the game height, it is better to create my own variables at the beginning and reference them or keep using the in-game variables? Not sure if it stores everything after the first time. this.game; this.game.world.height; or this.game_ = this.game; this.gameHeight_ = this.game.world.height;
  5. looped rotation tween or updating the angle?

    update() { this.angle += this.rotationNumber; } Is this the same performance as a rotation tween on an infinite loop? Cause I have 50+ objects rotating this way in one state so any little performance gain would be good.
  6. [Phaser] Learn Japanese & Korean!

    Just released Japanese! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.jpn
  7. educational game portals?

    Hey all, I've been developing some language learning games recently and have already self-published on android and soon ios. Since it's using html5, I'm wondering what I can do with them on the web. A quick search for educational game portals leads me to very old websites. There seems to be no modern portal for educational games. Who else has made something educational and what did you do with it besides self-publishing it?
  8. audio on android and cordova-media-plugin

    Are there any alternatives to the cordova media plugin that have already been battle tested ( https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/reference/cordova-plugin-media/ ) ? It works, but I don't like how it requires so many permissions for things I am not using. I *just* need to play audio. Also, I'm fairly new with using native audio on android, but I've heard that it is actually better to just include individual audio files and release them immediately after each use or after each state instead of using an audio sprite, can anyone confirm?
  9. [Phaser] Learn Japanese & Korean!

    Yep, I plan to add Spanish, but it might be a few months. I'm working on a Japanese version now.
  10. [Phaser] Learn Japanese & Korean!

    Yeah, I'll be adding that soon. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. [Phaser] Learn Japanese & Korean!

    I've been messing around with Phaser for a little over a year now for fun and a month ago I decided I need to harness my Phaser-fu and actually release something. Learn Japanese & Korean by playing games in space! Currently they only have two categories (numbers & colors), but I will be slowly expanding everything in the coming months. Korean: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.kor Japanese: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.jpn
  12. gradients freezing game

    I have a gradient background in every state, which will eventually crash the game on mobile through X number of state switches. How do you properly re-use large bitmaps, because I tried to kill() the circle upon shutdown but I guess that just works on sprites. let bmd = this.game.make.bitmapData(this.game.width, this.game.height); bmd.addToWorld(); let outerCircle = new Phaser.Circle(this.game.world.centerX, this.game.world.centerY, this.game.height); let grd = bmd.context.createRadialGradient(this.game.world.centerX, this.game.world.centerY, 0, outerCircle.x, outerCircle.y, outerCircle.radius / 1.4); grd.addColorStop(0, '#46435D'); // inner grd.addColorStop(1, '#252333'); // outer bmd.cls(); bmd.circle(outerCircle.x, outerCircle.y, outerCircle.radius, grd);
  13. blurry sprites on scale down?

    I'm using HD assets that when displayed on phones, everything becomes blurry, even the bitmap text. Yet on tablets, everything is very clear. Any reason for this? I'm using assets that were created for a 1080x1920 resolution and then using the scaling solution here: http://www.netexl.com/blog/making-of-a-responsive-game-in-phaser-part-2/ I've noticed that even in the tutorial, the graphics get pixelated when on a phone, but very clear on a tablet.
  14. I've made a simple sprite and enabled arcade physics, but for some reason, when I debug the body of the sprite, the green square only displays on the top left of the screen. When I drag it around anywhere else, the green square disappears, yet collisions still register. Any ideas why this is happening? create() { this.pet2 = this.game.add.sprite( this.game.world.centerX, this.game.world.centerY, 'atlas1', 'pet2' ); this.game.physics.enable(this.pet2, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); this.pet2.inputEnabled = true; this.pet2.input.enableDrag(); } render() { this.game.debug.body(this.pet2); }
  15. The collision box around a sprite works without using classes and is the appropriate size compared with the sprite, but once I make a class, then add it to the game state, the collision box will always start on the top left corner and it will just be a little dot regardless of how big the sprite is. What am I doing wrong here? class Player extends Phaser.Sprite { constructor(game, x, y) { super(game); this.playerBody = this.addChild( game.add.sprite( x, y, 'atlas1', 'dot' ) ); this.playerBody.anchor.set(0.5); game.add.existing(this); this.inputEnabled = true; this.input.enableDrag(); this.enableBody = true; this.game.physics.enable(this, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); } } export default Player; this.player = new globalObjects.Player(this.game, 500, 500);