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  1. Flopi

    Enemy following player

    Hello, i made a game very simple "zombie style", when a "zombie" is near you the "zombie" will follow you, and when you go too far wont follow you. Check the repo https://github.com/FlopiVG/flopiz I made it with basic javascript, hope this can help you
  2. Helo, i am working as a Frontend developer since 7 month and I love make games in js. Looking for a team with open source or personal proyect to help with it. I was start to make some games but none of them was finished, my best "proyect" for now is a simple tank with online, make with node, express and socket.io. https://github.com/FlopiVG/flopitank PM if you are intrested in my help Regards
  3. Flopi

    Looking for team

    Hi, I'm new developing games with HTML (moreless), and I would like to find some development team to contribute ideas and to learn from them, so if you need some rookie let me know Below I show I'm developing a game online only with nodejs https://github.com/FlopiVG/flopitank